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Flying Taxis are Becoming Reality

The new shocking topic is the  flying taxis service. Many people just talk about it and aren’t expecting for flying taxis to become reality, or at least not so soon. Airbus has shocked many people and is making them excited about their new announcement of establishing flying taxis/ they called it their “Vahana” project. Other than establishing this great service they have even been awarded with a flight testing contract. This award was awarded to Alexandria, Virginia based engineering and technology solutions company and SOAR.

To get in more details of this Vanhana, it is a self-flying vehicle its main purpose it to transport passengers and to make some of the cargo transportation. This will be very convenient. Lyasoff, CEO said in a September 2016 blog post “the aircraft we’re building doesn’t need a runway, is self-piloted, and can automatically detect and avoid obstacles and other aircraft. Designed to carry a single passenger or cargo, we’re aiming to make it the first certified passenger aircraft without a pilot. We aim to fly a full-size prototype before the end of 2017, and to have a productizable demonstrator by 2020” this explanation from the CEO is very interesting and is exciting to finally see a product that many people have dream of having for a long time become a reality.

And what Is more interesting is Since this idea of flying taxis is going to be so new especially now that it is becoming reality, the company will start off by having pilots in the flying taxis to be able to gain more customers’ trust, and then after everything is settled they will slowly start converting to only autonomous aircraft.


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