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UNSW Memory Ink for Wearable Electronic Devices

The University of New South Wales of Australia (UNSW) has managed to create a resistible ink used to retain memory cells despite misuse of products. A recent experiment was held by the University and lead by Professor Sean Li, at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The prototype endured testing of the durability of the cells in the ink. Coating a minor piece of plastic and bending it back and forth over 2000 times resulting in no loss of data.

Despite the bending of the piece of plastic the data it contains is still able to stored and retrieved over 5000 times.   "The Memory ink is structured in having small nanocubes finer than a human hair which helps in the reading and the writing of data." The goal of this ink is to begin to innovate in a newer high tech fashion that allows memory cells in flexible electronic devices to be used for “wearable consumer electronics to healthcare”, (Business Insider) products.

With the memory inks great uprising there has been word that Strategic Elements Is in discussion with potential partners working with the “nanocube “memory ink. Stated by Managing Director Charles Murphy, new advances are discovered simultaneously when they focus on different aspects on the ink.  One of many discoveries has been the ability for memory to be retained so well on plastic and glass products. As far as the companies well-being and success, the company is predicted for greatness with its latest innovation. Foreseen by the IDTechEx firm, “the global market for printable electronics will grow to $US 70.4 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 40%.” (Business Insider) As the company operates under the Federal funded program Pooled Development Fund they are up 7 million in cash with no debts.

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