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Motorola Speaks Out On Samsung Stealing Their Active Display Feature

Suspicion has created conflict between Motorola and Samsung due to some accusations. Per the release of Motorola summer line phones, the Moto Z and the Moto Z force android both equipped with the active display feature. The active display is a feature that allows one to access current time and notifications while the phone itself is locked on its energy efficient AMOLED screen.

The Moto Z model is a touch screen phone with one home button equipped with a front camera and flash able to be placed and held with the palm of the hand.

The Active Display was released in the year 2003 on the Moto X differentiating its self with such application. Not long after the Moto Z was released, Samsung released its Galaxy S7. The S7 is equipped with a very familiar feature promoted as the AOD (always on display) making this its main pitch when releasing it to the public.

As concentration shifted to the all the Galaxy’s publicity, Motorola decides to share a piece of their mind by tweeting,

In what galaxy is it okay to steal competitor’s phones’ cool features? #TheOriginalAlwaysOnDisplay #motozdriod.

Intending to frown upon Samsung in hopes to shift attention over back to Motorola. In doing so it resulted in A concerned tweeter digging deep and was able to bring a previous released model, a Symbian based smart phone by Nokia as of 2009.

@Moto_USA HUH? @LumiaUS #windowsphones have had that feature 4 years. Question why did you steal it? #glancescreen.

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