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The Evolving Market of Aircraft Health Monitoring Systems

Minimizing aircraft downtime and exploiting aftermarket opportunities are quickly becoming more of an important focus to Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul divisions of aircraft companies throughout the years. Aircraft Health Monitoring Systems, or AHMS, are proving to be a promising business opportunity for OEMs and airlines as a way to enhance aircraft safety due to their ability of real-time data captured through sensors that are integrated on aviation parts. AHMS can also optimize company MRO costs by utilizing non-invasive inspections and testing that report on aircraft conditions. Through 2019 and beyond, there are a handful of industry-wide activities that will continue to develop the AHMS market.

One way in which the AHMS market is developing is through stakeholders in aerospace that are working with universities to explore technologies that enable them to precisely monitor aircraft health. Stakeholders are utilizing academia and start up companies as they are interested in the ability to detect flaws in coatings, surfaces, and materials. These detections will aid in sectors such as quality control, structural health, maintenance assurance, and product safety. Photonics to monitor conditions in real-time, structural health, and vibration of the aircraft and its components are also disruptive innovations that aircraft manufacturers and aircraft components suppliers are interested in for being implemented into future AHMS technologies.

Manufacturers are also looking to utilize open data platforms as a way to standardize the approach for AHMS across their global fleets. Corporations such as Airbus plan to evolve their data platform, Skywise, for it’s operators as an end-to-end health management solution. Airbus Customer Service digital suite and Airbus flight operations and maintenance exchanger tool would gain accessibility through this platform.

AHMS continues to promise growing opportunities for service providers working in the aviation vertical by increasing the aerospace involvement of Engineering Service providers. When aircraft near the end of their life, they warrant a significant amount of MRO investment before they are able to fly regularly as well as need intensive checks in-between flights. OEMs are searching for a way to revamp old aircraft to improve their functionality and AHMS provides propositions to these service providers as a solution.

Along with these activities and more, AHMS can create quicker maintenance operations and reduce the downtime of aircraft for next generation predictive analytics algorithms, as well as join various cross vertical services pertaining to chemical materials, mechanical and structural engineering, and information and communication technologies. AHMS provides a solution and opportunity as fuel prices continue to rise and machine learning methods evolve, creating an interest for manufacturers that are searching for aftermarket services.


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