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Engineers Develop Affordable Unmanned Attack Aircrafts

The U.S. Airforce is funding a project to Composite Engineering Inc. (CEI) that is going to change warfare forever, they are asking CEI to develop unmanned aircrafts that can be used in aerial attacks on regions that are not approachable by military bases. Officials have announced that this project is going to be estimated around $40.8 million and this share is going to CEI which is part of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. The Air Force is considering this to be a low cost project, in which; they are able to afford the loss of these unmanned machines during warfare. If producing these airplanes reaches a point of mass production, this can bring down the cost of each aircrafts.

Composite Engineering Inc. is currently running a low cost test drone in order to test out the technology the Air Force is asking for such as high speed, long range, low cost and find out ways to improve their quality and performance for the future at low costs. Air Force Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is contracting with Composite Engineering Inc. to develop these unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Their goal is to reach a point where they can find a reliable, maintainable and efficient manufacturing technologies for the future because these can become a low cost unmanned attack aircrafts that are not expected to come back from war zone destinations.

Officials say that efficient manufacturing skills and nontraditional industry procedures will be key to achieving the low cost goals of the attainable aircraft vision. is a website created by ASAP Semiconductor that supplies parts to the needs of manufacturers, local and international air carriers, and repair stations for Aerospace, Aviation & Military applications. It has an excellent database which will help you find any part using either the part number or the National Stock Number (NSN). You can submit a request for a quote at or or feel free to call us at +1-714-705-4780.


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