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Boeing Will Be Provided With A New Electronic System By Panasonic

Panasonic Avionics was chosen by the Boeing Company to supply Cabin Service Systems for the Boeing 777x aircraft. Also Panasonic is currently the supplier for all of Boeings 787 dreamliners and 747-8 international aircrafts. The Panasonic Ethernet based product is very detailed and provides core cabin functions which include the environmental controls, passengers address and a cabin inter-phone.

Also the CSS is what pretty much combines the external systems, like the cabin lighting and other airplane member systems across the airframe networks which include all the Flight Entertainment as well. On March 23, 2016 the Panasonic Corporation announced that they lead the world inflight entertainment and communications and have been selected to supply the Cabin Service System on the new Boeing 777x aircraft. The chief executive Paul Margis has said his agreement with Boeing is the reflection of a growing relationship between Boeing and Panasonic.

It shows all the success and efforts the company has done and it will continue to benefit the flight crew and passengers on the 777x program. The 777x is the largest and hardest working twin engine jet in the world, with 320 orders and commitments for the aircraft that will include new large windows, wider cabin space and new lighting with an enhanced architecture. Panasonic hopes to keep this great relationship established and will continue proving great entertainment on the Boeing aircraft to keep their customers happy and even entertain the flight attendants who are always constantly flying around the world.

Panasonic will try to give the ultimate travel experience with a rich variety of entertainment choices for their customers flying around the world. Overall Panasonic hopes to keep their developing relationship with Boeing and hopes to always improve the Boeing aircraft and make sure they keep all their travelers happy every time they fly on vacation or for business purposes.


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