Alvarion - IT Hardware Parts and Components Listing

ASAP Distribution is a leading distributor of IT Hardware parts and components pertaining to the IT hardware markets. As such, we have a vast and diverse selection of top-quality IT hardware parts from manufacturers such as Alvarion and others. Parts from these manufacturers include SU-I-D-BD, INNOWAVE RPU-ANT-1.9, INNOWAVE RPU-ANT800, ALV-CB1757 -08, ALV-BMAXBSTSHSP -08, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. At ASAP Distribution, we have ongoing relationships with top suppliers that allow us to leverage our purchasing power to secure lower costs and faster shipping times on all orders, even in AOG situations. To ensure that customers only receive what is best, we choose to only stock items from Alvarion that we trust and conduct rigorous quality assurance testing and inspection for every order prior to its shipment.

Part No Description Part Type QTY RFQ
SU-I-D-BD breeze access indoor subscriber unit NA Avl RFQ
INNOWAVE RPU-ANT-1.9 innowave 1.9ghz multigain wireless panel antenna rpu-ant (new-ov NA Avl RFQ
INNOWAVE RPU-ANT800 p>innowave 800mhz multigain wireless panel antenna rpu-ant 86260 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-CB1757 -08 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BMAXBSTSHSP -08 alvarion bmax-bst-sh-spchassis part #: 735201 (new overstock) NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MSA343618 -08 breezecom antenna msd3436-18 3.5 ghz 3.4-3.7ghz sma female conne NA Avl RFQ
ALVARION PS1073-10PA p>alvarion idu universal indoor unit model: 0334b5555 p/n: ps107 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-DS11PC -08 alvarion breezecom ds11-pc-ds.11 w/ant etsi part #:811516 (new o NA Avl RFQ
700204 NA NA Avl RFQ
723205 NA NA Avl RFQ
PS1073 alvarion bmax universal idu adaptor NA Avl RFQ
858506 NA NA Avl RFQ
AD9121-01 NA NA Avl RFQ
890016 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MOUNT BMAX alvarion breezeaccess radio / antenna mounting kit for breezemax NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AN1320 -U8 p>alvarion bs dual slant 65/3.x dp an1320 3.3-3.8ghz dual pol. w NA Avl RFQ
ALV-CB1784 -08 breezenet alvarion cb1784 bmax-gps-iga-cbl pn:700200(new oversto NA Avl RFQ
700207ELR 4m-cpe-idu-pro-4d2v-wifi NA Avl RFQ
ALV-300072 -08 breezenet antenna hpol 10.5ghz 90 sec alan005 pn: 300072 sa15-90 NA Avl RFQ
858107 alvarion breezeaccess lb - lb-re-01 NA Avl RFQ
AU-E-SA-5.4-ODU au-e-sa-5.4-vl breezeaccess vl [854512us] [au-e-sa-5-4-vl] NA Avl RFQ
736210 bmax-bst-au-odu-3.6a NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUDSA52VL -B -08 alvarion au-d-sa-5.2-vl 5.2 ghz stand-alone 5.15 - 5.35 ghz ofdm NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1017-08 p>alvarion ps1017 ite power supply input:100-250v output: 5vdc 3 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SURA57 -08 alvarion breezeaccess su-ra-5.7 outdoor unit pn:857212 (used tes NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUNI1D52 -08 alvarion breezeaccess su-ni-1d-5.2 indoor subscriber unit(unit o NA Avl RFQ
835307 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-CB1014 -08 p>breezenet alvarion cb1014 rg58 sma-m to sma-m (new overstock)/ NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUNI8D35A1 -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ni-8d-3.5a1 3.5 ghz subscriber unit NA Avl RFQ
ALV-MOUNT alvarion breezeaccess radio / antenna mounting kit (for vl units NA Avl RFQ
735122 bmax-cpe-odu-pro-l-sa-3.5 NA Avl RFQ
854601 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AN1074 -08 NA NA Avl RFQ
850303US , bu/rb-b300d-5x, 4.9 / 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4 /5.8 ghz, NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SURA35E -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ra-3.5e 3.5ghz outdoor subscriber un NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BSAU35A1 -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion bs-au-3.5a1 indoor base station module NA Avl RFQ
700246 breezemax-asn-mc NA Avl RFQ
ACPS-101G sub units bmax-cpe-idu-1d NA Avl RFQ
854601US NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AN1339 -08 alvarion an1339 2.3-2.7ghz 90 degree sector antenna 15.5dbi vpol NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUA586BDVL-C-U p>alvarion su-a-5.8-6-bd-vl rev. c includes: indoor unit 6mb out NA Avl RFQ
858507 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUNI1D1V36B-O8 p>alvarion breezeaccess su-ni-1d1v-3.6b 3.6ghz subscriber unit w NA Avl RFQ
858700 NA NA Avl RFQ
PS1065 alvarion bmax idu universal indoor unit model: 0334b5555 p/n: ps NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUA5454BDVL-C-08 alvarion su-a-5.4-54-bd-vl outdoor unit rev c pn: 854501 854190 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-811592 -08 breezenet alvarion ds.11d-bu outdoor base unit with dual externa NA Avl RFQ
735146 bmax-cpe-odu-pro-dmle-sa-3.5 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1073 -08 p>alvarion idu universal indoor unit model: 0334b5555 p/n: ps107 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUA543BDVL-C -08 alvarion breezenet su-a-5.4-3-bd-vl 3mb 5.4ghz rev c. outdoor su NA Avl RFQ
ALV-CB1352 -08 breezenet alvarion rf industries cb1352 or cb1738 ethernet cable NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AN1423 alv-ts pro-s/ v-h pol 2.3-2.7 ghz 14 dbi antenna an1423-01 pn pa NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUM8D24 -08 alvarion su-m-8d-2.4 pn: 824900 2.4 ghz mobile subscriber unit v NA Avl RFQ
736146WLG bmax-cpe-odu-pro-l-sa-3.6 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-811620 -08 NA NA Avl RFQ
ALV-TSRFU26-G -08 breezenet ts-rfu-26 ghz as3028 band etsi-g (new overstock) NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SURA35B -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ra-3.5b 3.5ghz outdoor subscriber un NA Avl RFQ
WALKAIR 400377 walkair mpots-mdf multi-pots main dist frame 16x pots pn: 400377 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUREOFHP35A1 -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-re-of-hp-3.5a1 3.5ghz ofdm outdoor a NA Avl RFQ
SA-10D-PRO.11 single station bridge NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AN1248-N -08 p>breezenet 5.15-5.875ghz antenna subscriber 21dbi vpol al-48503 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1055 -08 alvarion universal indoor unit ac power adapter ps1055 model: t2 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-BSAUVL-U alvarion bs-au-vl indoor base station module p/n: 858161 pc1293 NA Avl RFQ
BS-PS - ALVARION 900 835207 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-PS1064 -08 alvarion bmax power supply p/n: ps1064 (new overstock) NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUNI1D33 -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ni-1d-3.3 3.3 ghz subscriber unit 8 NA Avl RFQ
ALV-WI2EXTENDER -08 alvarion wi2 extender ap2611a 802.11b/g te1143 pn: 0ap2611a (use NA Avl RFQ
AS0730 wo 27730 NA Avl RFQ
MC5732-01 3 day lead time NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AN0028 -08 p>marksman ind ltd an0028 rubber duck antenna omni ver 2.4-2.7 g NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AN1367 -08 laird cushcraft j33017v01-60n or alvarion an1367 3.65 wimax 3.3- NA Avl RFQ
INNOWAVE RPC-ANT 1.5 innowave 1.5 ghz multigain wireless panel antenna rpc-ant 862609 NA Avl RFQ
BMAX-IF-ALVR polyphaser NA Avl RFQ
ALV-TSRFU35A -08 p>breezenet ts-rfu-3.5 band a v/h as2276 300167 (new overstock)/ NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUA586BDVL-C-O p>alvarion su-a-5.8-6-bd-vl rev. c includes: indoor unit 6mb out NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUNI1D38 -08 alvarion breezeaccess su-ni-1d-3.8 subscriber unit with 1 data p NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUNI1D35B -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ni-1d-3.5b subscriber unit 3.5ghz (n NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUR1D35 -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-r-1d-3.5 3.5 ghz (unit only) (used-t NA Avl RFQ
700201 bmax 4m au 4ch module NA Avl RFQ
ALV-UNI9-O p>alvarion breezecom uni-9 2.4ghz 9dbi directional antenna with NA Avl RFQ
AU-I-D-2.4-110V miniature indoor access unit with detached antenna NA Avl RFQ
ALV-TSRFU35-C -08 breezenet ts-rfu-3.5 ghz band c vertical pn: 300046 (new oversto NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AS0073 -08 NA NA Avl RFQ
85817 alvarion breezeaccess vl 5.8ghz antenna an1353 5.15-5.875ghz a NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUREOF35B -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ra-of-3.5b 3.5ghz ofdm outdoor subsc NA Avl RFQ
ALV-DS11CARD -08 alvarion breezecom pc-ds.11 pc card 11mb etsi low power part #:8 NA Avl RFQ
INNOWAVE RPU-ANT-2.4 innowave 2.4ghz multigain wireless panel antenna rpu-ant (new-ov NA Avl RFQ
ALV-SUNI8D35B -08 alvarion breezeaccess xl su-ni-8d-3.5b subscriber unit 3.5ghz (n NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AUNI57 -08 breezeaccess xl alvarion au-ni-5.7 standalone 5.7ghz indoor acce NA Avl RFQ
ALV-AN1441-01 -08 p>alvarion b300 2 ft dish antenna dual pol. 4.9-6.0 ghz with rad NA Avl RFQ
OPS-HD-AC alvarion 858555 heavy duty ac outdoor ps new ops-hd-ac NA Avl RFQ
300041 ts-rfu 3.5 ghz band a. horizontal NA Avl RFQ
SU-E-BS-5.8-54-BD-VL alvarion breezeaccess vl 5.8ghz backhouling unit p/n 858504 with NA Avl RFQ
ALV-CB1145 -08 NA NA Avl RFQ
4M-CPE-USB-2.5 breezemax usb modem 2.5 ghz NA Avl RFQ