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Airbus Helicopters, a division of Airbus, is a leading global manufacturer of rotorcraft, with a wide range of products catering to civilian and military markets. In the United States, Airbus Helicopters Inc has its main facilities in Grand Prairie, Texas and operates a production line in Columbus, Mississippi. The manufacturer’s products find use in air medical transport, law enforcement, airborne tourism, corporate and VIP segments, and many other sectors. Moreover, Airbus Helicopters’ parts incorporate proven and new technologies to enhance operational capabilities, making them reliable and affordable to use and maintain. Below, we will detail two of the most common variations of rotorcraft that Airbus Helicopters carries.

Civil Helicopter

The Airbus civil helicopter range is designed to offer safe and cost-effective flight in all types of situations. It includes single- and twin-engine light and medium rotorcraft, as well as those in the eleven-ton-class. The H125, part of Airbus' Ecureuil family, excels in varying environmental extremes, outclassing all other single-engine helicopters in terms of performance, versatility, low maintenance, and low-acquisition costs. The H135 is a twin-engine rotorcraft with over 1,400 units delivered and in service in more than 60 countries, while the H215, derived from Airbus’ Super Puma/Cougar family, offers excellent payload lift performance, cost efficiency, and the ability to operate in harsh environments.

Military Helicopter

In the military helicopter market, Airbus is one of the world's largest suppliers with over 100 armed forces trusting its products. For instance, the UH-72 is a versatile, rugged, and reliable helicopter used for delivering troops and materials quickly with minimum delay, applying fire power to neutralize or destroy opposing forces, supporting friendly forces in combat, and acquiring and interpreting information with ease. Similarly, the UH-72 Lakota is the U.S. Army's multi-mission helicopter that fulfills all of the Army's requirements for speed, range, endurance, and overall performance. The MH-65, on the other hand, is a Short Range Recovery (SRR) helicopter for the U.S. Coast Guard, which excels in performing missions in severe climatic conditions, high altitude, or hot weather, in addition to successfully carrying out rooftop landings and takeoffs from urban areas.

At ASAP Distribution, we prioritize our customers' satisfaction, which is why we exclusively stock items from Airbus Helicopters Inc that have undergone rigorous quality assurance testing and inspection. We offer a diverse range of high-quality products, such as core flexible shaft assemblies, base electrical relays, rain sensing wipers, light assembly indicators, filter body fluids, and more, all of which are available for purchase today. Most importantly, we take pride in our product quality and are committed to delivering exceptional service at every stage of fulfillment.

CAGE Code: C0418, C0417, 274BB, F0210, 49PK2
Part No NSN Item Name FSC QTY RFQ
366A54-1056-00 1660-14-397-1470 filter fluid FSC 1660 Avl RFQ
366A62-1120-22 4720-14-390-1584 hose air duct FSC 4720 Avl RFQ
366A75-3730-01 4720-14-391-8362 hose assembly nonmetallic FSC 4720 Avl RFQ
360A21-1216-21 5365-14-446-6503 ring externally threaded FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
366A75-3056-4801 3040-14-378-4198 casing flexible control FSC 3040 Avl RFQ
365A27-3367-20 1680-14-369-1519 basehandle FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
366A25-0000-7901 1680-14-369-2642 molding metal FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
365A32-6752-38 1615-14-382-6620 cover access FSC 1615 Avl RFQ
365A57-3186-22 9905-14-392-0462 plate designation NA Avl RFQ
91106-10 9905-14-363-9901 plate identification NA Avl RFQ
365A21-3172-20 1560-14-488-1636 plate structural aircraft FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
366A27-3351-07 1680-14-390-1419 box cde collect FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
360A27-2250-22 1615-14-379-8264 cover access FSC 1615 Avl RFQ
ECS0703CS12 5999-01-486-7646 contact electrical FSC 5999 Avl RFQ
704A34 310 004 1650-14-401-5760 pompehydraulique FSC 1650 Avl RFQ
366A25-0032-2801 5340-14-389-1130 bracket angle FSC 5340 Avl RFQ
360A75-1091-20 3010-14-387-9350 coupling shaft rigid FSC 3010 Avl RFQ
2-5X13-2-20B7 5331-14-300-1661 o ring NA Avl RFQ
365A31-1828-00 1615-14-382-6593 guide plate FSC 1615 Avl RFQ
366A75-3170-02 4710-14-391-7670 tube assembly metal FSC 4710 Avl RFQ
366A27-3111-04 1680-14-397-1402 support de pedale FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
366A00-0023-28 5330-14-404-0365 gasket FSC 5330 Avl RFQ
365A27-3907-20 5365-14-389-4410 shim FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
PS701-6006-128 5331-15-147-4579 o ring NA Avl RFQ
365A23-4234-38 5365-14-392-0149 shim FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
366A58-1120-20 5310-14-364-1011 washer recessed FSC 5310 Avl RFQ
365A25-3130-00 1560-14-369-1498 fitting FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
365A42 3029 20 5365-14-369-1559 spacer sleeve FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
A0021-11N17 5340-14-373-7155 clamp loop FSC 5340 Avl RFQ
365A25-3001-2201 1680-14-369-1464 molding metal FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
365A59-1045-00 1680-14-476-0523 support gauche FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
2-5X13-2-24B7 5331-14-390-8237 o ring NA Avl RFQ
366A68-1401-00 5985-14-404-8841 plate antenna mast FSC 5985 Avl RFQ
704A44-500-074 1560-14-516-1077 cell fuel aircraft FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
365A59-1025-06 4710-14-369-1571 tube assembly metal FSC 4710 Avl RFQ
993101-123-5 6150-14-043-1873 lead electrical FSC 6150 Avl RFQ
704A34-113-260 1680-14-392-0119 bielledelacet FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
N7244317005 5365-15-122-4611 entretoise FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
703A95-0535-00 4720-14-370-8888 hose assembly nonmetallic FSC 4720 Avl RFQ
365A52-1274-23 5365-14-388-5888 bushing nonmetallic FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
53105-50CA 5310-14-265-1316 washer finishing FSC 5310 Avl RFQ
365A32 1164 20 5365-14-374-7671 spacer sleeve FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
366A64-2136-20 6220-14-378-4134 light FSC 6220 Avl RFQ
365A52-1254-20 5365-14-389-4476 spacer plate FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
704A34-240-017 1650-14-392-0705 accumulator hydraulic FSC 1650 Avl RFQ
350A27 1060 24 5365-14-374-7244 spacer sleeve FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
366A25-1031-70 5365-14-369-2702 shim FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
365A59-1025-04 4710-14-366-5731 tube assembly metal FSC 4710 Avl RFQ
365A42-3009-21 5306-14-375-4518 pin headed threaded FSC 5306 Avl RFQ
366A57-4116-20 5365-14-377-2497 spacer sleeve FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
65205-06001-128 1560-01-329-5288 mounting aircraft FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
365A32-4349-22 5365-14-389-4426 bushing sleeve FSC 5365 Avl RFQ
366A55-1051-03 1560-14-371-5380 barfixreserv FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
365A32-2046-08 1650-14-387-9472 housing mechanical drive FSC 1650 Avl RFQ
360A52-1113-20 5330-14-366-5680 gasket FSC 5330 Avl RFQ
365A27-3366-22 1680-14-371-5476 tube FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
366A00 0137 BX 9905-14-393-8203 plate identification NA Avl RFQ
365A31-1708-0151 1615-14-387-9464 head rotary wing FSC 1615 Avl RFQ
365A62 1528 21 5999-14-369-1593 heat sink electrical electronic component FSC 5999 Avl RFQ
706A38320008 6150-01-670-9775 cable assembly special purpose e FSC 6150 Avl RFQ
3-53X98-02-61D6 5331-14-369-7898 o ring NA Avl RFQ
366A25-0011-0501 1560-14-472-7340 fairing aircraft FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
X931G10A5004 1680-01-680-7309 modification kitaircraft compon FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
360A54 1121 AD 4720-14-379-8285 hose preformed FSC 4720 Avl RFQ
MBBN3012L3608 5320-01-091-9174 rivet blind FSC 5320 Avl RFQ
704A34-114-017 3120-14-387-2575 bearing plain rod end FSC 3120 Avl RFQ
365A75-1417-20 5310-14-366-5752 washer flat FSC 5310 Avl RFQ
366A61-3100-CR 1560-14-404-0487 plate structural aircraft FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
366A25-1244-20 1680-14-390-1400 support bavette FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
ASNA0229-717B 9905-14-374-7291 plate instruction NA Avl RFQ
81810-070B237 5331-14-310-9157 o ring NA Avl RFQ
53202-020-050CD 5315-14-302-4569 pin retaining FSC 5315 Avl RFQ
365A27-3207-03 1680-14-403-5885 bell crank FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
1560-01-588-5760 1560-01-588-5760 strut aircraft FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
366A61-3422-20 5310-14-370-1960 washer flat FSC 5310 Avl RFQ
952507-050-014BCL 5307-14-415-8642 stud locked in FSC 5307 Avl RFQ
706A34-542-005 2995-01-457-8644 detector metallic particle FSC 2995 Avl RFQ
N7135861325 5325-00-965-6655 ring retaining FSC 5325 Avl RFQ
365A00-0337-22 9905-14-411-2602 plate designation NA Avl RFQ
366A25-0045-32 1560-14-369-2677 canopy fixed FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
366A61-3015-23 1560-14-517-5377 support structural component aircraft FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
N7022315060 5315-15-111-7655 pin special FSC 5315 Avl RFQ
365A25-3130-0101 1560-14-386-1500 ferrure fixa verrie FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
366A21-0101-06 1560-14-389-1053 floor aircraft FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
365A25-0024-30 1680-14-386-1472 molding metal FSC 1680 Avl RFQ
366A69-1011-00 5985-14-370-2049 support antenna FSC 5985 Avl RFQ
55140-102 5325-00-601-0088 stud assembly turnlock fastener FSC 5325 Avl RFQ
366A75-3184-01 4710-14-369-3202 tube assembly metal FSC 4710 Avl RFQ
365A21-3517-01 1560-14-387-9379 floor aircraft FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
366A63-1035-20 5340-14-488-8227 clamp synchro FSC 5340 Avl RFQ
DHS613-595-08 5330-14-220-9302 gasket FSC 5330 Avl RFQ
366A75-3184-02 4710-14-391-7684 tube assembly metal FSC 4710 Avl RFQ
NAS1593-210 5331-01-319-3004 o ring NA Avl RFQ
366A25-0045-2001 1560-14-371-5550 canopy fixed FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
365A58-1102KC01 1560-14-375-4540 tunnellh FSC 1560 Avl RFQ
1B6041 2995-01-457-8644 detector metallic particle FSC 2995 Avl RFQ
366A75 3169 01 4710-14-369-3187 tube assembly metal FSC 4710 Avl RFQ
366A25-1235-20 5360-14-503-6504 spring helical compression FSC 5360 Avl RFQ
DHS613 261 29 5331-14-331-2309 o ring NA Avl RFQ
366A52-1052-00 4730-14-364-0956 connector multiple fluid pressure line FSC 4730 Avl RFQ