Strata - Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including 73-2454-01 REV L, FRI V.35 6251B, RJ48-E3E1 REV C, DB15-4E1 REV B, 219070-01 REV A by manufacturer Strata. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Strata at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

Part No Description RFQ
73-2454-01 REV L asc card RFQ
FRI V.35 6251B stratacom #73-3253-01 rev m0 RFQ
RJ48-E3E1 REV C rj48-e3e1 rev c stratacom #73-2472-01 rev c0 RFQ
DB15-4E1 REV B db15-4e1 rev b stratacom #217280-00 rev b0 RFQ
219070-01 REV A frsm card RFQ
219310-00 REV B imatm card RFQ
FRI-E1 6253A stratacom #73-210360-00 rev j0 RFQ
R-RJ48-8E1 REV B r-rj48-8e1 rev b redundant stratacom #73-2305-01 rev a0 RFQ
BNI-3E3/B 73-2638-01 rev k RFQ
IGX-BTMB stratacom #73-217250-00 rev c RFQ
102-207370-01 cisco bc-e1 6176a RFQ
BC-6083A-SR bc-sr 6083a back card RFQ
BC-T1 6271A stratacom #102-207380-00 rev l RFQ
BC-SR 6083A stratacom #102-208540-00 rev h RFQ
800-04279-01 REV A1 73-3456-01 rev a0 RFQ
73-2556-01 REV C frsm card RFQ
FRSM 4E1 stratacom #73-2456-01 rev c RFQ
R-DB15-4E1 REV B r-db15-4e1 rev b redundant stratacom #217150-00 rev b0 RFQ
214020.00 REV B 214020.00 rev b module RFQ
IGX-SCM pca 215080-00 rev r module RFQ
73-2565-01 REV C0 srm card RFQ
6252A fri-t1 6252a RFQ
218740-00 REV B srm card RFQ
73-3341-01 REV. T0 stratacom # 73-3341-01 rev t0 system clock module RFQ
T3E3-D REV B t3e3-d rev b stratacom #213150-00 rev b RFQ
213210-00 REV K cisco 213210-00 ntm card RFQ
ASC REV B asc rev b staratcom #213870-00 revb RFQ
800-03498-03 REV B1 btm b stratacom #73-215250-00 rev a0 RFQ
800-03230-02 73-2866-01 rev b RFQ
IMATM 8EI imatm 8ei RFQ
BCC-3 BC stratacom #73-2671-01 rev d0 RFQ
IMATM 8E1 imatm 8e1 RFQ
6251BV.35 fri 4 port RFQ
800-03273-02 REV B0 npm-64 stratacom #73-2895-02 rev z0 RFQ
NPM-32 stratacom #73-2554-06 RFQ
212780-00 REV K asc card RFQ
800-02629-03 73-2456-01 rev c RFQ
BC-6083A-SR REV 01 bc-sr 6083a back card RFQ
102-208540-00 REV E cisco bc -sr 6083a module RFQ
213740-01 REV P frsm card RFQ
73-2866-01 REV A bnm card RFQ
T3E3-B REV C t3e3-b rev c stratacom #213750-00 rev c RFQ
800-02642-02 REV C rj48-e3e1 stratacom #73-2472-01 rev d0 RFQ
BNM E3 stratacom #73-2866-01 rev a0 RFQ
800-02629-03 REV F0 frsm 4e1 stratacom #73-2456-01 rev c RFQ
800-04589-01 REV B1 srm t1e1/b #73-3729-01 rev a0 RFQ
800-02916-01 bcc-3 bc #73-2671-01 rev c RFQ
PS30247 material packing RFQ
73-2456-01 REV C frsm card RFQ
800-02642-02 REV B0 rj48-e3e1 stratacom #73-2472-01 rev d0 RFQ
BC-E1 6171A stratacom #102-207370-01 rev n RFQ
73244402 REV B0 circuit board ufi-t1 RFQ
AX-FRSM 4E1 frsm 4e1 stratacom #73-2456-01 rev c RFQ
UFI-T1 stratacom #73-2444-02 rev b0 RFQ
73-2866-01 A0 bnm card RFQ
215740-00 REV A bnm card RFQ
73-2454-02 REVR0 asc card RFQ
AIT-T3 571110A stratacom #214000-00 rev e RFQ
BPX-NRDNT/D bpx system cabinet with the following cards: 1 73-2387-04 rev a RFQ
73244402 ufi t1 RFQ
T3E3-D REV F t3e3-d rev f stratacom #213150-00 rev b RFQ
IGX-PEM 214150-00 rev d 215568-00 rev a RFQ
800-02755-02 REV B0 srm t1e1 stratacom #73-2565-01 rev c0 RFQ
FRI-T1 6252A stratacom #73-210170-00 rev m0 RFQ
SRM T1E1 stratacom #73-2565-01 rev c0 RFQ
219310-00 REV D imatm card RFQ
800-02629-02 REV E0 frsm 4e1 stratacom #73-2456-01 rev d0 RFQ
214590-10 pem bc module RFQ