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Engine Accessories: A Description of the Needed Accessories for a Perfect Engine

Engines are made up of many accessories that highly contribute to the safety of the engine, and therefore the safety of the plane and its’ passengers. When an aircraft has an issue, it is not automatically the entire engine that needs replacing, but most likely one of its’ accessories. When the accessory is the only issue, that is good news, it is obviously a lot cheaper than replacing a whole engine.

The starter is exactly as it sounds, its assists to start the engine. Alternators are considered one of the highest failing items in an aircraft since they were originally manufactured for automobiles. Its purpose is to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. Oil huge when it comes to a smooth-running engine. It circulated within the hot engine keeping everything lubricated, which in turn heats up the oil rapidly. That is where the oil coolers come into play, these coolers prevent the engine from over-heating. Ignition systems are what burn the fuel, and most aircrafts are built with two ignition systems, along with two spark plugs.

The spark plugs ignite the fuel prior to it entering the ignition system. There are two of both the spark plugs and ignition systems in case one fails, the other one can do all the work needed for a safe landing. Fuel systems, also called fuel tanks, are where the fuel enters and is stored prior to being sent to the engine by the fuel pump. Hoses allow for connection of different components and liquids, and provide a safer engine all together.

The last accessory that pulls the aircraft engine together is the exhaust systems, this is where all the fuel and engine exhaust is released to prevent overheating or damage to the engine. These accessories can be hard to keep track of, and hard to find. Which is where a reputable aircraft engine parts supplier can be a huge commodity.


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