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Honeywell Forecast 8,600 Deliveries of New Business Jets

Honeywell is an “American multinational company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers”. It offers many corporate aircraft parts. This company has always been trying to improve their products, they are always looking for ways to improve and are willing to make changeable accommodation for higher customer satisfactions. One of the reasons they tend to do good was they forecasted the new deliveries of the jet by 2026. It concluded that 8600 new businesses worth at least 225bn will be delivered, and reflects a reduction in the value between 6 and 7%. this reduction of the value could be said to be caused by many aspects, it mainly is the cause of the economic downfall that has been happening in many countries and many regions.

The president of the Honeywell Aerospace said: While developed economies are generally faring better, commodities demand, foreign exchange and political uncertainties remain as concern” if foreign relationships good then it brings a lot of hope and revenue for the aerospace community, but if some foreign relationships are not good then it can have a drastic effect on the production of the aerospace companies. For example, many companies especially big corporations are nervous of the resulted of the new president, Donald Trump.

Many are scared that the international relationships will become worst because of the way Trump act and the stuff he says about certain countries, and this can have an affect short term and long term as well, which is a scary reality for many people. disregarding all the obstacles that might be becoming along and the decrease. This same newly released global business aviation outlook noted that Brazil, Russia, India and China would improve their results than previous years.

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