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A New Chip by Intel Has Quietly Been Launched For Laptops and Notebooks

Intel is one of the largest and highest valued semiconductor Companies, has quietly launched a new program for Laptops and notebooks which was revealed as a new Skylake-U system-on chip for low power laptops which is called the Corei7-6660u. The chip is based on 14nm processing technology which is packed with two core packs clocked at 2.40GHz. This new chip is a little upgrade from the older chip known as the i7-6650U which pretty much does the same thing just at a little slower pace clocking in at 2.20Ghz. The two chips have both been on the market for the same price at $415 in 1,000 unit quantities.

With Intel’s Skylake-U micro-architecture it has brought a lot of revenue and support for the DDR4 memory to all the laptops and notebooks, which also packs Intel’s DirectX12-compatible HD 500 series and Iris 500 series of graphics. The best part of this chip has been for people who love playing video games who can’t really afford the high-end Nvidia GPU when purchasing their new device.

Not so many details have yet been released on the new i7-666OU chip just yet but the previous chip before this one was released back in 2015, which had a 15 watt average usage of power with a max turbo frequency of 3.2GHz. The old i7 chip included a dual channel memory which would support the different memory types and the max memory the device would be able to support was about 32GB.

The older chip includes a Secure Key and a generator that creates numbers to strength and meaningless cipher text that requires to be transformed back into data. The latter is what speeds up applications and processes multiple threads.

Intel’s thread is basically another term for basic ordered sequence of instructions that is passed through a CPU core. Skylake processors support a few different technologies that include Windows platform. Intel’s new processor is going to gradually refresh Skylake products, and people will expect to see more information on the product.


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