Honeywell Business Jet

Honeywell is an “American multinational company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers”. It offers many corporate aircraft parts. This company has always been trying to improve their products, they are always looking for ways to improve and are willing to make changeable accommodation for higher customer satisfactions. One of the reasons they tend to do good was they forecasted the new deliveries of the jet by 2026. It concluded that 8600 new businesses worth at least 225bn will be delivered, and reflects a reduction in the value between 6 and 7%. this reduction of the value could be said to be caused by many aspects, it mainly is the cause of the economic downfall that has been happening in many countries and many regions.

The president of the Honeywell Aerospace said: While developed economies are generally faring better, commodities demand, foreign exchange and political uncertainties remain as concern” if foreign relationships good then it brings a lot of hope and revenue for the aerospace community, but if some foreign relationships are not good then it can have a drastic effect on the production of the aerospace companies. For example, many companies especially big corporations are nervous of the resulted of the new president, Donald Trump.

Many are scared that the international relationships will become worst because of the way Trump act and the stuff he says about certain countries, and this can have an affect short term and long term as well, which is a scary reality for many people. disregarding all the obstacles that might be becoming along and the decrease. This same newly released global business aviation outlook noted that Brazil, Russia, India and China would improve their results than previous years.

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Intel Silicon Photonics

Intel has announced that they will be shipping a silicon photonics module in data centers for 100Gpbs. Used in optical interconnects for data communications applications, the Intel Silicon Photonics 100Gbps  (Parallel Single Mode fibre 4-lane) PSM4 QSFP28 Optical Transceiver comes in a small form-factor with high speed and lower power consumption build.

The high bandwidth module supports 100GbE optical links over single-mode fibre which features like being compliant with PSM4 MSA optical interface specifications. Available in MTP/MPO ber pigtail or MTP/MPO receptacle optical connector version it has additional reach up to 2km. The compact  QSFP28 form factor allows for high faceplate density especially needed when dealing with  the networking equipment, it boasts compatibility with any single-mode ber connector/cable infrastructures.

Conversely the electrical interface is compliant with IEEE 802.3bm CAUI-4 standards enabling it to operate at temperatures ranging from 0 to 70oC. With 3.5 W maximum power dissipation, the full module diagnostics and control through 12C is also fully compliant with SFF-8636 spec. Diane Bryant the head of Intel’s data centre group believes that optics will be required into the servers as well over time.

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Toshiba announced they will start to ship Hi-Speed-compatible TransMemory USB 2.0 flash drives which can go up to 128GB in the fourth quarter. The Hi-Speed-compatible TransMemory USB 2.0 flash drives will come with a USB connector that retracts by pulling the slide control. Toshiba will debut a 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and the flagship 128GB version.

The Hi-Speed-compatible TransMemory U203 flash drives will feature Toshiba’s NAND flash memory technology and is offered with a USB Type A interface completely compatible with Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows 8.1 and 10 and Mac OS X 10.6.6 -10.10. Covered by a five year standard limited warranty, the “retractable connector design integrated into the latest TransMemory drives provides the ultimate in convenient protection”, Toshiba’s Sandrine Aubert revealed.

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small cell wireless basestation

A US firm has created a secure online marketplace for the purchase and sales of small cell wireless basestation installation. In areas of high traffic density, these small form factor basestations are being used to augment their networks and can be installed on everything from apartment roofs to shopping centers. Small CellSite initially targeted the North American market with the aim of providing property owners and managers with a way of selling basestations sites to mobile operators however a similar small cell market place is on track to debut in the UK market.

Chantilly-based TeleWorld Solutions is the firm behind the US online marketplace and utilizes an interactive mapping and photo-based interface which will allow property owners nationwide to do everything from uploading property listing info to receiving suggested pricing based on their proprietary algorithms and marketing it directly to the largest mobile operators nationwide.

Chief executive officer of TeleWorld Solutions, Shervin Gerami believes that this is the perfect solution to today’s inefficient process of wireless network deployment. He also believes that the marketplace will also greatly accelerate 4G and 5G networks deployments while lowering costs and increasing revenue streams due to the massive surge of high-speed connected devices and applications that will be made possible through it. ASAP Distribution a dedicated and expansive array of telecommunication products.

We are your one-stop shop sourcing solution. ASAP will ensure that our consumers’ needs are addressed in the most expeditious and transparent manner all the while offering cost-effective services. All of our aircrafts parts are extensively tested and enjoy our consumer-centric warranty If you are interested in a quote, Please contact our friendly sales staff at call us at toll free at +1-702-919-1616.    

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Samsung Exynos 7

Samsung Electronics broadcasted that the Exynos 7 Dual 7270 is now in the stage of mass production. This mobile application processor is intended for wearable devices with 14-nm FinFET process capabilities. The AP features complete WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and LTE modem integration that includes FM radio and GNSS. The Exynos 7270 combines 4 in 1 technology that includes AP, DRAM, NAND memory chips, and PMIC packed into one single device. While this new Exynos is still undergoing production, NFC and some sensors are available to device manufacturers and other customers, as well as an Exynos 7270 reference platform. Xilinx, Inc has recently revealed that the production of its 16nm UltraScale+ portfolio is ahead of schedule.

The portfolio includes Kintex, Virtex UltraScale+ FPGAs and Zynq UltraScale + MPSoCs. Less than a year after mass production was approved for the device, it will be available during this last quarter of 2016. Autotalks has just launched CRATON2 V2X Solution that includes embedded Hardware Security Module and V2X cybersecurity firewall. The device also includes an IEEE 802.11p modem which can be used in high-mobility vehicles and support WiFi and 11p.

Intersil Corporation’s ISL76534 is a 14-channel programmable gamma buffer that delivers gamma calibration for automotive TFT-LCD displays. It delivers consistent brightness and color matching on LCD panels in vehicles, it prevents power supply noise from successfully reaching gamma buffer outputs and takes away the need for heatsinks. ASAP Distribution procures airplane parts and computer hardware for manufacturers, repair stations, and others in the aviation industry. At, customers can find a comprehensive database. By emailing a representative at, customers can get competitive prices for any board level components, NSNS component, electric connectors, or computer hardware.

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Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is going through a crisis with their productions. Their division is down more than 90%, last year they delivered 326 engines and this year they only delivered 312. This is a big change for them and a big setback in the business. Their revenues went down by 5%. This is tragic for the company and it is going to take a lot of effort and time to come back to their set goal revenues. This revenue drop is mainly due to the transition they recently made.

They transitioned from A330 to the A330n. this transmission impacted their profit. Also, they mentioned that “softening markets in the business-jet sector, and fewer overhauls of large engines on mature programmers, have contributed to the first half civil aerospace decline” the thing that is showing is that they knew of this decline and were expecting it but they still went ahead and transitioned. Even though this decline is planned to be for short time, they are expecting to grow and are forecasting a positive long term market trend for the division.

The company stated “We continue to expect that strong widebody airframe demand – driven by the need for newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft – should provide resilience to manufacturing schedules over the next few years as the industry undergoes a strong replacement cycle” the interesting fact is that they are still expecting a lot of revenue within the next year. It is really interesting because they can easily loose many customers but they are aware with their high demand and quality based products and engines they are still confident to grow as a company. This is mainly due that they are with the Rolls-Royce’s civil aerospace parts supplier and they are supplied with the best quality products that are reliable.

ASAP Distribution is owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor. It caters the need for many consumers. Such as equipment manufacturers, contract manufactures, air carriers, and repair stations for the aerospace and aviation industry. It provides a unique and one of a kind purchasing leaving may customers satisfied.

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Flying Aviation Expo

Some of the top aviation and tech industry leaders have confirmed that they will be at the Flying Aviation Expo’s weekend lineup which is anticipated to be jam-packed with invaluable educational workshops/seminars and aircraft displays. October 20-22nd will have acclaimed HondaJet and Cessna Citation M2 on full display during the expo at the Palm Springs International Airport. The displays will also feature aircrafts such as the Beechcraft Baron, Searey amphibian, Eclipse 550, Aviat Husky, Cub Crafters XCub, Cirrus SR22, Cessna TTx and airplanes from Lancair, Pilatus, Mooney and more.

Tesla has also joined the fray and will exhibit its Model X and Model S electric vehicles with previews and ride demos. The URB-E which is a foldable-electric scooter manufacturer and Pedego Electric Bike which are folding electric bicycles and scooters will so be on site in full display and demos for the ground transportation category. Traveling is a way of life and a necessity opined Scheyden president and Aviation Expo LLC principal, Jeff Herold. Herold believes that that our country has more freedom in regards to personal travel than any other country in the world and that to learn to travel safely and comfortably is the entire essence of this event.

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Frontier Airlines
Frontier Airlines had previously placed orders of 80 A320neo Family Airbus carrier planes, and the first of the aircrafts was finally delivered this October. Frontier Airlines is the first American airline to receive an A320neo carrier equipped with CFM engines. The quantity ordered speaks highly of the reliability Airbus provides for the airline. Not only are the carriers safe, but they allow the airline to provide flights at a lower rate than other competitors.

Lightweight composite Sharklets, wing-tip devices that reduce fuel consumption by 4%, and the option of either a range extension of 100 nautical miles or an increase payload of 992 pounds are just some of the features that keep the A320neo in high demand. Frontier Airlines is confident that these carriers will provide a strong foundation by paving the way for a bigger and more modern fleet. Their projections call for more than 15% in fuel saving on their first year, and 20% by the year 2020.

The first delivery of an Airbus aircraft to Frontier Airlines occurred in 2001. Since then, the airline has continued to expand their fleet to only include Airbus carriers. This provides efficiency and cuts costs in all areas for the airline, as this facilitates crew training and maintenance. Frontier Airlines is not the only ASAP Distribution supplies parts from top manufacturers in the aviation industry. These parts are tested and under warranty to make sure they are serviceable and meet customer expectations. All while providing competitive prices and great customer service. Every step of the way is recorded and supervised by one of ASAP Distribution’s representatives. To locate a part from the large inventory available contact, or you can quote us

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F-35 fighter jet helmet

The Lockheed Martin Lightning II or also known as the F-35 fighter-jet helmet has a price tag of over $400,000. That is an incredible amount for a piece of headgear but when you consider it in the context of the F-35, which was developed by America and our allies to effectively replace the existing strike aircraft and carries a price tag of anywhere between $148 and $337 million, it’s a steal. With such an outrageous cost one would surmise that pilots would be universally satisfied with and that is where you would be wrong.

"The helmet itself is a work of wonder. The F-35 helmet displays an image of the cockpit data along with targeting information displayed on the windscreen in front of them. It also takes images from six external cameras mounted around the aircraft on the helmet’s visor which allows the pilot to “look through” the aircraft at any angle."

Another feature of the visor is the ability to include info from satellites, other friendly aircrafts and military units on the ground which tracks by the pilot’s eyes through the helmet to be able to rapidly process/reposition images and symbols as they look around. This is gives pilots the added benefit of not having to process data from multiple cockpit display screens.

Developed by joint venture between Rockwell Collins and Elbit Systems, in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, the helmet, known as the Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS) is an electronic marvel. But some think that the helmet is now so complex that when intricate kit breaks occur a pilot cannot simply borrow another pilot’s helmetto fly due to the HMDS being calibrated to an individual flyer. The reason for that is because the alignment of the pilot’s pupils for eye-tracking is a two-day lab job that only Rockwell Collins is authorized to conduct.

The helmet is also so large now that it restricts the head movement of the pilots in order to see enemy aircrafts. Some flight maneuvers can result in the helmet being pinned against the canopy therefore obstructing the display and thus inhibits the firing of the weapon. Furthermore, at 2.4kg, there are legitimate concerns of the helmet causing whiplash to a pilot in the event he is forced to eject. Sometimes exquisite and excessive technologies is not always an upgrade.

Here at ASAP Distribution, we have a dedicated and expansive array of aircraft products. We are your one-stop shop and go destination for a  simplified sourcing solution. ASAP will  ensure that our consumers’ needs are addressed in the most expeditious and transparent manner all the while offering cost-effective component solutions therefore improving our your negotiation power and profit margins. If you are interested in a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us our friendly sales staff at  call us at toll free at  +1-702-919-1616.

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memory ink

The University of New South Wales of Australia (UNSW) has managed to create a resistible ink used to retain memory cells despite misuse of products. A recent experiment was held by the University and lead by Professor Sean Li, at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The prototype endured testing of the durability of the cells in the ink. Coating a minor piece of plastic and bending it back and forth over 2000 times resulting in no loss of data.

Despite the bending of the piece of plastic the data it contains is still able to stored and retrieved over 5000 times.   "The Memory ink is structured in having small nanocubes finer than a human hair which helps in the reading and the writing of data." The goal of this ink is to begin to innovate in a newer high tech fashion that allows memory cells in flexible electronic devices to be used for “wearable consumer electronics to healthcare”, (Business Insider) products.

With the memory inks great uprising there has been word that Strategic Elements Is in discussion with potential partners working with the “nanocube “memory ink. Stated by Managing Director Charles Murphy, new advances are discovered simultaneously when they focus on different aspects on the ink.  One of many discoveries has been the ability for memory to be retained so well on plastic and glass products. As far as the companies well-being and success, the company is predicted for greatness with its latest innovation. Foreseen by the IDTechEx firm, “the global market for printable electronics will grow to $US 70.4 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 40%.” (Business Insider) As the company operates under the Federal funded program Pooled Development Fund they are up 7 million in cash with no debts.

The Pooled program is a government funded program made to encourage innovation in Australian Companies ASAP Distribution is the premier supplier of board level components, NSN components, electric connectors and Computer hardware parts. Specializing in finding hard to find or obsolete parts in the industry. For a better look at our inventory take a look at our website at or give us a call at +1-702-919-1616  For instant RFQs email us at Our goal is to get you equipped and installed ASAP.

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