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Prima Board Level Electronic Components

Browse the below part numbers including WI06-2-2-2K,467-2G012-H0,467-1D022-H03,RF10-2W-3R3-J,467-8E522-H0U by manufacturer Prima. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Prima at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

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Part No Description RFQ
WI06-2-2-2K variable resistor RFQ
467-2G012-H0 metal resistor 2w-12o-jl RFQ
467-1D022-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
RF10-2W-3R3-J 2w insurance resistor RFQ
467-8E522-H0U solid resistor 1/2w-2.2m o RFQ
467-2D251-F03 metal resistor 1/4w-5.1k-f RFQ
467-1E327-H03 carbon resistor 1/2w-27k RFQ
RT15-1/2W-120R-J 1/2w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2D251-F0 metal resistor 1/4w-5.1k- RFQ
467-2E251-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-5.1k- RFQ
RSF103J5ACDND metal resistor 2w 10k RFQ
467-2F175-H0 metal resistor 1w-750o-j RFQ
467-6FA12-H0 wire round resistor rx21- RFQ
467-1E012-H03 carbon resistor 1/2w-12o RFQ
467-1D275-H03 resistor RFQ
RT14-1/4W-220K-J 1/4w carbon resistor RFQ
467-4F010-H0 fusible resistor 1w-10o-jl RFQ
467-1D236-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2G315-H0 metal resistor 2w-15ko-jl RFQ
467-4EA36-H0 fusible resistor 1/2w-3. RFQ
467-2F147-H0 metal resistor 1w-470o-j RFQ
W106-2-2-2K variable resistor RFQ
467-4GA15-H0 fusible resistor 2w-1.5o RFQ
DH-600 C-2 NA RFQ
467-2E256-H0 metal resistor 12w-5.6ko RFQ
467-2D311-H0 metal resistor 14w-11k-j RFQ
467-4EB33-H0 fusible resistor 12w-0. RFQ
467-1D115-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2E010-H0 ceramic resistor RFQ
467-2F351-H0A metal resistor 1w-51ko-j RFQ
467-4F001-HO 10hm 1 watt resistor ref# r405 RFQ
467-2D247-F0 metal resistor 1/4w-4.7k-f RFQ
467-4GA22-H0 fusible resistor 2w-2.2o RFQ
467-2FB82-H0 metal resistor 1w-0.82o- RFQ
467-4FB47-H0 fusible resistor 1w-0.47 RFQ
467-1D020-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-4FB27-H0 fusible resistor 1w-0.27 RFQ
467-2FA56-H0 metal resistor 1w-5.6o-j RFQ
467-8E582-H0A solid resistor 1/2w-8.2mo-j RFQ
RT13-1/6W-560R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2GA01-H2 metal resistor ry21-2w-0 RFQ
RT13-1/6W-8K2-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2E322-H0 metal resistor 12w-22k-j RFQ
467-1D491-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2E168-H0 metal resistor 12w-680o RFQ
467-8E227-H0A solid resistor 1/2w-2.7ko-j RFQ
RT15-1/2W-180R-J 1/2w carbon resistor RFQ
467-1D175-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
RT15-1/2W-220K-J 1/2w carbon resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-3K9-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2E001-H0 metal resistor 12w-1o-jl RFQ
467-1D227-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2GB15-H0 metal resistor 2w-0.15o- RFQ
467-8E539-H0A solid resistor 1/2w-3.9mo-j RFQ
467-2F339-H0 ceramic resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-100R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-1D222-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-2.2 RFQ
467-2FB33-H0 metal resistor 1w-0.33o- RFQ
467-2D291-G0 metal resistor 1/4w-9.1k- RFQ
467-1D122-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-220 RFQ
PTDCA1BF3R0Q100 degaussing resistor RFQ
467-2G322-H0 metal resistor 2w-22k-jl RFQ
RT13-1/6W-68K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2C327-G03 metal resistor 16w-27k-g RFQ
467-8E556-H0A solid resistor 1/2w-5.6m RFQ
467-2F047-H0 metal resistor 1w-47o-jl RFQ
467-2E227-H0 metal resistor 12w-2.7k RFQ
467-2E136-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-360o RFQ
RT13-1/6W-4K7-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2EB82-H0 metal resistor 12w-0.82 RFQ
467-1D418-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2D243-H0 metal resistor 1/4w-4.3k-j RFQ
RT13-1/6W-22K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-1K5-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2F110-H0 ceramic resistor RFQ
467-4E010-H0 fusible resistor 1/2w-10o RFQ
467-8E510-H0A solid resistor 12w-1mo- RFQ
467-4FA24-HO resistor (ne) RFQ
467-2F333-H0 resistor RFQ
RT14-1/4W-150K-J 1/4w carbon resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-75R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2EA22-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-2.2o RFQ
RT13-1/6W-330R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2F227-H0 metal resistor 1w-2.7ko-j RFQ
467-2D418-H03 metal resistor 1/4w-180k-j RFQ
467-2E120-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-200o RFQ
467-4FA22-H0 ceramic resistor RFQ
467-2G427-H0 metal resistor 2w-270k-jl RFQ
467-2F222-H0 metal resistor 1w-2.2ko-jl RFQ
467-1D227-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-2.7 RFQ
467-1D218-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
RT13-1/6W-5K6-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-4F001-H0 fusible resistor 1w-1o-jl RFQ
467-1DA27-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-2. RFQ
467-2F210-H0 metal resistor 1w-1ko-jl RFQ
467-1D147-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2F047-H0C metal resistor 1w-47o-jl RFQ
467-2F112-H0 ceramic resistor RFQ
467-6FA15-H0 wire round resistor rx21- RFQ
467-2D324-H03 carbon resistor 1/4w-24k RFQ
467-1D256-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-5HB22-HA cement resistor rx27-6-3w RFQ
RT13-1/6W-1K0-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-4E001-H0 fusible resistor 12w-1o- RFQ
5W-3R3KSU 3.3k ohm, 5w standup resistor RFQ
467-1D439-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
RAA10271G new RFQ
467-1D351-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4m-51k RFQ
467-1D368-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-68k RFQ
467-8E433-H0 solid resistor 1/2w-330k RFQ
467-2D356-H03 metal resistor 1/4w-56k-j RFQ
467-2D218-G03 resistor r507 xt-20a9 RFQ
467-2E268-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-6.8ko RFQ
467-2F133-H0 ceramic resistor RFQ
467-2H356-H0 metal resistor 3w-56k-jl RFQ
467-2F368-H0 metal resistor 1w-68ko-jl RFQ
467-1D210-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2F220-H0 metal resistor 1w-2ko-jl RFQ
467-1E210-H03 carbon resistor 1/2w-1k- RFQ
467-6F002-H0 wire round resistor rx21- RFQ
467-2F322-H0 metal resistor 1w-22ko-jl RFQ
467-1D210-H0 carbon resistor rt14-14 RFQ
467-2F391-H0 metal resistor 1w-91ko-jl RFQ
467-2D110-G03 metal resistor 1/4w-100o- RFQ
467-2G320-H0 metal resistor 2w-20k-jl RFQ
RT13-1/6W-1R0-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-15R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-150K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-4FB33-H0 fusible resistor 1w-0.33o-jl RFQ
467-1D322-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-6FA27-H0 wire round resistor rx21- RFQ
467-2D368-H03 metal resistor 1/4w-68k-j RFQ
RT15-1/2W-47K-J 1/2w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2F310-H0 metal resistor 1w-10ko-jl RFQ
467-2H239-H0 metal resistor 3w-3.9ko-j RFQ
RF10-1W-2R2-J 1w insurance resistor RFQ
467-1D247-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-1D112-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-120 RFQ
467-2G015-H0 metal resistor 2w-15o-jl RFQ
467-2F351-H0H ceramic resistor RFQ
467-1D322-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-21347-H0 ceramic resistor RFQ
467-1DA56-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2F002-H0 metal resistor 1w-2o-jl RFQ
467-2D239-H0 metal resistor 14w-3.9k- RFQ
467-2G310-H0 metal resistor 2w-10ko-jl RFQ
467-1D233-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2C510-G03 metal resistor 1/6w-1m-g RFQ
RT13-1/6W-33K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2F033-H0 metal resistor 1w-33o-jl RFQ
467-2G312-H0 resistor RFQ
467-2F351-H0 metal resistor 1w-51ko-j RFQ
467-2F156-H0 metal resistor 1w-560o-jl RFQ
467-1D310-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-10k RFQ
467-1D022-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-22o RFQ
467-1EA33-H03 carbon resistor 12w-3.3 RFQ
467-2GB39-H0 metal resistor 2w-0.39o-jl RFQ
467-1D033-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-7F456-H0 resistor ri40-1w-560k-jl RFQ
467-2E133-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-330o-jl RFQ
467-2G047-H0C metal resistor 2w-47o-jl RFQ
467-2G368-H0 metal resistor 2w-68k-jl RFQ
467-2G318-H0 metal resistor 2w-18ko-jl RFQ
467-8E227-H1A solid resistor 1/2w-2.7k RFQ
467-8E522-H0 solid resistor 1/2w-2.2m RFQ
467-1D130-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
RT13-1/6W-2M-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-1D251-H03 carbon resistor rt14-14 RFQ
467-8E156-H0 ceramic resistor RFQ
467-2F382-H0 metal resistor 1w-82ko-jl RFQ
467-50291-H8 cement resistor ry27-3h-5 RFQ
467-8E422-H0 solid resistor 12w RFQ
467-4E022-H0 fusible resistor 1/2w-22o-jl RFQ
467-2FA47-H0 metal resistor 1w-4.7o-j RFQ
467-2D312-H0 metal resistor 1/4w-12k-j RFQ
RT13-1/6W-390K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-1E510-H03 carbon resistor 1/2w-1m- RFQ
RT13-1/6W-2K7-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-10K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2D311-F0 metal resistor 1/4w-11k-f RFQ
467-8E582-H0AU solid resistor 1/2w-8.2m RFQ
467-2F012-H0 metal resistor 1w-12o-jl RFQ
467-2E182-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-820o- RFQ
467-1D268-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-8E582-H0 solid resistor 1/2w-8.2m RFQ
467-51212-H8 cement resistor ry27-3h-7 RFQ
467-1D110-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-100 RFQ
467-1D027-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-27o RFQ
467-1D330-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2D330-G0 metal resistor 1/4w-30k-g RFQ
467-2D322-H0 metal resistor 1/4w-22k-j RFQ
RAA05222G new RFQ
467-2E210-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-1ko-jl RFQ
RT13-1/6W-100K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-39K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-1D233-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-8E433-H0A solid resistor 1/2w-330k RFQ
467-1D115-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-150 RFQ
RT13-1/6W-2K2-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2GB22-H0 metal resistor 2w-0.22o-jl RFQ
467-2D247-G03 metal resistor 1/4w-4.7k-g RFQ
RJ14-1/4W-4K7-J metal film resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-220R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-680R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2G047-H0 metal resistor 2w-47o-jl RFQ
467-1D336-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
RT13-1/6W-470R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-1DA82-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-8 RFQ
467-4FA15-H0 fusible resistor 1w-1.5o- RFQ
467-53A18-H0 resistor RFQ
467-4FA56-H0 fusible resistor 1w-5.6o RFQ
467-2E415-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-150ko RFQ
RT13-1/6W-820R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2F115-H0 metal resistor 1w-150o-jl RFQ
467-4FA27-H0 fusible resistor 1w-2.7o RFQ
RX27-5-5W-3R9-J 5w wirewound resistor RFQ
467-2D239-G0 metal resistor 1/4w-3.9k-g RFQ
467-2D318-H03 metal resistor 1/4w-18k-j RFQ
467-2H115-H0D metal resistor 3w-150o-jl RFQ
467-6F001-H0 wire round resistor rx21-1-1o- RFQ
467-1D415-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2E333-H0 metal resistor 12w-33k- RFQ
467-2G127-H0 metal resistor 2w-270o-jl RFQ
467-2F056-H0 metal resistor 1w-56o-jl RFQ
467-2F347-H0A metal resistor 1w-47ko-j RFQ
467-2GA56-H0 metal resistor 2w-5.6o-j RFQ
467-8E522-H0A solid resistor 1/2w-2.2m-j RFQ
RT13-1/6W-270K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-AF001-H0 wire round resistor rx21f RFQ
RT13-1/6W-47K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2F182-H0 metal resistor 1w-820o-j RFQ
467-1D056-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2GB18-H0 metal resistor 2w-0.18o-jl RFQ
467-2D220-H0 metal resistor 1/4w-2k-j RFQ
467-1D356-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-56k RFQ
467-2GA47-H0 metal resistor 2w-4.7o-j RFQ
RT13-1/6W-12K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-4F002-H0 fusible resistor RFQ
5W-5R6SU cement resistor rx27-3-5- RFQ
467-2D415-H0 metal resistor 14w-150k- RFQ
467-4FB68-H0 fusible resistor 1w-0.68o RFQ
467-2D310-G03 metal resistor 14w-10k-g RFQ
RT13-1/6W-1K2-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2D282-G0 metal resistor 1/4w-8.2k-g RFQ
467-4FA39-H0 fusible resistor 1w-3.9o RFQ
467-1D251-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-5.1 RFQ
467-1D047-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
RT14-1/4W-270R-J 1/4w carbon resistor RFQ
467-6FB01-H0 wire round resistor rx21- RFQ
108573-E NA RFQ
467-2F315-H0 metal resistor 1w-15ko-jl RFQ
467-1D039-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-1E122-H03 carbon resistor 1/2w-220 RFQ
467-2G422-H0 metal resistor 2w-220k-jl RFQ
RT13-1/6W-3K3-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
RF10-1W-1R-J 1w insurance resistor RFQ
467-2D339-F03 metal resistor 1/4w-39k-f RFQ
RT13-1/6W-330K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-27K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-4FA43-H0 fusible resistor 1w-4.3o RFQ
467-2D218-G0 metal resistor 1/4w-1.8k-g RFQ
467-2C322-G03 metal resistor 1/6w-22k-g RFQ
467-2H239-H0D metal resistor 3w-3.9ko-jl RFQ
RT13-1/6W-82R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2E147-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-470o- RFQ
467-2E115-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-150o- RFQ
467-2F001-H0 metal resistor 1w-1o-jl RFQ
467-20239-HB metal resistor ryg2-5w-3. RFQ
467-1D282-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
RF10-2W-1R-J 2w insurance resistor RFQ
RT13-1/6W-15K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2E056-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-56o-j RFQ
467-1D333-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2F018-H0 metal resistor 1w-18o-jl RFQ
467-50233-H8 cement resistor ry27-3z-5 RFQ
467-1D433-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-33 RFQ
467-2D282-G03 metal resistor 14w-8.2k- RFQ
467-51224-H8 cement resistor ry27-3h-7 RFQ
RX27-3Y-7W-1R-K 5w wirewound resistor RFQ
467-4FA24-H0 fusible resistor 1w-2.4o-jl RFQ
467-4FA33-H0 fusible resistor 1w-3.3o-jl RFQ
467-2E139-H0 metal resistor 12w-390o- RFQ
RT15-1/2W-100K-J 1/2w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2FA15-H0 metal resistor 1w-1.5o-j RFQ
467-2F422-H0 resistor RFQ
RT15-1/2W-1K5-J 1/2w carbon resistor RFQ
467-1D324-H03 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-1D291-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4 RFQ
467-2G224-H0 metal resistor 2w-2.4ko-j RFQ
467-2EB22-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-0.22 RFQ
RT13-1/6W-270R-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2D310-H0 metal resistor 1/4w-10k-j RFQ
RT13-1/6W-3K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-1E122-H0 carbon resistor 1/2w-220 RFQ
RT14-1/4W-33R-J 1/4w carbon resistor RFQ
467-1D033-H0 carbon resistor rt14-1/4w-33o RFQ
467-2D311-F03 metal resistor 1/4w-11k-f RFQ
RT13-1/6W-56K-J 1/6w carbon resistor RFQ
467-2E127-H0 metal resistor 1/2w-270o RFQ