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Thales Launched New UAV System

On July 14th 2016, AIN Online uploaded an article written by David Donald talking about Thales and how they are launching a new UAV system at the Farnborough Airshow. The UAV, also known as the Fulmar X, has an endurance that is greater than eight hours. The Fulmar X is built solely from composites. On top of this, the Fulmar X also have an operating range of over 500 miles, or 800 km. Although these numbers are not too impressive, it is impressive due to the fact that the air vehicle a small wing span of just 10 feet or three meters.

The Fulmar X was worked on and developed in Spain. This is also where the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency selected the Fulmar X. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is planning to purchase six of these systems to equip onto its quick patrol aircraft.

In order for the Fulmar X to take flight, the aircraft uses a launching device. This launching device is considered a bungee catapult which is also recovered into a net. Because of this net, the Fulmar X is able to be used in confined spaces as well as at sea. The Fulmar X also carries an infrared or electro optimal type sensor as well as an AIS or automatic identification system that can be configured for maritime missions. Not only does the Fulmar X have these types of equipment, it also have a transponder. The Fulmar can be used as a stand-alone system or can even be implemented into more wide surveillance systems.

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