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Federal Supply Group and Codes Lookup

15 Aircraft and Airframe Structural Components
16 Aircraft Components and Accessories
20 Ship and Marine Equipment
25 Vehicular Equipment Components
26 Tires and Tubes
28 Engines Turbines and Components
29 Engine Accessories
30 Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
31 Bearings
32 Woodworking
34 Metalworking Machinery
36 Special Industry Machinery
37 Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
38 Construction Mining Excavating and Highway Maint Equip
39 Materials Handling Equipment
40 Rope Cable Chain and Fittings
41 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment
42 Fire Fighting Rescue and Safety Equipment
47 Pipe Tubing Hose and Fittings
48 Valves
51 Hand Tools
52 Measuring Tools
53 Hardware and Abrasives
55 Lumber Millwork Plywood and Veneer
59 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components
60 Fiber Optics Materials
61 Electric Wire and Power and Distribution Equipment
62 Lighting Fixtures and Lamps
63 Alarm and Signal Systems
66 Instruments and Laboratory Equipment
70 ADP Equipment Software Supplies and Support Equip
83 Textiles Leather Furs Apparel and Shoe Findings Tents and Flags
95 Metal Bars Sheets and Shapes