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Soldering Desoldering Rework Products Board Level Electronic Components

All parts of Soldering Desoldering Rework Products including WES51, SMTC-0136, UFTC-7CHL06, BST-272P+16, HCT-ACP-11 etc are available on our website. All these electronic components are manufactured by the top brands like Apex Tool Group, Oki, Easy Braid Co, Chip Quik Inc, Multicore. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor stocks large parts used in the electronic industry.

Soldering Desoldering Rework Products Manufacturers

Part Number's List for Soldering Desoldering Rework Products

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
WES51 apex tool group solder station analog 50w soldering eta (screwdriver) single channel ph50 pes51 pencil (50w) - included analog dial(s) wes51pu 120v (24v out) RFQ
SMTC-0136 oki tip repl hot plate .425""sq mxser rework smt 0.08"" t x 0.425"" w x 0.425"" h (2.03mm x 10.8mm x 10.8mm) - - mx-rm3e RFQ
UFTC-7CHL06 oki tip cartridge chisel long .6x9mm soldering 0.024"" w x 0.35"" l (0.6mm x 9mm) chisel - mx-h2-uf RFQ
BST-272P+16 oki templat stncl 272perim+16in arry stencil template 272 position perimeter array with 16 inner - RFQ
HCT-ACP-11 oki pump kit 110vac 14w >=28l/min pump - RFQ
T0053260699 apex tool group wsd 81 soldering station 230v - - - - - - - - - - RFQ
AC-TC-P oki cleaner desolder tip qty=12 cleaner soldering/desoldering tips RFQ
EB9000S-2 easy braid co soldering system 220v soldering rework - dual channel shh-1 shp-1 handpiece sg-1-gr handpiece grip sg-1-gy handpiece grip curie heat technology spg-1 digital shh-1 220 ~ 240v RFQ
FM-BVX oki filter main for bvx system filter bvx fume extractor RFQ
PHT-652057 oki tip repl .04"" con fine 650srs soldering 0.04"" od x 0.59"" l (1mm x 14.99mm) conical - ps-hc1 RFQ
MX-5050 oki system ps mx-ds1 hp wrkst access soldering rework - dual channel mx-ws5 mx-ds1 - included digital mx-ps5000 100 ~ 240v RFQ
EBM7CH177 easy braid co chisel 30deg tip 1.5mm 700deg - 0.06"" w x 0.39"" l (1.5mm x 10.0mm) chisel 662¦f ~ 748¦f (350¦c ~ 398¦c) eb-9000s RFQ
SMD29130CC chip quik inc tack flux 30cc w/handle & tip flux - no clean tacky solder syringe 30cc RFQ
STTC-026 oki tip repl .016"" 30dg sharp solder rework 0.016"" od x 0.31"" l (0.41mm x 7.9mm) conical bent 30¦ - mx systems RFQ
SMTC-0140 oki tip repl tunnel smd s0j-32 mxser rework smt 0.315"" w x 0.84"" h (8mm x 21.34mm) tunnel - mx-rm3e RFQ
51516199 apex tool group holder stop&go w/sponge whd10t iron wsp80 sponge RFQ
SP-HC1 oki solder handl esd w/cp2 for sp200 handpiece - - - - - sp200-11 sp200-21 RFQ
733001 multicore 97sc c511 2% .022dia/25swg lead free wire solder no-clean sn96.5ag3.0cu0.5 (96.5/3/0.5) 25 0.022"" (0.56mm) 0.02 spool 227g (1/2 lb) RFQ
SMD16NL chip quik inc removal alloy no-lead 16 smd smd removal surface mount components RFQ
50-3-25 itw chemtronics solder-wick rosin .080"" 25 rosin non activated (r) 0.080"" (2.03mm) 25 (7.622m) green RFQ
SSC-547A oki tip repl .07"" 60dg bevel solder soldering 0.07"" od x 0.56"" l (1.78mm x 14.2mm) bevel - sp200-21 sp200-11 RFQ
EBM6LR400 easy braid co long reach bevel sld tip 600deg - 0.04"" w x 0.57"" l (1mm x 14.6mm) bevel 600¦f (316¦c) eb-9000s RFQ
Q-C-25 easy braid co braid desolder green .075"" x 25 rosin non activated (r) 0.075"" (1.91mm) 25 (7.622m) green RFQ
STTC-525 oki tip repl chisel .04"" mx500 ser rework 0.04"" w x 0.36"" l (1mm x 9.1mm) chisel - mx systems RFQ
EBM6CP201 easy braid co chisel pwr sld tip 1.80mm 600deg - 0.07"" w x 0.25"" l (1.8mm x 6.4mm) chisel 617¦f ~ 676¦f (325¦c ~ 358¦c) eb-9000s RFQ
LT1X apex tool group tip bent round 0.016 for wsp80 soldering 0.016"" od x 0.37"" l (0.4mm x 9.4mm) conical bent 150¦f ~ 850¦f (50&degc ~ 450¦c) wsp80 RFQ
MFR-2241 oki system soldering 2out 100/240vac soldering rework - dual channel mfr-wspt mfr-h4-tw smartheat« technology - - mfr-ps2200 100 ~ 240v RFQ
SRTC-613 oki tip repl .12""90dg chisel robotic soldering 0.12"" w x 0.19"" l (3.05mm x 4.8mm) chisel - mx-rm5e RFQ
SDC-704 oki tip repl desolder id=.040"" desoldering 0.04"" id x 0.07"" od (1mm x 1.78mm) conical - dp-dsg2 RFQ
STTC-065 oki tip repl .20"" lrg chisel solder rework 0.2"" w x 0.45"" l (5mm x 11.4mm) chisel - mx systems RFQ
STTC-107 oki tip repl .04"" conical sharp sldr rework 0.04"" od x 0.66"" l (1mm x 16.7mm) conical - mx systems RFQ
STDC-805L oki tip repl desld id.05""lng rch 800 desoldering 0.05"" id x 0.08"" od (1.27mm x 2.03mm) tip cartridge - mx-ds1 RFQ
STTC-524 oki tip repl .04"" 30dg bevel solder rework 0.04"" od x 0.36"" l (1mm x 9.1mm) bevel - mx systems RFQ
52918999 apex tool group wsp sldr pencil 150w with wdh30 iron 150~850¦f (50~450¦c) lhtf 150w 24v wdh30 stand heavy duty wd2 wd2m RFQ
60-4-10 itw chemtronics solder-wick no-clean .110"" 10 no clean 0.110"" (2.79mm) 10 (3.048m) blue RFQ
54485599 apex tool group tip xnt 4 chisel 1.2mm soldering 0.047"" od x 0.39"" l (1.19mm x 9.91mm) cylindrical - wxp65 RFQ
SMTC-029 oki tip repl dual htr quad plcc-84 rework smt plcc-84 1.165"" w x 1.165"" h (29.59mm x 29.59mm) quad - mx-rm3e RFQ
SMTC-104 oki tip repl tunnel smd soic-8 mxser rework smt soic-8 0.2"" w x 0.17"" h (5.08mm x 4.32mm) tunnel - mx-rm3e RFQ
UFTC-7CNB02 oki tip cartridge con bent 0.2mmx5.5 soldering 0.01"" od x 0.22"" l (0.2mm x 5.5mm) conical bent - mx-h2-uf RFQ
EC1302B apex tool group soldering iron 20 watt w/eph101 iron 400~850¦f (204~454¦c) - 150w 24v - mt1502 RFQ
EBM6CB226 easy braid co chisel bent sld tip 1.5mm 600deg - 0.06"" w x 0.47"" l (1.5mm x 12.0mm) chisel bent 30¦ 617¦f ~ 676¦f (325¦c ~ 358¦c) eb-9000s RFQ
54465399 apex tool group tip set for wmrt 3.0 x 0.7mm desoldering 0.028"" t x 0.118"" w (0.71mm x 3mm) blade bent 45¦ 150¦f ~ 850¦f (50&degc ~ 450¦c) wmrt RFQ
OS-C-100 easy braid co braid no-clean green .075""x 100 no clean 0.075"" (1.91mm) 100 (30.5m) green RFQ
QX2-HHA2 oki assembly heater head 230v qx2 - - - - - - - - - 230v RFQ
SMTC-1118 oki tip repl quad smd vqfp-100 mxser rework smt vqfp-100 0.57"" w x 0.61"" h (14.48mm x 15.49mm) quad - mx-rm3e RFQ
T0056104699 apex tool group w101 iron 230v iron 698¦f (370¦c) ct6-e7 100w 230v - - RFQ
SMTC-0167 oki tip repl drag solder (minihoof) rework smt 0.06"" w x 0.65"" l (1.52mm x 16.51mm) hoof - mx-rm3e RFQ
SFP-CNL04 oki cartridge repl conical lng reach soldering 0.016"" od x 0.58"" l (0.41mm x 14.7mm) conical - sp200-21 sp200-11 RFQ
SMTC-0125 oki tip repl dual htr quad pqfp-240 rework smt pqfp-240 1.29"" w x 1.33"" h (32.77mm x 33.78mm) quad - mx-rm3e RFQ
WD1M apex tool group rework pwr unit digital w/o iron soldering desoldering - single channel - base unit only - - - - digital wd1m (85w) 120v (24v out) RFQ
MX-DAH4 oki hose air esd us standard fitting hose mx-d001 RFQ
395439 multicore hmp 366 3% .050dia./18swg leaded wire solder rosin activated (ra) - 18 0.05"" (1.27mm) 0.03 spool 454g (1 lb) RFQ
SMD4300SNL10 chip quik inc solder paste water sol lf 10cc lead free solder paste water soluble sn96.5ag3.0cu0.5 (96.5/3/0.5) - - - syringe 35g (1.2 oz) RFQ
WMRS apex tool group soldering and rework station soldering rework rt1 (needle) single channel wmrh wmrp pencil (40w) auto off temperature setback included digital wmrspu 120v (24v out) RFQ
24-6337-9713 kester solder rma flux 21awg 63/37 1lb leaded wire solder rosin mildly activated (rma) sn63pb37 (63/37) 21 0.031"" (0.79mm) 0.022 spool 454g (1 lb) RFQ
S2235-O-T easy braid co sponge solder iron 2.2"" x 3.5"" 3.50"" l x 2.20"" w (88.9mm x 55.9mm) soldering irons workstands RFQ
SSC-645A oki tip repl bevel .016"" sp200-600 soldering 0.016"" od x 0.75"" l (0.41mm x 19mm) bevel - sp200-21 sp200-11 RFQ
MX-500DS-11 oki system sld/dsldr 2port100/120vac soldering desoldering - dual channel ws1 wst mx-rm3e handpiece mx-ds1 tool smartheat« technology ac-ys3 (2) automatic mx-500p 120v RFQ
54480299 apex tool group xht e tip chisel 7.6 x 1.5 cutting - chisel - wxp200 RFQ
54485099 apex tool group tip xnt 1 micro 0.25mm soldering 0.01"" od x 0.291"" l (0.25mm x 7.39mm) micro - wxp65 RFQ
52918499 apex tool group vacuum pickup pen manual vacuum pickup pen wr3m RFQ
SSC-747A oki tip repl .07"" 60dg bevel solder soldering 0.07"" od x 0.56"" l (1.78mm x 14.2mm) bevel - sp200-21 sp200-11 RFQ
EPH112 apex tool group long conick tip soldering 0.015"" od x 0.625"" l (0.38mm x 15.88mm) conical - weller« ec1302 ec1301 RFQ
SSC-525A oki tip repl .04"" 30dg chisel solder soldering 0.04"" od x 0.43"" l (1mm x 11mm) chisel - sp200-21 sp200-11 RFQ
SMTC-8136 oki tip repl hot plate .425"" sq rework smt 0.08"" t x 0.425"" w x 0.425"" h (2.03mm x 10.8mm x 10.8mm) - - mx-rm3e RFQ
STTC-103 oki tip repl .12"" 90dg chisel solder rework 0.12"" w x 0.34"" l (3.05mm x 8.6mm) chisel - mx systems RFQ
LT1S apex tool group tip solder round .20 x 20 soldering 0.063"" id x 0.008"" od x 0.53"" l (1.6mm x 0.2mm x 13.46mm) conical 150¦f ~ 850¦f (50&degc ~ 450¦c) wsp80 RFQ
T0053368699 apex tool group wr 3000m set w/hap200/dsx80/wp80 soldering desoldering rework (hot air) - three channels air and vacuum wdh40 wdh10t wdh30 dxv80 (80w) wp80 (80w) hap200 (200w) pencils usb port and software included digital wr3m (400w) 230v RFQ
WRS10022 apex tool group desoldering station digital 80w soldering desoldering rework (hot air) - single channel air and vacuum ak20 ds80 tool - included digital wrs1002 (100w) 120v (24v out) RFQ
QX2-HA2 oki assembly heater 230v heater assembly convection rework systems RFQ
24-7068-6417 kester solder water sol .025"" 23awg 1lb lead free wire solder water soluble sn96.5ag3.0cu0.5 (96.5/3/0.5) 23 0.025"" (0.64mm) 0.033 spool 454g (1 lb) RFQ
Q-A-10AS easy braid co quick braid silver .025"" x 10 rosin non activated (r) 0.025"" (0.63mm) 10 (3.048m) silver RFQ
OS-B-5 easy braid co braid no-clean gold .050"" x 5 no clean 0.050"" (1.27mm) 5 (1.52m) gold RFQ
DS110 apex tool group tip desoldering desoldering - - - wrs1002 RFQ
KDS22TN25 apex tool group dispense tip .019"" blue 25pc 0.017"" inner dia (0.43mm) dispensing tip needle 25 pieces blue flux bottle RFQ
PHT-652327 oki tip repl 0.016"" con bent 650srs soldering 0.016"" od x 0.63"" l (0.41mm x 16mm) conical bent - ps-hc1 RFQ
WFE2XKIT1 apex tool group system fume extraction 100-240v fume absorber bench top 100 ~ 240 vac pre-filter hepa/activated carbon gas filter RFQ
60-5-5 itw chemtronics solder-wick no-clean .145"" 5 no clean 0.145"" (3.68mm) 5 (1.52m) brown RFQ
SDC-602 oki tip repl desolder id=.025"" desoldering 0.025"" id x 0.055"" od (0.64mm x 1.4mm) conical - dp-dsg2 RFQ
BGA-352-35 oki stencil bga 352 perimeter matrix stencil template 352 position perimeter array - RFQ
SFV-CH20 oki chisel solder tip 2.0mm (.078"") soldering 0.08"" w x 0.43"" l (2.03mm x 10.92mm) chisel - ps-800e RFQ
AC-BELT-V oki kit acc cog belt-vision arm - - RFQ
60-4-5 itw chemtronics solder-wick no-clean .110"" 5 no clean 0.110"" (2.79mm) 5 (1.52m) blue RFQ
STTC-141 oki tip repl .05"" 30dg chisel solder rework 0.05"" w x 0.86"" l (1.27mm x 21.8mm) chisel bent 30¦ - mx systems RFQ
WX2020 apex tool group solder station with wxp120 wdh10 soldering xtb (chisel) dual channel wdh10 wxp120 pencil (120w) - - digital - 120v (24v out) RFQ
Q-E-25 easy braid co braid desolder brwn .125"" x 25 rosin non activated (r) 0.125"" (3.18mm) 25 (7.622m) brown RFQ
H-Q07 oki hct nozzle 8.4x8.4mm 48-qfp rework qfp-48 0.33"" w x 0.33"" h (8.4mm x 8.4mm) quad - hct-900 RFQ
T0052704299 apex tool group wsb150 150w solder bath solder bath wd2 wd2m RFQ
WA2000 apex tool group weller soldering iron analyzer analyzer - RFQ
17552 aven tools solder 1mm 500g leaded wire solder - sn60pb40 (60/40) 19 0.04"" (1.02mm) - spool 454g (1 lb) RFQ
UFTC-6CHL06 oki tip cartridge chisel long .6x9mm soldering 0.024"" w x 0.35"" l (0.6mm x 9mm) chisel - mx-h2-uf RFQ
UFTC-7DRH408 oki cartridge hoof micro 0.8x5.1mm soldering 0.03"" w x 0.2"" l (0.8mm x 5.1mm) hoof - mx-h2-uf RFQ
60-1-10 itw chemtronics solder-wick no-clean .030"" 10 no clean 0.030"" (0.76mm) 10 (3.048m) white RFQ
SMTC-183 oki tip repl tunnel smd sop-44 mxser rework smt sop-44 0.51"" w x 1.07"" h (12.95mm x 27.18mm) tunnel - mx-rm3e RFQ
STDC-107 oki tip repl desoldr id=.095"" 700ser desoldering 0.095"" id x 0.125"" od (2.41mm x 3.18mm) tip cartridge - mx-ds1 RFQ
MX-DCF1F oki filters fume ds1 (20) filter mx-500 RFQ
SMTC-042 oki tip repl tunnel smd soic-32 rework smt soic-32 0.52"" w x 0.805"" h (13.21mm x 20.45mm) tunnel - mx-rm3e RFQ
17802-PS2 aven tools tip replacement soldering 0.126"" w (3.2mm) conical - - RFQ
BGA-490-490 oki nozzle bga 49.0mm x 49.0mm rework bga 1.93"" x 1.93"" (49mm x 49mm) quad - bga rework systems RFQ
SCD201 apex tool group disposable tube replacement glass tube - RFQ