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Connect Systems - IT Hardware Parts Catalog

Part No Description RFQ
CAB-CSR4-AU cisco power cord for gsr 12004 power supply,australia RFQ
CAB-GELX-LCST15 mode conditioning cable, lc st 15 feet RFQ
LS48-22WEB 48+4g gigabit web smart switch RFQ
CAB-IT3E3-RF-RF-40 cisco cable rf male to rf male, simplex 75 ohm cable, 40ft RFQ
CAB-7830-6 bay cable, hssi, 6 ft hp50m/m with clips RFQ
CAB-V35MT-25 cisco v35mt 25 feet RFQ
CAB-GELX-LCST2M mode conditioning cable, lc-st 2m RFQ
CAB-E1-RJ45NT e1 cable rj45 to rj45 nt, 10', 120 ohm RFQ
3033 NA RFQ
3068 NA RFQ
6061 NA RFQ
CAB-GELX-625F1M mode conditioning cable, sc(m) to sc(f), 1 meter RFQ
CAB-T3E3-Y cisco cbl. 1' 75 ohm RFQ
CAB-95010052 kentrox v35 cable, 95010052, 10 feet RFQ
CAB-SFP-50CM cisco cable 50cm RFQ
CAB-OCTALEXT-6 octal cable extention hp68m440-hp68f440 RFQ
3G-CAB-LMR240-75 cisco cable, for use with 3g antenna kit, 75 ft, low loss RFQ
CAB-CSS-CONSKIT cisco css console 6 adapter cable, rj45 m/f, +s/t cable RFQ
CAB-ATM-DS3/E3-30 dual plug 75 ohm cable 30 feet RFQ
3041 NA RFQ
CAB-PWR-C19-INT power cord, 250vac 16a, intl RFQ
CAB-5686-04 cisco cbl, y, 4 RFQ
3024B NA RFQ
15454-AMP-WW-50 cable assy, ds1 amp-wire wrap, 50 ft RFQ
CAB-PWR-C19-L6-20P-1 ac power cord north america..twist lock, 15ft (pe29-15) RFQ
CAB-E1-RJ45TE rj-45 to rj-45 te, 120-ohm.. RFQ
CAB-H60MTC-20 cisco male/male dte/dce 20ft RFQ
3018 NA RFQ
3071 NA RFQ
CAB-SS-232FC-6 cicco cable, cab-ss-232fc at 6' RFQ
CAB-IR2073-C19-AR cisco power cable, argentina RFQ
CAB-AL2018001 baystack 400-src cascade cbl, hp50m-hp50f 6ft RFQ
CAB-SS-X21MT cisco cable, ss26-d15m 10 ft RFQ
CAB-PWR-C19-6-20P cisco power cable RFQ
CAB-5-M120M120-10 cab-5-m120m120-10= RFQ
CAB-PWR-C19-L5-20P cisco power cable RFQ
CAB-AL2018004 baystack 400-ssc cascade hp50m-hp50f 10ft RFQ
CAB-T3E3-90 cisco cable bnc-bnc 90' RFQ
3G-CAB-LRM240-50 low loss lmr 240 cable w/tnc, 50 ft RFQ
3034 NA RFQ
CAB-AS25XX-RJ as2500 kit, console cable w/grn boots + 1 adapters, no ears RFQ
CAB-SS-232MT-3 cisco cable, ss26-d25m 3 ft RFQ
CAB-9500-074 kentrox d25m to v35f adapter cable RFQ
CAB-5686-06 cisco cbl, y, 6 RFQ
CAB-449MC-160 cisco cable, 160feet RFQ
3025 NA RFQ
CAB-L620P-C19US cisco pwr cbl RFQ
CAB-MMOD cisco adapter db25 male RFQ
FLUKE-15X7-8015 NA RFQ
CAB-SS-232CSTM custom cisco cable, s26-d25m 10 ft, pinout provided RFQ
CAB-OCT-V35FC20 h200 male - 8 v.35female wired dce, 20 feet RFQ
CAB-MMF-Y-SC cisco fiber cable RFQ
CAB-T3E3-75 cisco cable, bnc - bnc RFQ
CAB-H60MTC-23 lfh60m-lfh60m 23 ft cable RFQ
X1950 XTX 3060 NA RFQ
LS24-2GBM switch 24 puertos 10/100/1000 mbps+2 puertos 10/100/1000 mbps RFQ
CAB-5-M120M120-25 telco cat5e cable, rj21, male to male, 120 deg.hood, 25ft RFQ
CAB-72-3907-01-28I cisco cable, internal power cbl..(cab-pwr-3800-ac-ip) special 28 RFQ
CAB-OCT-V35-FC h200 male - 8 v.35female wired dce RFQ
CAB-PWR-C19-C20 cabinet jumper power cord, 250..vac 16a, c20-c19 connectors (pe3 RFQ
CAB-RSP2CON cisco cable, dual console, d25f to d25mx2 RFQ
CAB-US515P-C19-US nema 5-15 to iec-c19 us RFQ
CAB-ACPC power cord, 5-15p to c13 18/3, svt, RFQ
AIR-CAB-020LL-R 20' ultra low loss assembly, lmr400, rp-tnc conn's RFQ
CAB-V35MT-20M cisco cable, v.35m-lfh60m 20 meters RFQ
CAB-OCT-MODEM-3 3ft cisco octal modem cbl RFQ
C966840005E NA RFQ
CZ-WL-9UK 9 rack unit cabinet w/fan, glass door black RFQ
LS16GM 1000 base-t web-smart gigabit ethernet switch RFQ
CAB-V35MT-200 v35mt cable 200 feet RFQ
CAB-H60MTC-30 cisco cable RFQ
PC1H47F9300A1 NA RFQ
CAB-449MC-110 cisco cable, 110 feet RFQ
CAB-ACE cisco power cord RFQ
CAB-CAT6-14-BELD-BL cat6 ethernet patch cable, 14', blue, belden wire RFQ
CAB-232-75 cisco cable RFQ
CAB-S/T-RJ45 orange cable for isdn/bri s/t, rj45. 6 ft. RFQ
CAB-STACK-1M cisco stackwise cbl, 1m,stack conn use w/3750 switch RFQ
CAB-72-3663-01A cisco cable, rj-45 to db25 male all in one cable, assembled RFQ
CAB-ATM-DS3/E3-50 dual plug 75 ohm cable 50 feet RFQ
3067 NA RFQ
CAB-OCT-V35MT lfh 200 oct cable 10ft cisco RFQ
CTI-RN-6927-27U NA RFQ
CAB-ACIN power cord, india c13 18/3, svt, 6 ft RFQ
CABT3E3RFBNCF35 cisco cable cab-t3/e3-rf-bnc-f, 35 ft RFQ
CAB-9K12A-NA cisco power cable RFQ
CAB-S132-C19-ISRL cisco power cable RFQ
CABT3E3RFBNCF25 cisco cable cab-t3/e3-rf-bnc-f, 25 ft RFQ
29-4043-01 cisco db25 male to db9 male modem adapter RFQ
CAB-449MC-100 cisco cable, 100 feet RFQ
CAB-CAT6-5 cat 6 utp patch cable yellow w/boots, 5 ft. (nhr part #) RFQ
CAB-SS-232FC cisco cable, ss26-d25f 10 ft cisco RFQ
CAB-E1-RJ45BNC cisco cable, e1 RFQ
CAB-V35MT-3 cisco v.35mt cable 3ft RFQ
CAB-CAT6-15-BELD-BL cat6 ethernet patch cable, 15', blue, belden wire RFQ
CAB-CAT5RJ-5-USE cab-cat5rj-5-use cat5 rj45 cables RFQ
CAB-SS-232MC cisco cable ss26-d25m dce 10 ft RFQ
AIR-CAB-020DRG6-F cisco aironet power injector cable, dual f connectors (m) RFQ
CAB-ACA cisco power cable australian RFQ
3080 NA RFQ
3038 NA RFQ
72-1259-01 cisco console cable, rj45 to rj45 (px88bk-7) RFQ
CAB-77891 kentrox t-1 adapter, d15-rj45 RFQ
CAB-H60MTC-16 cisco male/male dte/dce 16ft cisco RFQ
CAB-OCTAL-FDTE octopus cable h68m-8rj45 +8 modular adapter RFQ
AIR-CAB-010LL-R 10' low loss assembly, aironet RFQ
CAB-CAT6-10 cat 6 utp patch cable yellow w/boots, 10 ft. (nhr part #) RFQ
CAB-7527 bay cable d9f-d25m 10 feet/ma-25ff RFQ
CAB-449MC-109 cisco cable, 109 feet RFQ
15454-CADS3-H-25 ds3 cable assembly, ubic-h - 25 ft RFQ
323 ISS 03 L4 SER A NA RFQ
CAB-SFP-1M sfp interconnect cable 1m RFQ
CAB-72-3907-01-27I cisco cable, internal power cbl..27 version RFQ
CAB-U50U50-30 cable, .8mm c50 m/m, 30' used to make bay cables RFQ
CAB-L520P-C19-US cisco power cord, l5-20p to c19 RFQ
CAB-STACK-3M cisco stackwise cbl,3m prop. stack conn use w/3750 switch RFQ
CAB-OCTAL-KIT cisco hp68m- (8) rj45 m + (8) d25m8 modem RFQ
CAB-5-M120HYD10 cisco cable, 10 ft RFQ
CAB-GELX-STSC2M mode conditioning cable, sc-st 2m RFQ
CAB-NLSS232MT cisco smart serial 232 null RFQ
CAB-AL2018002 baystack 400-ssc cascade hp50m-hp50f 1.5ft RFQ
15327-AMP-WW-30 15327-amp-ww-30= 30 feet in length RFQ
AIR-CAB-025LL-R 25foot low loss cable assembly..w/rp-tnc connectors RFQ
3039B NA RFQ
CAB-5686-06F y cable, network cable assembly 1x rj48 male to 2x rj45 female, RFQ
CAB-CONSOLE-USB console cable 6 ft with usb type a and mini-b connectors (us45) RFQ
CAB-NP232C cisco cable RFQ
CAB-500DTF cisco adapter db25 female dte RFQ
CAB-OCTAL-MODEM 10ft cisco cable cisco RFQ
LS24G 24-port 1000base-t gigabit ethernet switch RFQ
CAB-UBR10-AC-US cisco pwr cbl RFQ
AIR-CAB-015LL-R 15' low loss assembly, aironet RFQ
CAB-590072 cisco power cord, eu RFQ
CAB-2660X-23 cisco crossover ss dte-lfh dce 23 ft. RFQ
CAB-T3E3-RF-OPEN cisco cable cab-t3/e3-rf-open, 25 ft RFQ
15310-LFH-AMP-10 ds1 cable assembly, lfh-amp connectors, 10 ft.. RFQ
CAB-OCTAL-KIT-3 cisco hp68m- (8) rj45 m + (8) d25m8, 3ft RFQ
CAB-ACI cisco power cord italian RFQ
M28748/4-A0OF2A NA RFQ
CAB-T3E3-70 cisco cable, bnc - bnc RFQ
CAB-232MC-60 cisco cable, 60 foot RFQ
CAB-232FC cisco cable lfh 60m d25f cisco RFQ
CAB-GS-1M-C 1 meter cbl for gigastack gbic ieee1394 clear jack RFQ
CAB-ATM-DS3/E3-36 dual plug 75 ohm cable, 36 ft RFQ
CAB-SS7-6 custom d25m-v35f cable, 6', pinout rpovided RFQ
CAB-E1-RJ45DB15 cisco e1 cable, rj-45 to db-15, 10' RFQ
CAB-H60MTC-2 cisco male/male dte/dce 2ft RFQ
CAB-V35MT-4 cisco router cable h60 - v35m 4 feet RFQ
72-1482-01 cable assembly, ethernet, rj45-rj45, yellow, 6 ft RFQ
CAB-9AS-FDTE db9 to rj45 fdte adapter (cab-09f) RFQ
CAB-232FC-25 cisco cable 25ft RFQ
CAB-DFC-OCTAL-1MM cab-dfc-octal-1mm 8 pri dfc cable, rj45m's RFQ
15310-MINIBNC-30 ds3 cable assy, 30', bnc to mini-b RFQ
CAB-2660X-6 cisco crossover ss dte-lfh dce 6ft RFQ
CAB-CSS-CONADPT cisco css console adapter cable, rj45 m/f, custom pinout RFQ
CAB-72-3907-01 cisco cable, internal power cbl RFQ
CAB-MCC-T1E1-6 cisco cable, mcc to bnc, dual, 6' RFQ
CABT3E3RFBNCM35 cisco cable cab-t3/e3-rf-bnc-m, 35 ft RFQ
6068 NA RFQ
CAB-988-10 10ft nortel 988 equiv. cable RFQ
CAB-7215 bay 7215 cable 15 ft. db15m-v.35m RFQ
CAB-STACK-10M cab-stack-10m RFQ
CAB-ATM-DS3/E3-40 dual plug 75 ohm cable 40 feet RFQ
6064 NA RFQ
3026 NA RFQ
3024 NA RFQ
SFP-H10GB-CU5M sfp-h10gb-cu5m connect RFQ
CAB-ATM-DS3/E3-31 dual plug 75 ohm cable 31 feet RFQ
CAB-7830 bay cable, hssi, 10 ft hp50m/m with clips RFQ
6063B NA RFQ
CAB-T3E3-PL-Y cisco cbl. smbf-bncfx2 1' 75 ohm RFQ
LS24GM 1000 base-t web-smart gigabit ethernet switch RFQ
CAB-2660X-3 cisco crossover ss dte-lfh dce 3f RFQ
CAB-AIC-008 cisco, set of 4 male to male scsi 2 interface cables RFQ
CAB-T3E3-PL-AD cisco equivalent. t3e3 cable RFQ
CAB-232FC-20 cisco cable, 20 ft. RFQ
CAB-OCT-V35FC-5 modified octal cbl 5ft. h200- (8) db25 females RFQ
3070 NA RFQ
6052 NA RFQ
CZ-WL-9U 9 rack unit cabinet w/fan, glass door w/green stripe RFQ
CAB-7835 bay hd44m-hd44m 15 feet RFQ
CAB-E1-RJ48 e-1 cable assembly rj48-rj48 5 meters RFQ
CAB-2660X-20 cisco crossover ss dte-lfh dce 20ft RFQ
CABLES category l1 level 1 RFQ
CAB-449MC cisco cable, 10 feet RFQ
CAB-MMF-SC-LC-5M multi-mode duplex fiber patch..cable, lc to sc, 5 meters (f26-lc RFQ
CAB-2660X-25 cisco crossover ss dte-lfh dce 25ft RFQ
CAB-590076 cisco power cord, na RFQ
CAB-5-M120M120-5 cisco cable, 5 ft RFQ