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Honeywell Auxiliary Power Units Now Standard On All Airbus A320s

Airbus has decided to include the 131-9A auxiliary power unit for its fleet of A320 aircraft. What used to be just a selectable option for airlines has now become standard equipment. It is said to be the gold standard for the A320 family. It is an extremely reliable unit with proven effectiveness. It also offers a huge fuel savings which is a big incentive in the industry.

President of Honeywell Brian Sill states, "Reducing operating costs while offering customers the best air travel experience possible continues to be key for airlines. Together, Honeywell and Airbus are offering A320 series customers an APU with best-in-class operational efficiency enabling more efficient, safe and comfortable travel experience for airline passengers."

Adding to this Honeywell aircraft part, the 131-9 family has an electronic control box, allowing this specific model to stand out from the rest and be unique. The features include integrated advanced plain-English troubleshooting logic and health-monitoring capabilities for intuitive maintenance. Honeywell has a global network of customer support, combined with advanced engineers, all in operation in over 30 countries. This helps the companies to maintain happy customer relations.

An APU is an important component to any aircraft. It allows passengers to have a positive pre-takeoff cabin experience with reduced noise and maximized comfort. This system runs the air conditioning and the main engine system. In addition to this, it controls all of the cockpit and hydraulic capabilities during flight. Honeywell has shipped more than 11,000 units, with more than 100 million total flight hours, making it a highly-desired unit for its aircraft. It allows airlines to stay on schedule and helps to avoid delays and cancellations, which overall saves several companies and their customers money. Honeywell makes excellent parts, which the referenced auxiliary power units are proof of. It is not surprising that Airbus has made the decision to make these standard in their aircraft as it has many benefits for both the airline and the customers. Upgrades like this are made possible by ASAP Distribution. ASAP Distribution delivers all aviation and aerospace components worldwide.


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