In 2016, Bombardier strengthened its overall service and support by hiring close to 200 technicians and project managers within the last four months and supported over 9,000 maintenance events. At ASAP Semi, we deal with bombardier every day because they give us great prices since we order often from them. Bombardier Business Aircraft’s five U.S.-based Service Centres was awarded the 2016 Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Diamond Award of Excellence. The AMT is the industry’s highest recognition award for aircraft maintenance.

The AMT award sponsored by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is a demonstration to Bombardier’s promise in supporting its customers. They provide highly skilled maintenance technicians and field service personnel’s who receive wide-range training to deliver the best customer experience. “These awards confirm the strength of our network in providing our customers with an exceptional customer experience,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Vice President and General Manager of Customer Experience, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

For the past seven years, Bombardier’s Service Centres have earned sequential Diamond Awards of Excellence. The Centres of Hartford has earned 18 awards, Wichita has received 16 awards, Dallas has earned 15 awards, Fort Lauderdale has received 9 awards and the Tucson facility has earned 7 awards. These significant awards are awarded to organizations who provide 100% of their adequate technicians with regulatory, airworthiness, and safety awareness training programs within a given year. Bombardier’s customer support networks consist of 1,000 dedicated technicians that have completed 45,000 maintenance events to date, with 50 authorized service facilities worldwide. At ASAP Semi, we like to deal with companies with great credibility because we want our customers to know they are getting a great reliable part.

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Westwind has Bell transport helicopters that operate on and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico to support oil operations. In March, the organization announced that is has made a selection for additions to achieve compliance with the ADS-B. It has opted to select the NGT-9000 by L3 Aviation. The installation of these new products has been initiated and is underway. The NGT-9000 will be joining the Westwind Fleet, which already includes Bell 206, Sikorsky 76 and MD 500.

The NGT-9000 was selected by Westwind mainly because of the innovative touchscreen interface. It is user-friendly and includes all the latest software. It is a very promising decision for Westwind, as this will not only ensure that they are on target with 2020 ADS-B mandate requirements, but also makes pilot safety stronger. It gives the crew greater situational awareness. Sometimes conditions can be harsh in the Gulf of Mexico. This is another reason why the newest software is such a huge benefit, as it comes with state-of-the art weather information, temporary flight restrictions, and highly accurate winds and temperature information.

The NGT-9000 is an excellent choice for any rotorcraft operators who are looking to make some technological and safety upgrades while still meeting and maintaining compliance with ADS-B. ASAP Distribution is a world leader when it comes to supplying aviation and rotorcraft parts. We are the best choice for a simplified sourcing solution and all aviation component needs.

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George Bye, creator of the Sun Flyer electric trainer prototype, has teamed up with XTI Aircraft Company to accelerate development of a vertical takeoff and landing design with intention to seat six and cruise at business jet speed.

XTI Aircraft announced the partnership March 6, adding that the joining of Bye and his design team to the effort will expedite development and allow the first prototype to be built at full scale, rather than the 65 percent scale previously planned. The TriFan 600 also will now have a hybrid-electric propulsion system.

XTI is recruiting investors through conventional venture capital channels as well as online crowdfunding. They are developing the TriFan 600 to be able to take off and land vertically, then transition to more airplane-like flight as the ducted fans rotate, giving it an expected range of 1,200 miles. XTI expects the TriFan 600 to be able to climb to 35,000 feet in ten minutes. Bye’s own Sun Flyer, a two-seat, solar-electric trainer, aims to be the first American-made, practical, and all-electric trainer to reach the market. A maiden flight has not been announced, but ground testing began in 2016. XTI CEO Robert LaBelle stated in a press release, “We’re replacing the transmission, gears, two large heavier engines and other components with electric motors, batteries, generators, and a single smaller turboshaft engine.”

George Bye, founder, chairman, and CEO of Bye Aerospace, explained in the XTI news release. “Advanced electric power for aircraft makes the hybrid-electric configuration compelling for the TriFan. We can now bring together into one extraordinary airplane, battery power, electric motors, and a light efficient engine in a vertical takeoff and landing platform. The TriFan will achieve unprecedented performance and operating economy while being safer, lighter, quieter and cleaner. We’re very excited to team with XTI on this game-changing VTOL project.”

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We have exciting news this week as Bell Geospace has invested in a new aircraft. This aircraft is the Basler BT-67 produced by Basler Turbo Conversions. This utility aircraft provides a long-range fuel tank that allows for the aircraft range to reach 2140 nautical miles. Bell Geospace has purchased this new utility aircraft in order to expand its worldwide and technical capacity. Bell states that “The Basler BT-67 has proven to be an efficient and reliable platform for conducting our FTG surveys, and has yielded some of our most successful surveys to date. This is already a very promising purchase and an intelligent investment from Bell Geospace that will hopefully launch more of their ideas and innovative efforts in the aerospace world.

One of the Bell aircraft parts that makes this investment so valuable is the FTG instrument, also known as the Tensor Gravity Gradiometer. On top of this, the aircraft has magnetic sensors. With these improvements on the Basler BT-67, they will be able to “acquire FTG data in a range of often challenging conditions due to the stability and endurance of this fixed wing platform.” Whether this plane is overland or offshore, this function will still persist. This will allow for a much faster return time for Bell Geospace to gather data and deliver the data to their customers. The time will be reduced and will allow for a much more effective system for Bell.

In the meantime, if your aircraft is currently damaged and needs repairs or parts, contact us at ASAP Distribution. Here at ASAP Distribution, we have a dedicated and expansive array of aircraft products. We are your one-stop shop and go-to destination for a simplified sourcing solution. ASAP will ensure that our consumers’ needs are addressed in the most expeditious and transparent manner all the while offering cost-effective component solutions therefore improving your negotiation power and profit margins. All our aircraft parts are extensively tested and enjoy our consumer-centric warranty. If you are interested in a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales staff at Call us toll free at +1-702-919-1616 !

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The B-L072Z-LRWAN1 STM32 LoRa Discovery kit builds on the all-in-one open module from Murata that consolidates a STM32L072CZ microcontroller and Semtech SX1276 transceivers. The module lineaments a LoRa modem that implements ultra-long-range spread-spectrum communication and high interference immunity while reducing current expenditure. Since the module is open, developers have access to the STM32L072 MCU and its unit such as ADC, 16-bit timer, LP-UART, 12C, SPI AND USB 2.0 FS.

The B-L072Z-LRWAN1 kit combine an on-board debugger, a 64-pin STM32 Nucleo morpho connector, an Arduino-compatible connector, and a battery socket. It also comes with contact to a completely free improved ecosystem that adds the MDK-ARM Integrated Development Environment (IDE), STM32CubeMX configurator and software tools, and ST’s LoRaWAN protocol stack.The boards are based on the smallest and lowest-power LoRaWAN modules that exist on the market today, with a footprint not bigger than 13- x 12-mm and power desolating in the range of 1.2 µA in standby mode. The I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 is an extention board for STM32 Nucleo or Arduino boards that can be simply plugged in to immediately starts work developing a full LoRa-based and/or FSK/OOK (Frequency-Shift Keying/On-Off Keying) function.

The board lineaments a LoRaWAN module from USI in sync with an STM32L052T8 MCU and Semtech SX1272 transceivers. The USI module comes pre-loaded with an AT command stack that helps streamline advancement and saves programming. The board is also assembled with ST’s LIS2DS12 3-axis accelerometer, LPS22HB MEMS pressure sensor, and HTS221 humidity-and-temperature sensor. Both boards are LoRaWAN-certified and fully manageable with wireless regulations, for example in the US, EU, Russia, India, and other countries using the 860-930 MHz recurrence bands. With two new ready to use prototype boards, STMicroelectrics objective is to cut the cost of evaluating LoRaWAN and other Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies in addition to 6LoWPAN. ASAP Distribution is a contributor to the low cost by being the premier supplier of networking devices. They are the leading distributor for all your electrical component needs.

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Vision research has released a 4k high speed camera with a 35 millimeter, 9.4-megapixel sensor capable of recording at 1,000 frames per second. The camera will be useful in aerospace research especially when recording extremely fast moving objects like propellers and chopper blades. 4k resolution and high speed shutter ability has been long sought after but technology has been the limiting factor. This camera takes no loss in speed or sensitivity, instead it boots both in an epic creation by Vision Research. Add the capability of operating in extreme temperatures and you have the perfect tool for recording high energy equipment failure.

High speed video is a very entertaining and insightful way to learn how materials behave. Even watching a water balloon hit the ground at high speed is exhilarating and educational. The impact ripples and shearing forces on the thin layer of rubber are something the human eye would never visualize because of the speed in which they happen. Now apply the same technology to aerospace parts and you have a research tool that can bring the next generation of enhanced components. With slow motion and 4k video it is possible to determine exactly where a turbine engine fails in a windstorm. The Flex4k-GS camera has a whopping 128GB or RAM and will store footage in a 2-terabyte disk.

Even with two terabytes the camera will only store a few hours’ worth of footage. With time dilation, this camera will not be useful in recording flights or non-critical footage. It will most likely be used for critical experiments that last less than a minute. The research and information provided however will be massive. Only with high speed footage can you find that a single bolt shearing was the cause of your half million dollar engine exploding. 

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CSIRO is joining with start-up company Ecocentric on a system that recognizes the electrical ‘fingerprint’ of individual appliances to gain energy adaptability in buildings. CSIRO and Ecocentric will further develop the ‘Numen’ energy saving system under a licensing and research agreement. The Numen brings together a building’s total energy signal, identifies the appliances present, and then divides out appliance-specific consumption data on how much energy the appliance is using.

Advanced joining using CSIRO algorithms, Numen improves the processes involved in using and maintaining energy in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Where traditional smart meter systems record low-resolution total energy use, generally for the purpose of billing, CSIRO-developed ‘cognitive metering’ technology which identifies individual appliances using an exclusive signature of high-frequency electrical data. Advanced machine learning algorithms are then operating to measure appliance power utilization without them needing to be metered individually. Numen uses cloud-based technology to monitor energy consumption in real time, allowing remarkable insights into the operation of critical machinery.

The system will allow automatic identification of metered electrical devices, facilitate better understanding and prediction of energy use patterns, and predict faults for pre-emptive maintenance. This data will feature opportunities for more efficient energy saving electronical parts use, appear in cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

With ASAP Semiconductor being the leading distributer. “The energy domain is experiencing an increased focus in the megatrend ‘digital immersion’, affecting both domestic and commercial energy consumers. Our research is helping drive the next wave of productivity and efficiency in energy consumption.” Explains CSIRO Energy Director Karl Rodrigues. Under the arrangement, Ecocentric will attain a license from CSIRO to the cognitive metering technology and work with CSIRO for a period of six years to further clarify the system.? A key focal point of CSIRO’s Energy saving research is the advancement of intelligent systems, including decision support and management tools that cut down energy consumption of Australia’s buildings through improved understanding of energy flows.

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Rolls-Royce has released news they will deliver around five hundred large engines this year. This will be an increase of 15% to some 355 in 2016. In the last year aerospace profit more than halved. RR has stated the underlying revenues for large engine supply at 1.6 billion with an increase of 2% and civil aerospace profit has jumped more than half to 367 billion.

The Trent 700s on the A330 have had a decreased demand but that has been offset by from the higher volumes of Trent 900s for the Airbus A380 as well as spare Trent XWBs for the A350. Rolls-Royce said that fewer overhauls due to time and material revenues being reduced, in turn contract accounting effects were also significantly lower in service revenues. Despite these strong engine production numbers the service revenue fell by 4% to 2.3 billion. This growth had offset the older power plants production. Rolls-Royce predicts the business-jet revenues will decline even further. While the civil aerospace will increase with modest revenue growth this year, mostly backed by the aftermarket sales for large engines.

The company says positive long term trends are evident but near-term uncertainty is affecting production output of older engine service activity and affecting production. Continued need for more fuel efficient and new aircraft will drive the strong widebody airframe demand. As the industry undergoes a massive replacement cycle the manufacturing schedules should prove to be resilient.

Here at ASAP-Distribution we are your one stop-shop for Aerospace parts. We offer the most wide range of products you’ll find on the aerospace market. With the most knowledgeable and friendly staff we’re always available to meet your sourcing needs. We want to help you whether you are AOG or just bidding. We will respond with accuracy and provide the most affordable pricing to meet your needs. Even if you don’t see an item listed on our website, we encourage you to reach out as we update our fleet regularly. 

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The United States Air Force stamp of approval is known as the gold standard in assessment, the CRADA can in fact open up aircraft to direct commercial sales customers. In August of 2016 Lockheed and USAF were prepared to move the FA-50 into the cooperative research and development, also known as CRADA. It’s said Lockheed Martin decided to withdraw from the CRADA for the FA-50 because they could not close on the final terms and conditions.

Both the USAF and the company have the ability to cancel a CRADA between the two at any point in time. A joint venture between Korean Aerospace and Lockheed on the FA-50 is the light advanced combat version, also known as the Golden Eagle. Lockheed has the bid for the USAF’s trainer replacement, the T-50A. They share the same airframe and GE F404 engine.

It’s been maintained that he CRADAs have no effect on the service’s acquisition programmers, which includes the trainer replacement. Textron, has also just finished phase one of its CRADA. This will explain how the company must meet requirements. The first phase being the compliance assessment which tests the aircrafts safety. The assessment will include ground and flight tests. The assessment will also include component analysis. Currently Textron and The United States Air Force are starting negotiations on phase two. The phase will map out the majority of the CRADA process between the two.

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The Boeing company is known to be an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets and satellites and satellites worldwide. The company works on providing leasing and product support services. They are known to be one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers. They are also known to be the largest exporter in the United States by dollar value. With all these findings, they are known to be successful and have been improving since. Their corporate is located in Chicago and the CEO is Dennis Muienburg.

They recently announced a deal that they for up to 204 airplanes they are growing dramatically and are known to be the largest order in low cost carrier history. This commitment is a big responsibility and they are expected “The Boeing 737 class of aircraft has been the backbone of our fleet since SpiceJet began, with its high reliability, low operation economies and comfort," said Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, SpiceJet.

"With the next generation of 737 and the 737 MAX we are sure that we can be competitive and grow profitably." Also, it was mentioned "We are honored to build upon more than a decade of partnership with Spice Jet with their commitment of up to 205 airplanes," said Ray Conner, Vice Chairman, The Boeing Company. The economics of the 737 MAXs will allow Spice Jet to profitably open new markets, expand connectivity within India and beyond, and offer their customers a superior passenger experience." A final expectation is that the new east airplane will deliver 20% lower fuel than the fly of next generation.

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