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Top Six Tools Used in Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance does not only require training, knowledge and experience but also important tools and equipment. The maintenance of aircraft is one of the most important aspects in the aviation industry as it ensures the safety of passengers, crew and cargo. Below you will find a short description of the top six tools used in aircraft maintenance.

1. Speed Handle

A speed handle is a long screwdriver with a socket end that spins quickly and removes screw heads with only one hand. This allows one hand to be free for other tasks. A great tool for tight spaces.

2. Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a specialty wrench used when screws and fasteners require a specific tightness or torque, especially on an aircraft’s rotor. The exact torque of a screw is important in maintaining optimal flight and aerodynamics.

3. Vibration Meter

A vibration meter is a measuring instrument used to measure the levels of vibration on an aircraft in kilograms and highlights the maximum vibration that an aircraft can hold. This tool is vital for a pilot because it provides valuable information like the magnitude of the vibrations on the aircraft so that flight adjustments can be made accordingly. This instrument ensures and maintains the safety and integrity of the aircraft.

4. Safety Wire Pliers

Safety wires are large aluminum wires that tie together to form hug, strong braids that attach to aircraft fasteners to ensure that at no time a nut or bolt will become loose. Safety wire pliers are the tool used to complete this safety precaution; they are used to handle and secure this wire to the fasteners of an aircraft’s nuts and bolts.

5. Metal Working Tools

Common metal working tools include rivet guns and drills, fluting pliers, shears, metal hand seamers and edge rolling tools. All these tools and more are used to fasten metal, bend metal and cut the metal used in the major frame and structure of an aircraft’s assembly.

6. Mirrors

For hard to reach and hard to see parts of an aircraft, mirrors are utilized to inspect and visually troubleshoot, avoiding the need to take apart a component or piece of an aircraft just to reach another.


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