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Airbus Releases Helicopters Has Released Latest Speed Traveler Which Newest Innovative Design

During the France airshow held in Marignane in June, Airbus has launched their newest model for their newest aircraft. They are in the process of creating a more environment friendly aircraft which is a part of the “Clean Shy 2 European research programme.” The test model is said to be up and running by 2019 followed by its first departure the following year. Configured to reach speeds up to 400 km/h and equipped with new innovative technology.

Created for a more cost-efficient ride the design is made with what is known as a box wing design for a better aerodynamic structure. Composed of a hybrid metallic-composite airframe for its lightweight capability.  The science behind the box wing is made for better streamline while in the air. Along wide the later rotors working to be able to provide a better push technology for further traveling assistance.

Currently undergoing development is the making of an “eco mode” for the two RTM322 engines that will be included into the aircraft. Said to be practiced during a flight simulation to one of the engines to reduce the use of power and increase the flight distance.

Airbus Helicopters CEO, Guillaume Faury is very eager to be able to launch this project for a better and more innovate design.

“This new project, pulling together the skills and know-how of dozens of European partners through the Clean Sky 2 initiative, aims to bring increased speed and range at the right cost, thanks to a simple, safe and proven aerodynamic formula. It will pave the way for new time-sensitive services for 2030 and beyond, setting new benchmarks for high-speed helicopter transportation.”

This new design is also hoped for a better mission completion operations such as medical services, search, rescue and public services.

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