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GE Aviation and COMAC Team Up for Best Results

Ge aviation who is a world leading provider for jet engines. It known for providing components for commercial and military aircraft. Along with COMAC that is a Chinese state owned aerospace manufacturer that was establishes on May 11 of 2008. Both corporations have made a deal that they both will use their data to improve their operational efficiencies. This partnership is planning on working as a team to be able to provide the best outcomes yet. They are planning to “explore and collaborate on digital solutions and applications on customer and product support monitoring and diagnostics, intelligent aircraft, and enhanced manufacturing fields”.

Also with this new team effort they are planning to launch a pilot project that ables them to confirm the technical trends of their previous collaborations. GE Aviation chief digital officer Jim Daily said: “This agreement with COMAC will enable our teams of software architects and aviation domain experts to jointly develop digital solutions at GE's Shanghai digital collaboration center. He also mentioned “The partnership between COMAC and GE will result in digital solutions that will transform COMAC's operations all the way from brilliant manufacturing to advanced flight analytics to comprehensive fleet operations support. As many people know and say teamwork does work.

The results of a team effort are always better and more accurate than individual efforts. Therefore, the efforts of GE aviation and /COMAC are expected to achieve better fleet indigence and operational insights. GE aviation craft parts are very reliable and that is why thy have been able to produce such a good image of themselves. They have been able to cover more than 10,000 aircrafts that are able to receive navigation services, airline operations managements and flight and fuel analytics.


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