satellite communication systems for UGAP
Airbus defense and space is part of the airbus group. They are mainly responsible for the defense and aerospace products and services. This division is fairly new, it was formed in January 2014. It is considered the world’s second largest space company. It is also considered one of the top ten defense companies in the world.  This company is divided into 3 different divisions. One of the divisions is for the military aircraft, one is for the space systems and finally the last one id for the communication intelligence security. They recently secured a deal to provide satellite communication systems for the French national procurement agency UGAP. This is based on a 4-year deal. And airbus promised to provide equipment’s and services that are usually available in Ku and Ka frequency bands.

They announced their excitement to finally include and cooperate their expertise to the French administration. providing satellite communication systems for UGAP is a good idea and it will be a very good idea for them to keep their business going in an efficient way. This new sitcom is going to allow the transmission of voice and data communication in remote locations. Even including the ones with no network coverage. The French business head Eric souleres recently mentioned “as pioneers in satellite communication services for government. We are pleased to make our expertise available to the French administration” this is important as functioning under this specific administration of the Ministry of finance and education. The UGAP “currently serves the public state administrations and institutions, as well as local authorities, social sector and public health facilities.

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Lufthansa is the largest German airline and the largest airline in Europe. All in regards to the passengers size and flee size. It has over 197 international destination across Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe. They have been around for a long time. they have been around since 1950s. they always try to be the best and to offer great service to their customers. They recently signed a deal with Germany to regarding the acquisitions and conversion of the Airbus A321 for its air force.

This agreement which was signed January 5th ay 96 million also included apparel parts and training. This new conversion work is going to take place at the LHT’s Hamburg facility and is planning to be performed to civilian certification standards. This is going to seek military airworthiness approval most likely for any further modifications for example a defensive aids suite. This is considered a VIP aircraft service that many people are wanting to experience this experience and be a part of this great deal. This Airbus A321 addition has a short to medium range, narrow body, commercial passenger twin engine jet and of course Airbus manufactures it.

The engine option for it is great and is worthy.  It is the largest member and offers best seat mile costs. Its seating capacity is compared to that of jetliners which is a great comparison and in a way, is shocking. This newly converted airliner is scheduled to enter service in 2018, which again will be based on the VIP aircraft at Cologne-Wahn air base. Its ability to be able to transport 70 passengers is great and exciting. A321 also offers the lowest fuel burn, emotions and noise footprint and offers great economics especially in high density seating.

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pilatus aircraft parts

In recent news Pilatus Aircraft, Ltd has added 3 newer additions to their order book to end the 2016 year. Resulting in accumulating their order book to a total 21 with orders to the French Air Force, The Royal Jordanian Air Force, and to a British Empire Test Pilots School named QinetiQ. The entire 21 orders are approximated to be worth up to 300 million Swiss francs ($295,526,468.09 US). Experts ensure that the production will create and maintain jobs in Stan’s, Switzerland.

The French Air Force one of the most decorated air forces in the world signed for the acceptance of 17 PC-21s late 2016. The reason for the purchase of the aircrafts was to enhance their fleets into more modern aircrafts and for training. The new fleet will be used for the training of future military pilots that seek to be transferred from the Alpha Jet to the Dassault Rafale, a French twin engine that was built by Dassault Aviation. “In addition to the Swiss Air Force, France is now the second European nation to opt for the PC-21 as part of the world's most advanced, most efficient integrated training system.”

The QinetiQ the British "Empire Test Pilots' School (ETPS)” will also be using their two purchased PC-21s for training as well. Creating a training center for incoming flight test engineers for customer from the UK. and testing pilots. The Royal Jordanian Air Force reevaluated their purchase order from the previous PC-9 M model to the current PC-21 due to some slight concerns. The change was due to “unforeseen issues with their lead a fighter Trainer (LIFT) platform.” The Jordanian Air Force also added two PC-21s to their order book two make it a total of ten aircrafts to delivered commencing mid-2017.

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Owners of Cub Crafters have gone forth with the decision to incorporate some new state of the art solutions for their Cub – Style tail dragger Carbon Cubs. These new states of the art solutions are ADS-B transponders that have been offered by multinational technology company Garmin. Planned to be equipped in light sport aircrafts (LSA) and experimental kit versions of the Carbon Cubs. For those that own LSA’s or experimental versions and choose “Executive Glass Touch option featuring the Garmin G3X Touch screen” also will be given the option to select either the Garmin GTX 335R or GTX 345R transponders to be incorporated into their aircraft systems. Newest technology allows for both transponders to be remotely operated through the G3X touch screen reducing its size allowing more panel space.

The new aircraft system will be ADS-B compliant, running on a 1090 MHz with a mode S Extended Squitter (ES) in addition to its WAAS/GPS functions. The standard package to be implemented into Cub aircrafts will be the GTX335 model when installing the executive glass touch mean while the GTX 345R model is still an option. 

A slight advantage that the GTX 345R model has to offer is the ADS-B performance which lets the allows the for the G3X screen to project subscription free weather and traffic. The President of Cub Crafters Randy Lervold believes that many of the Carbon Cubs purchased these aircrafts with the intention of purchasing something that will benefit them and be compatible with all these latest innovations being released. “As we approach the mandated 2020 ADS-B deadline, most Carbon Cub buyers are already choosing optional add-on instruments that satisfy the NextGen requirements, such as Garmin’s GPS 20A.” As he continues to add that,” these new Garmin transponders deliver an elegant, integrated ADS-B solution that functions seamlessly on our Executive Glass Touch panel.” 

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The G600, a Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. aircraft has taken flight for the first time which initiated the commencement of their flight test program. The aircraft took its first flight on December 17, 2016 making it the first in its series to ever be airborne. The G600 was in the air an approximated 2 hours and 53 minutes leaving the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport in Georgia.

Piloted by two very qualified Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. pilots Scott Martin and Todd Abler accompanied by an on aircraft engineer to be able to take care of any minor problems that might have appeared while being air Bourne. Fortunately, the flight ran smoothly as Mark Burns, Gulfstream current president stated, “This flight went exactly as anticipated, thanks in large part to the investments we have made in our ground-based laboratories,” which he quickly added that, “This flight is the perfect way to wrap up 2016 and set the tone for a successful 2017.

The G600 aircraft is a unique aircraft in its series and is built not like many other previous ones before. It has been equipped with high tech features such as high speed internet and communication via satellite. Built with the lengthiest cabin in its class to be able to fit four distinct living areas that have been designated for work space, dining room, restrooms, and recreational space. Gulf stream has been able to implement the largest panoramic windows that the industry has ever seen.

The engineers have also been able to install a fully loaded 100 percent fresh air circulation that would be able to ventilate the superior cabin allowing guest feel rejuvenated upon arrival. Appose from its luxurious high tech cabin the aircraft can travel up to impressive speeds. “The G600 can travel 6,200 nautical miles/11,482 kilometers at Mach 0.85 and 4,800 nm/8,890 km at Mach 0.90, and its maximum operating speed is Mach 0.925, the same maximum speed as the flagship Gulfstream G650ER.

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President Elect Mr. Donald Trump is slamming on defense contractors for being ridiculously highly funded. Trump recently implemented that he would cancel the latest Boeings Air Force One. Shortly after the scare of the Air Force one he decided to attack the Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) for its cost being “Out of Control.”

Trump claims that “The F-35 Program and cost is out of control,” and suggests that,” Billions of dollars can be saved on military (and other) purchases after Jan 20” per one of his tweets launched on Dec. 12. Jeff Babione the executive vice president of Lockheed Martin touched back on the statement made by the president elect to try and impose the importance of the programs relative value. This statement from the vice president took place right before the delivering of Israel’s initial two F-35s to the Nevatim Air base, located in southeast of Be’er Sheva , Israel.

While Lockheed has invested millions of dollars to try and reduce the per unit cost of the airplane up to 60 % it is estimated between the years 2019-2020 to be priced at $85 million. Priced at 85 million it makes it the F-35 cheaper in price than any 4th generation aircraft fighter across the globe.  With the JSF being worth over 100 million it has been a great target for Trumps slamming of defense contractors. The Pentagon current estimate over a 60 year of services will cost to just about trillion US dollars.

Trump has made some strong statements during his time in the spot light which include the slamming of the contractors. He believes that they are just looking out for their pockets best interest appose to the best possible material that they can sell to the government. Trump comments and says, “You know, they make a deal like that and two or three years later, you see them working for these big companies that made the deal... they should have a lifetime restriction."

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LTN Mercury Free Slip Ring

LTN is a Luton international it refers to London, England, United Kingdom airport code. They are well known and reliable for their customers. They have recently introduced a new slip ring for packaging machines. Many people are excited for this announcement. This new slip ring is especially made to not contain any mercury. This is great because since Mercury id extremely toxic for the body. And since it can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion, or skin absorption. It is best If it is avoided and that is why the new announcement has many people excited happier about it. because now it is much safer. Other than the fact it is safer this new slip ring enables a high electricity and data transmission rate, combined with compact dimensions.

LTN were aware of the fact that mercury is toxic and bad for people. for example, they knew that for example id a machine leak develops a leak at the seal it will have a potential harm and danger for people and also the environment. The design of this ring is very convenient. It is made of steel. It was made with very smart engineers that managed to make this new piece to make do without mercury while still meeting the high requirements of the piece. Their plan is for the SC040 to replace current mercury rotary transmissions, their goal is to do this without any complications.

They have high hopes for this but they are also aware that not everything goes perfectly therefore they are expecting to solve any problems that goes along their way. They know by doing this they are really protecting the people and protecting the environment in many ways. there’re their motivation for this is great and appreciated by many people that are using it.

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NSK Steel Bearings

On October 24th 2016 there was an article on Maschinen Markt talking about how NSK steel had the spotlight at the Metal Expo that happened in Moscow November 8th to the 11th. The NSK steel industry has many types of bearings that are used in all types of applications. Some of these bearings can be found in equipment as well as plants in both downstream and upstream processes. These processes include raw materials, refining, smelting, and rolling. There is over 100 years of experience that goes into manufacturing and designing these types of bearings in the steel industry.

NSK started its operations in Japan during the 1910s. Since then, the company has expanded to different countries such as Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Now the company has expanded its reach to many different sectors such as agriculture, automotive, industrial motors, gearboxes, injection molding machines, food processing machinery, machine tools, medical devices, mining and construction, motorcycles, office equipment, papermaking machinery, pumps and compressors, railways, semiconductors, steel industry, and wind turbines.

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Ge aviation and COMAC team

Ge aviation who is a world leading provider for jet engines. It known for providing components and integrated systems for commercial and military aircraft. Along with COMAC that is a Chinese state owned aerospace manufacturer that was establishes on May 11 of 2008. Both corporations have made a deal that they both will use their data to improve their operational efficiencies. This partnership is planning on working as a team to be able to provide the best outcomes yet. They are planning to “explore and collaborate on digital solutions and applications on customer and product support monitoring and diagnostics, intelligent aircraft, and enhanced manufacturing fields”.

Also with this new team effort they are planning to launch a pilot project that ables them to confirm the technical trends of their previous collaborations. GE Aviation chief digital officer Jim Daily said: “This agreement with COMAC will enable our teams of software architects and aviation domain experts to jointly develop digital solutions at GE's Shanghai digital collaboration center. He also mentioned “The partnership between COMAC and GE will result in digital solutions that will transform COMAC's operations all the way from brilliant manufacturing to advanced flight analytics to comprehensive fleet operations support. As many people know and say teamwork does work.

The results of a team effort are always better and more accurate than individual efforts. Therefore, the efforts of GE aviation and /COMAC are expected to achieve better fleet indigence and operational insights. GE aviation craft parts are very reliable and that is why thy have been able to produce such a good image of themselves. They have been able to cover more than 10,000 aircrafts that are able to receive navigation services, airline operations managements and flight and fuel analytics.

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The new shocking topic is the  flying taxis service. Many people just talk about it and aren’t expecting for flying taxis to become reality, or at least not so soon. Airbus has shocked many people and is making them excited about their new announcement of establishing flying taxis/ they called it their “Vahana” project. Other than establishing this great service they have even been awarded with a flight testing contract. This award was awarded to Alexandria, Virginia based engineering and technology solutions company and SOAR.

To get in more details of this Vanhana, it is a self-flying vehicle its main purpose it to transport passengers and to make some of the cargo transportation. This will be very convenient. Lyasoff, CEO said in a September 2016 blog post “the aircraft we’re building doesn’t need a runway, is self-piloted, and can automatically detect and avoid obstacles and other aircraft. Designed to carry a single passenger or cargo, we’re aiming to make it the first certified passenger aircraft without a pilot. We aim to fly a full-size prototype before the end of 2017, and to have a productizable demonstrator by 2020” this explanation from the CEO is very interesting and is exciting to finally see a product that many people have dream of having for a long time become a reality.

And what Is more interesting is Since this idea of flying taxis is going to be so new especially now that it is becoming reality, the company will start off by having pilots in the flying taxis to be able to gain more customers’ trust, and then after everything is settled they will slowly start converting to only autonomous aircraft.

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