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New Innovative Graphic Cards for Optimal Laptop Performance

Laptops are designed for transportation and live a mobile life. When trying to upgrade or enhance a feature much like many people do with PCs, it is often more difficult with laptops as parts come small to be able to fit into place into the laptop itself. Although the swapping of parts has been mastered by many ending results don’t always go as planned and up slowing down the entire laptop unit. To avoid the removal of access parts and tampering with the original stock products, NVIDIA has engineered a new outer graphic card that comes equipped with their popular TITAN X and Quadro products. This will be the first time that NVIDIA will be entering the graphic card market with their eGPU product.

NVIDIA will be partnering with other computing companies to be able to create the eGPU product such as Bizon, One Stop Systems/Magma and Sonnet. The product they that they have come forth with is the NVIDIA Quadro P6000- 24GB graphics potential and retail price goes for $5K US.

Another premium product that goes hand in hand with the TITAN Xp is NDIVIAs all new performance driver . This newest driver has been built to increase computer compatibly and enhance products much like Adobes Premium Pro and Maya.

A lot of additions and optimizing features leave Macs out of the loop when it comes to customizing. Personalizing older Mac laptops have come with more precautions then non-Mac laptops but have made the customization obsolete with the newer version of the Mac laptops. The newer version laptops have come with more parts that are held down with strong secure adhesives.

NDIVIA has been able to come up with a solution for the mac users with the creation of the Sonnet external GPU chassis with Thunderbolt 3. The Sonnet is apart of the Apples External Graphics Development Kit with a retail price of $599. This allows for Mac uses to be able to optimize their computer without having to take their laptops apart.


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