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How to Prevent Supply Chain Disruption

Reasons why one would want to prevent any type of disruption in the supply chain is because it causes a lot of mission critical breakdowns which leads to program failures. Within the supply chain, there are also other problems that arise. This includes things such as counterfeit products as well as obsolescence.

Revamp the strategy of your supply chain in order to mitigate the negative effects that occur. “With budget cuts, the ever increasing threat of counterfeit product, obsolescence, and DMSMS, your strategic supply chain plan must work to mitigate the impact of disruptions. While these problems will always fluctuate over time, developing a strategy that is able to maintain flexibility while establishing an effective barrier against supply chain threats is critical for long-term success.

Allow for the program to have flexibility. In doing so, will help during surges in demand and stock availability.

“A flexible program must be flexible at each point within the supply chain – accomplishing this leads to an efficient and financially stable plan. Maintaining flexibility is especially useful when acquiring obsolete product as demand fluctuations, available stock, and other factors all play a role in long-term legacy program success.”

Maintain a healthy amount of inventory. Try to reduce the chances of excess inventory as well as a shortage of inventory.

“Value is added on excess inventory only when both financial and supply chain requirements are met; failure to do so can lead to inventory sitting idle on the books or a potential and costly write-down, both of which can have devastating impacts on the state of your supply chain.”

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