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TE New M12 Motor Connector

The 630 V connectors for small servo motors which includes full connectivity power, signal, and data is the newest and best connector in the game. This connector was created by TE Connectivity. The M12 Motor Connector is little, yet extremely sturdy, and is used as a single-cable installation solution that covers the transmission.

Most would think that as things become bigger, so do the regulations, but in the case of the motor applications the regulations are growing, but the units are becoming smaller. Due to this high demand for small units with fast assembly and advanced abilities, TE has been the first throughout the world to create a fastener of this class. On top of that, the fastener is angled to create a very flexible design for all needs.

They included a rapid locking system, flexible mounting, extreme protection against water and dust that may damage others over time. To ensure this protection, TE uses a nickel-plated metal cover that has 360-degree connection abilities. There is also advanced protection against flames, the highest in the industry. Customers are not forced to purchase the 360-degree fixed ground connector, there is also a free mounting version with all different forms and designs to fit all needs.

They are not stopping with the variety they have now, TE is continuing its advancement and wide array of abilities and designs. M12 Motor Connectors are not specific to one industry, but rather are used in most industries, which is why TE is so focused on expanding its abilities. Some of the popular industries with the need to the M12 Motor Connectors are robotics, construction, machinery, transportation, agricultural, and even the food and beverage industry.


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