Frontier Airlines had previously placed orders of 80 A320neo Family Airbus carrier planes, and the first of the aircrafts was finally delivered this October. Frontier Airlines is the first American airline to receive an A320neo carrier equipped with CFM engines. The quantity ordered speaks highly of the reliability Airbus provides for the airline. Not only are the carriers safe, but they allow the airline to provide flights at a lower rate than other competitors.

Lightweight composite Sharklets, wing-tip devices that reduce fuel consumption by 4%, and the option of either a range extension of 100 nautical miles or an increase payload of 992 pounds are just some of the features that keep the A320neo in high demand. Frontier Airlines is confident that these carriers will provide a strong foundation by paving the way for a bigger and more modern fleet. Their projections call for more than 15% in fuel saving on their first year, and 20% by the year 2020.

The first delivery of an Airbus aircraft to Frontier Airlines occurred in 2001. Since then, the airline has continued to expand their fleet to only include Airbus carriers. This provides efficiency and cuts costs in all areas for the airline, as this facilitates crew training and maintenance. Frontier Airlines is not the only ASAP Distribution supplies parts from top manufacturers in the aviation industry. These parts are tested and under warranty to make sure they are serviceable and meet customer expectations. All while providing competitive prices and great customer service. Every step of the way is recorded and supervised by one of ASAP Distribution’s representatives. To locate a part from the large inventory available contact, or you can quote us

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The Lockheed Martin Lightning II or also known as the F-35 fighter-jet helmet has a price tag of over $400,000. That is an incredible amount for a piece of headgear but when you consider it in the context of the F-35, which was developed by America and our allies to effectively replace the existing strike aircraft and carries a price tag of anywhere between $148 and $337 million, it’s a steal. With such an outrageous cost one would surmise that pilots would be universally satisfied with and that is where you would be wrong.

"The helmet itself is a work of wonder. The F-35 helmet displays an image of the cockpit data along with targeting information displayed on the windscreen in front of them. It also takes images from six external cameras mounted around the aircraft on the helmet’s visor which allows the pilot to “look through” the aircraft at any angle."

Another feature of the visor is the ability to include info from satellites, other friendly aircrafts and military units on the ground which tracks by the pilot’s eyes through the helmet to be able to rapidly process/reposition images and symbols as they look around. This is gives pilots the added benefit of not having to process data from multiple cockpit display screens.

Developed by joint venture between Rockwell Collins and Elbit Systems, in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, the helmet, known as the Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS) is an electronic marvel. But some think that the helmet is now so complex that when intricate kit breaks occur a pilot cannot simply borrow another pilot’s helmetto fly due to the HMDS being calibrated to an individual flyer. The reason for that is because the alignment of the pilot’s pupils for eye-tracking is a two-day lab job that only Rockwell Collins is authorized to conduct.

The helmet is also so large now that it restricts the head movement of the pilots in order to see enemy aircrafts. Some flight maneuvers can result in the helmet being pinned against the canopy therefore obstructing the display and thus inhibits the firing of the weapon. Furthermore, at 2.4kg, there are legitimate concerns of the helmet causing whiplash to a pilot in the event he is forced to eject. Sometimes exquisite and excessive technologies is not always an upgrade.

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The University of New South Wales of Australia (UNSW) has managed to create a resistible ink used to retain memory cells despite misuse of products. A recent experiment was held by the University and lead by Professor Sean Li, at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The prototype endured testing of the durability of the cells in the ink. Coating a minor piece of plastic and bending it back and forth over 2000 times resulting in no loss of data.

Despite the bending of the piece of plastic the data it contains is still able to stored and retrieved over 5000 times.   "The Memory ink is structured in having small nanocubes finer than a human hair which helps in the reading and the writing of data." The goal of this ink is to begin to innovate in a newer high tech fashion that allows memory cells in flexible electronic devices to be used for “wearable consumer electronics to healthcare”, (Business Insider) products.

With the memory inks great uprising there has been word that Strategic Elements Is in discussion with potential partners working with the “nanocube “memory ink. Stated by Managing Director Charles Murphy, new advances are discovered simultaneously when they focus on different aspects on the ink.  One of many discoveries has been the ability for memory to be retained so well on plastic and glass products. As far as the companies well-being and success, the company is predicted for greatness with its latest innovation. Foreseen by the IDTechEx firm, “the global market for printable electronics will grow to $US 70.4 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 40%.” (Business Insider) As the company operates under the Federal funded program Pooled Development Fund they are up 7 million in cash with no debts.

The Pooled program is a government funded program made to encourage innovation in Australian Companies ASAP Distribution is the premier supplier of board level components, NSN components, electric connectors and Computer hardware parts. Specializing in finding hard to find or obsolete parts in the industry. For a better look at our inventory take a look at our website at or give us a call at +1-702-919-1616  For instant RFQs email us at Our goal is to get you equipped and installed ASAP.

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The brand new “Aero Ready to Fly”, which is a Quadcopter drone, is expected to be launched later this year. It was produced by the Semiconductor manufacturer Intel Corporation. It was designed as a platform for drone application developers. The announcement date was on August 16 during the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

Designed from the ground up to support drones,” the Aero platform is a UAV developer kit powered by Intel’s Atom processor and combining computing, storage, communications and data input/output “in a form factor the size of a standard playing card. When matched with the optional Vision Accessory Kit, developers will have opportunities to launch sophisticated drone applications, Intel said.

This specific quadcopter platform supports the “plug and play” options. These include having a flight controller with open-source drone code PX4 software. It also has Intel’s “RealSense” camera for obstacle avoidance. The Map software development kit from AirMap, will be used for all of airspace mapping applications.

During the developer forum, the company showcased its Yuneec Typhoon helicopter, which was equipped with its RealSense depth-sensing camera technology. The new helicopter is available now for the price of $1,899.

The most recent drone-related announcement that was by Intel, was about the launch of the Aero quadcopter and is not only one but one of multiple announcements. Last August, the company announced that about $60 million would be invested into Hong Kong-based Yuneec. Ascending Technologies, a manufacturer of autopilot systems and milti-rotor drones based in Germany, was acquired by Hong Kong this past January. The company’s venture capital, Intel Capital, made investments in Airware of San Francisco. Airware is a designer of a commercial drone operating system. PrecisionHawk of Raleigh, N.C. is a drone manufacturer and aerial data provider.

The FAA announced that they had appointed Intel CEO Brian Krzanich as chairman of its new Drone Advisory Committee. This committee is a group consisting of C-level executives that represent the small unmanned aircraft industry and its users.

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Suspicion has created conflict between Motorola and Samsung due to some accusations. Per the release of Motorola summer line phones, the Moto Z and the Moto Z force android both equipped with the active display feature. The active display is a feature that allows one to access current time and notifications while the phone itself is locked on its energy efficient AMOLED screen.

The Moto Z model is a touch screen phone with one home button equipped with a front camera and flash able to be placed and held with the palm of the hand.

The Active Display was released in the year 2003 on the Moto X differentiating its self with such application. Not long after the Moto Z was released, Samsung released its Galaxy S7. The S7 is equipped with a very familiar feature promoted as the AOD (always on display) making this its main pitch when releasing it to the public.

As concentration shifted to the all the Galaxy’s publicity, Motorola decides to share a piece of their mind by tweeting,

In what galaxy is it okay to steal competitor’s phones’ cool features? #TheOriginalAlwaysOnDisplay #motozdriod.

Intending to frown upon Samsung in hopes to shift attention over back to Motorola. In doing so it resulted in A concerned tweeter digging deep and was able to bring a previous released model, a Symbian based smart phone by Nokia as of 2009.

@Moto_USA HUH? @LumiaUS #windowsphones have had that feature 4 years. Question why did you steal it? #glancescreen.

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The U.S. Airforce is funding a project to Composite Engineering Inc. (CEI) that is going to change warfare forever, they are asking CEI to develop unmanned aircrafts that can be used in aerial attacks on regions that are not approachable by military bases. Officials have announced that this project is going to be estimated around $40.8 million and this share is going to CEI which is part of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. The Air Force is considering this to be a low cost project, in which; they are able to afford the loss of these unmanned machines during warfare. If producing these airplanes reaches a point of mass production, this can bring down the cost of each aircrafts.

Composite Engineering Inc. is currently running a low cost test drone in order to test out the technology the Air Force is asking for such as high speed, long range, low cost and find out ways to improve their quality and performance for the future at low costs. Air Force Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is contracting with Composite Engineering Inc. to develop these unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Their goal is to reach a point where they can find a reliable, maintainable and efficient manufacturing technologies for the future because these can become a low cost unmanned attack aircrafts that are not expected to come back from war zone destinations.

Officials say that efficient manufacturing skills and nontraditional industry procedures will be key to achieving the low cost goals of the attainable aircraft vision. is a website created by ASAP Semiconductor that supplies parts to the needs of manufacturers, local and international air carriers, and repair stations for Aerospace, Aviation & Military applications. It has an excellent database which will help you find any part using either the part number or the National Stock Number (NSN). You can submit a request for a quote at or or feel free to call us at +1-702-919-1616.

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On July 14th 2016, AIN Online uploaded an article written by David Donald talking about Thales and how they are launching a new UAV system at the Farnborough Airshow. The UAV, also known as the Fulmar X, has an endurance that is greater than eight hours. The Fulmar X is built solely from composites. On top of this, the Fulmar X also have an operating range of over 500 miles, or 800 km. Although these numbers are not too impressive, it is impressive due to the fact that the air vehicle a small wing span of just 10 feet or three meters.

The Fulmar X was worked on and developed in Spain. This is also where the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency selected the Fulmar X. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is planning to purchase six of these systems to equip onto its quick patrol aircraft.

In order for the Fulmar X to take flight, the aircraft uses a launching device. This launching device is considered a bungee catapult which is also recovered into a net. Because of this net, the Fulmar X is able to be used in confined spaces as well as at sea. The Fulmar X also carries an infrared or electro optimal type sensor as well as an AIS or automatic identification system that can be configured for maritime missions. Not only does the Fulmar X have these types of equipment, it also have a transponder. The Fulmar can be used as a stand-alone system or can even be implemented into more wide surveillance systems.

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Cebu Pacific has announced a new Airbus aircraft purchase. The two A330-300s will join Cebu Pacific’s fleet of six A330s. The purchase shows the confidence Cebu Pacific has on the passenger carrier’s reliability and performance. The airline uses this fleet for long rage flights to different destinations in the Middle East and Australia, but has also used the airplanes for flights to domestic locations.

According to the airline’s President and CEO, Lance Gokongwei, the aircraft will enable an increase in long rage routes and also launch the airline’s first flight to the US. The airline is also working on making long flights more affordable to customers and are offering low fare options.

John Leahy of Airbus says

"The company is looking forward to continuing to work for Cebu Pacific as it continues to expand and reach other destinations. Despite low cost services, the A330 has proven efficient and profitable for Cebu Pacific and it is also the reason other airlines prefer it over other long haul carriers in the same market."


The wide body aircraft currently operates for 120 airlines around the world. Over 1,300 A330 aircrafts have been delivered which are only a portion of the 1,600 orders that have been placed so far. It offers the lowest cost services in its class and Airbus continues to invest on more innovations for the aircraft, making it the best performing and most profitable aircraft of its type.

Cebu Pacific

At this point in time, Cebu Pacific has 49 Airbus passenger carriers in operation. This fleet consist of 43 A320 Family single aisle aircrafts and 6 A330s. Their network expands to both regional and domestic destinations. As part of a separate deal, the airline is waiting for the delivery of 32 of the latest A321neo aircrafts.

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Great Manufactures of a jetliners takes precision development, research and most importantly experience in the industry. During Airbus time in Hamburg, themselves as a company released some details on new innovative technologies planned to make the industrial line of work faster and more efficient. Innovating starting with the conceptualization to the delivery of the aircraft to customers.

The A320 Family Paint shop and R&T department in Hamburg Germany discuss new methods on how to develop a new way to direct print.  The goal is to establish and industry of a more efficient way to paint a coat on the aircrafts vertical tail planes.  To date the different methods to apply a coat to the VTPs is an adhesive film, air brush and a stencil technique all practiced by manufactures other than Airbus.

Cyan, black, magenta, and yellow all common printer colors are dispersed by an ink head with very similar properties as a standard table top printer. First is sprays a base coat on the VTP then is topped off by a sealing clear coat for the finish.

Airbus also introduces the art of 3D printing known as the ALM (Addictive Layer Manufacturing).  Changing how milling, melting, casting and precision forging is produced. By the use of the 3D printer it saves waste by 95% and only produces 5% waste. Although it saves waste it will lack several things such as production of detailed, highly complex bionic parts, benefiting from natural designs with optimized load factors and more efficient use of resources.” The combination of ALM and the bionic design creates light weight parts of up to 55% lighter, besides speeding up future development processes, in some cases up to 90%.” So Airbus has managed to create an aircraft model using the ALM. Although it isn’t a full scale prototype they are very proud of their 13 foot flying drone.

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Reasons why one would want to prevent any type of disruption in the supply chain is because it causes a lot of mission critical breakdowns which leads to program failures. Within the supply chain, there are also other problems that arise. This includes things such as counterfeit products as well as obsolescence.

Revamp the strategy of your supply chain in order to mitigate the negative effects that occur. “With budget cuts, the ever increasing threat of counterfeit product, obsolescence, and DMSMS, your strategic supply chain plan must work to mitigate the impact of disruptions. While these problems will always fluctuate over time, developing a strategy that is able to maintain flexibility while establishing an effective barrier against supply chain threats is critical for long-term success.

Allow for the program to have flexibility. In doing so, will help during surges in demand and stock availability.

“A flexible program must be flexible at each point within the supply chain – accomplishing this leads to an efficient and financially stable plan. Maintaining flexibility is especially useful when acquiring obsolete product as demand fluctuations, available stock, and other factors all play a role in long-term legacy program success.”

Maintain a healthy amount of inventory. Try to reduce the chances of excess inventory as well as a shortage of inventory.

“Value is added on excess inventory only when both financial and supply chain requirements are met; failure to do so can lead to inventory sitting idle on the books or a potential and costly write-down, both of which can have devastating impacts on the state of your supply chain.”

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