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Manufacturing 101 with Airbus’ Newest Reinventions

Great Manufactures of a jetliners takes precision development, research and most importantly experience in the industry. During Airbus time in Hamburg, themselves as a company released some details on new innovative technologies planned to make the industrial line of work faster and more efficient. Innovating starting with the conceptualization to the delivery of the aircraft to customers.

The A320 Family Paint shop and R&T department in Hamburg Germany discuss new methods on how to develop a new way to direct print.  The goal is to establish and industry of a more efficient way to paint a coat on the aircrafts vertical tail planes.  To date the different methods to apply a coat to the VTPs is an adhesive film, air brush and a stencil technique all practiced by manufactures other than Airbus.

Cyan, black, magenta, and yellow all common printer colors are dispersed by an ink head with very similar properties as a standard table top printer. First is sprays a base coat on the VTP then is topped off by a sealing clear coat for the finish.

Airbus also introduces the art of 3D printing known as the ALM (Addictive Layer Manufacturing).  Changing how milling, melting, casting and precision forging is produced. By the use of the 3D printer it saves waste by 95% and only produces 5% waste. Although it saves waste it will lack several things such as production of detailed, highly complex bionic parts, benefiting from natural designs with optimized load factors and more efficient use of resources.” The combination of ALM and the bionic design creates light weight parts of up to 55% lighter, besides speeding up future development processes, in some cases up to 90%.” So Airbus has managed to create an aircraft model using the ALM. Although it isn’t a full scale prototype they are very proud of their 13 foot flying drone.

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