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Kenwood Board Level Electronic Components

Request a quote for Kenwood part numbers K-RS14KB3A470J,RK73GB2A121J,R31-0223-05,RK73EB2E100J,RS14GB3D3R9J any many more and our customer representative will help you to get the exact part at the reasonable price. 

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Part No Description RFQ
K-RS14KB3A470J kc206 resistor 47 ohm 1w RFQ
RK73GB2A121J resistor RFQ
R31-0223-05 variable resistor kacx501f RFQ
RK73EB2E100J ts-50s chip resistor RFQ
RS14GB3D3R9J kx770rb metal oxide film resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3AR47J resistor kxc9508 RFQ
K-RN73GH1J682D metal film resistor 6.8k tk- RFQ
K-RS14GB3A100J r-5g resistor RFQ
PTH9C42BD471QT positive resistor kdc4015 RFQ
K-RS14KB3D331J krx-793 resistor RFQ
R92-5162-05 metal glaze resistor kacx4d RFQ
K-RS14KB3DR68J metal oxide film resistor xe RFQ
K-RS14KB3D121J resistor 120 ohm 2w kr9600 k RFQ
K-RS14KB3D471J kr-897 resistor 470 RFQ
RK73EB2E151J metal glaze resistor krc225 RFQ
K-W05-0739-00 resistor (overseas) dpf1010 RFQ
RD14DB2H102J 1k 1/2 w resistor krc424 RFQ
RK73EB2B471J no longer available. resistor 8/11 8 RFQ
RK73EB2E681J metal glaze resistor kac9105d RFQ
K-RS14GB3D3R9J kx-72 resistor 3.9 RFQ
K-RS14DB3D120J ksr-1000 metal resistor RFQ
R31-0646-05 (d) variable resistor tm-271a RFQ
K-RS14DB3A5R6J resistor 5.6 ohm 1w ts-140s/ RFQ
K-RS14KB3D390J ud-70 resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB3D680J ka-75 resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3D151J n/a resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3A4R7J resistor 4.7 ohm 1w RFQ
K-RS14DB3D4R7JTE kr-v9030 metal resistor RFQ
R92-1843-05 metal plate resistor 106 volt RFQ
RK73GB2A514J metal glaze resistor kac8151d RFQ
K-RS14DB3D560J metal oxide film resistor ka RFQ
K-RS14DB3F101J metal oxide film resistor tk RFQ
R92-1291-05 fixed resistor tm-742a RFQ
KW05108000 resistor kit rxd303 rxd353 rx RFQ
K-RS14KB3DR22J resistor, flameproof 0.22 ohm 2 watts RFQ
R90-1561-05 multiple resistor x600f RFQ
R31-0628-15 var resistor RFQ
R92-5161-05 metal plate resistor kac9104d RFQ
K-RS14DB3A681J (d) resistor 680 ohm 1w ka72 RFQ
RK73PB2H120J metal glaze resistor kdcx889 RFQ
K-W02-1687-05 ts-450sat var. resistor RFQ
R31-0641-05 variable resistor ts-870s RFQ
R29-5088-05 krv5560 var resistor eta 3/30 95 RFQ
R31-0254-05 variable resistor kac8104d RFQ
RK73GB2A473J resistor RFQ
R31-0255-05 variable resistor kac9104d RFQ
RK73EB2E152J metal glaze resistor kac9105d RFQ
RD14BB2C750J krv8010 carbon film resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB3A220J resistor tk-722r RFQ
RK73GB2A201J metal glaze resistor dpx308u RFQ
K-RS14GB3A221J resistor RFQ
K-RS14AB3A220J ts-940s resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB3F150J resistor tk-730 RFQ
K-RN73GH1J473D resistor dmsa5 RFQ
R31061515 variable resistor ts-570d RFQ
RS14AB3F820J resistor 82 ohm 3 w kr9600 RFQ
R90-0521-05 resistor block ts-940s rm RFQ
K-RS14KB3D271J kr-v6060 resistor RFQ
RK73FB2B471J resistor kdcmp228 RFQ
K-RS14DB3D6R8J dp-m98 resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB3D221J ka-75 resistor RFQ
K-RS14AB3A271J rxd-a3 resistor 270 o RFQ
RD14BB2C621J carbon film resistor kac7 RFQ
K-RS14DB3A271J (d) resistor kvra90r RFQ
RK73HB1J683J resistor RFQ
R90-0748-05 multiple resistor ts-570d RFQ
K-RS14KB3D5R6J metal oxide film resistor vr60 RFQ
RK73FB2B680J metal glaze resistor kac5204 RFQ
K-RS14AB3A221J resistor 220 ohms 1w RFQ
K-RS14DB3F4R7J tk-630hb(k) metal resistor RFQ
R92-5142-05 metal plate resistor x1200m RFQ
RD14NB2E101J krv6010 resistor .100 ohm 1/4 w 100 RFQ
K-RS14DB3A101J resistor 100 ohm 1w tk-601s RFQ
RK73FB2B181J metal glaze resistor krc kdcbt838u RFQ
K-RS14GB3A271J rxd-a3 fuse resistor RFQ
K-RN73GH1J512D resistor kvt910dvd RFQ
RK73GB2A820J metal glaze resistor kdcx859 RFQ
RK73GH2A432D metal glaze resistor kac6104d RFQ
R90-0826-05 multiple resistor km991 k RFQ
K-RS14A133D330J ts-940s resistor RFQ
RS14DB3D561J resistor RFQ
K-RS14AB3A3R3J resistor ka900 RFQ
K-RS14DB3A100J ka-727 resistor RFQ
QRZ0077-220X resistor (r35) kvd947hf RFQ
K-RS14AB3F123J (d) resistor RFQ
RS14DB2H150J resistor 15 ohm 1/2 w RFQ
RD14NB2E272J resistor krv7070 RFQ
K-RS14DB3F820J metal oxide film resistor ts RFQ
K-RS14KB3D4R7JP metal oxide film resistor ka RFQ
K-RS14DB3A391J kac-920 resistor RFQ
RK73FB2A183J chip resistor, 18 k ohm tk-901s RFQ
R31-0209-05 variable resistor (overseas) k RFQ
RK73EB2E432J metal glaze resistor kvt719dvd RFQ
R92-5211-05 metal glaze resistor kacx4r RFQ
RW98A3D101K kvc-10 resistor RFQ
K-RW98A4A8R2K kvc-10 resistor RFQ
RD14BB2C131JTS carbon resistor dp930 RFQ
K-RS14KB3D472J kt-1010f metal resistor RFQ
RD1/2N-474J 470 k 1/2 w solid resistor. RFQ
K-RS14DB3A332J krc-502 resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3D222J metal oxide film resistor kr RFQ
RK73PB2H6R2J metal glaze resistor dnx210ex RFQ
R31-0253-05 variable resistor kac9104d RFQ
RK73GB2A911J chip resistor kac8104d RFQ
R32-0037-05 semi fixed variable resistor a RFQ
K-RS14D83A101J ka-1100 resistor RFQ
RK73GB1J472J resistor 4.7 k ohm 1/16 w t RFQ
R92-1852-05 metal plate resistor 106 volt RFQ
RD14BB2E302J resistor. 3k 1/4 w basic m2 RFQ
K-SH1105810568 x311 a311 fuse resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3A561J resistor RFQ
R32-0016-05 variable resistor krx1000 RFQ
RK73FB2B103J metal glaze resistor krc225 RFQ
R90-0510-05 ts-180s resistor block RFQ
K-RS14KB3D180JTE ka-1100 resistor RFQ
RK73GB1J473J chip resistor. 47k 1/16 w tk- RFQ
RK74GB1J103J chip multiple resistor kdcmp576 RFQ
R11-9020-05 variable resistor ( overseas RFQ
K-RN73GH1J822D metal film resistor p801t RFQ
R31-0613-15 variable resistor RFQ
RK73EB2E000J metal glaze resistor kdcmp732 RFQ
K-W05-0457-00 ka691 variable resistor RFQ
RK73GB2A273J metal glaze resistor kacps650d RFQ
K-RS14KB3A560J resistor tkr-700 RFQ
RK73GB2A512J metal glaze resistor krc365 RFQ
K-RS14GB3DR47J resistor 0.47 2w RFQ
K-RS14KB3A2R2J resistor ts-930s ts-940s RFQ
K-RS14AB3A2R2J ts-950sd resistor 2.2 1 RFQ
RK73FB2B121J metal glaze resistor krc535 RFQ
K-RS14AB3A152J resistor 1.5k ohm ts-930s RFQ
RK73FB2B561J metal glaze resistor krc865 RFQ
RK73FB2B391J metal glaze resistor kdc2019v RFQ
RN73GH1J333D metal film resistor 33k tk-380 RFQ
RS14DB3A100J no longer available. resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3A2R7J kc-x1 resistor RFQ
R29-5050-05 variable resistor (volume RFQ
RK73GB2A394J metal glaze resistor. r59 rx690md RFQ
RD14NB2E561J resistor vr7060 RFQ
K-RS14DB3D2R2J krc-440 resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB3A680J resistor RFQ
K-TH470 positive resistor krc608 krc RFQ
RK73GH2A334D metal glaze resistor kvt817dvd RFQ
K-RS14GB3A270G tk-701s resistor 27 ohm 1w RFQ
RK73PB2H2R7J metal glaze resistor kdcmp8532u RFQ
K-RS14KB3A473J resistor dv402 RFQ
K-RS14KB3A120J dpm6620 resistor RFQ
R92-2141-05 metal glaze resistor kdc6 RFQ
RK73GB2A331J resistor kdcmp228 RFQ
RK73EB2E270J metal glaze resistor dpx4020 RFQ
RK73GB2A515J metal glaze resistor kvt717dvd RFQ
K-RS14KB3D182J resistor 1.8k 2w RFQ
RK73GB2A821J metal glaze resistor kac9104d RFQ
K-RS14DB3F121J (d) resistor kr9600 RFQ
R92-1220-05 tk-230 fixed resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB2H200J solid resistor ts-530sp ts-9 RFQ
R08-9402-05 r- 820 vr resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB2H181J metal oxide film resistor tk RFQ
K-RS14DB3D4R7J resistor 4.7 ohm 2w kvra50 k RFQ
RK73EB2E000JK metal glaze resistor kdcmp732 RFQ
R08-5053-05 no longer available. resistor RFQ
R31-0249-05 variable resistor kac7205 RFQ
RK73EB2B471F cement resistor RFQ
RK73GB1J224G th-22at chip resistor RFQ
RK73FB2B330J chip resistor 33 ohm kac6402 RFQ
W05-0434-00 mod kit check for 24 k ohm resistor. RFQ
K-RS14GB3D561J krx-891 resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB83A101J ka-1100 resistor RFQ
R90-0851-05 kav6000 multiple resistor RFQ
RK73PB2H4R7J metal glaze resistor kacps4d RFQ
K-RS14KB3D272J kac-1023 resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3A102J kx-w4080 resistor RFQ
RD14GB2E220JTS resistor 22 ohm 1/4 w kt72 RFQ
K-RS14DB3A3R3J (l1) resistor 3.3 ohm 1w ts- RFQ
R92-2115-05 kac624 resistor RFQ
RK73FB2A151J chip resistor RFQ
R92-2105-05 fixed resistor kscwd250 kscwd250t RFQ
K-RS14KB3D392J metal oxide film resistor kr RFQ
R31-0037-05 variable resistor 100 k x 4 RFQ
RS14DB3A271J resistor kvra90r RFQ
RK73HB1J332J th-22at chip resistor RFQ
R92-5416-05 metal plate resistor kac8105d RFQ
RK73GB2A912J metal glaze resistor kvt514 RFQ
RD14GB2E331J resistor 330 ohm ka1000 RFQ
K-RS14KB3A3R9J dp2050 resistor RFQ
PTH9M04BD222T positive resistor kac1023 kac729s k RFQ
RK73GB2A272J metal glaze resistor krc225 RFQ
RK73EB2E510J metal glaze resistor kac8103d RFQ
R31-0606-05 (d) variable resistor ts-870s RFQ
R92-5413-05 metal plate resistor kac7205 RFQ
R12-1040-05 ts-530s var- resistor RFQ
K-RN73GH1J913D metal film resistor 91k tk-3 RFQ
R31-0601-08 variable resistor tm-251 RFQ
RK73EB2E333J metal glaze resistor kosa200 RFQ
R90-0528-08 hc-10 resistor - block RFQ
R32-0328-05 semi fixed resistor lz760r RFQ
K-RS14KB3D101J kac-1023 metal resistor RFQ
RK73GB2A132J metal glaze resistor krc635 RFQ
K-RS14KB3D3R3J dp-r797 resistor RFQ
RK73HB1J101J resistor tsu-8 RFQ
R31-0617-05 variable resistor (poer sw/ volume ) RFQ
RK73EB2E221J chip resistor kacx40 RFQ
RD14BB2C100J resistor 10 ohm 1/6 w RFQ
RD14BB2C362J carbon film resistor kac7201 RFQ
K-RS14GB3A101JMA ka-1100 resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB3A391JTE resistor 390 ohm 1w kac920 RFQ
RK73EB2E153J metal glaze resistor kac6104d RFQ
W05-1080-00 resistor rxda53 rxda303 rxda35 RFQ
K-RS14DB2H220J (l1) resistor 220ohm 1/2w so RFQ
RK73FB2A822G no longer available. resistor 9/10 8 RFQ
K-RS14KB3D391J metal oxide film resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3D2R7J rxd-a900 chip resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3D6R8J dp-m98 resistor RFQ
RK73GB2A105J metal glaze resistor kdc5019 RFQ
PRF21BE471QB2 positive resistor kdc205 kdcmp225 kdc225 RFQ
RS14KB3D4R7JP metal oxide film resistor kac8104d RFQ
K-RS14AB3D122J (d) resistor RFQ
RS14AB3A3R3J resistor ka900 RFQ
R19-9403-05 tr-7600 vri resistor RFQ
K-RS14AB3D221J resistor RFQ
RD14AB2E2R2JTS resistor ka127 RFQ
K-RS14AB3A5R6 n/a metal resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB3D151J kt-727 resistor RFQ
RK73EB2E561J metal glaze resistor kac5203 RFQ
RK73GB2A103J resistor krc225 RFQ
K-RS14KB3DR47J resistor, flameproof 0.47 ohm 2 watts RFQ
K-RS14KB3D470J dp-6100 resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB2H151J resistor 150 ohm 1/2w ts-790 RFQ
RK73FB2A822J chip resistor RFQ
RK73EB2E103J metal glaze resistor kvt514 RFQ
K-RS14DB3A1R0J resistor tkr-820 RFQ
RK73GB1J3R3J resistor RFQ
RK73EB2E243J metal glaze resistor kac6104d RFQ
R92-3052-05 resistor kdcx711 RFQ
K-RS14AB3D820J ts-930s resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3A100J metal resistor 10 ohm 1w km10 RFQ
R31-0215-15 variable resistor kac927 kacps300t kac74 RFQ
R92-0514-05 fuse resistor 4.7 r-5000 RFQ
RK73EB2E272J chip resistor dnx5120 RFQ
R92-5169-05 metal plate resistor x1200m RFQ
RK73GB1J1R0J chip resistor 1.0 ohm dv5900m RFQ
RK73EB2E622J metal galze resistor kvt514 RFQ
R31-0410-08 variable resistor 103sw 1 RFQ
RK73FB2B621J cermet resistor kdc2019v RFQ
RD14BB2E221J resistor 220 ohm 1/4 w RFQ
RC05GF2H474J solid resistor ts-830s RFQ
K-RN73GH1J563D resistor tk-790 RFQ
K-RS14DB3F221J metal oxide film resistor tk RFQ
K-RS14DB2H101J metal oxide film resistor RFQ
R92-5239-05 metal plate resistor xr4s RFQ
RK73GB2A333J metal glaze resistor krc225 tk-3201 RFQ
RD14BB2E750J resistor 75 ohms 1/4 w RFQ
RS14KB3A470J kc206 resistor 47 ohm 1 w RFQ
R31-0074-08 no longer available. resistor 06 09 9 RFQ
K-RS14GB3F0R1K fl-proof resistor sw505d RFQ
RD14CB2E1R0J carbon film resistor RFQ
RK73PB2H2R2J chip resistor kdc3028 RFQ
RD14BB2C912J carbon film resistor kr796 RFQ
K-RS14KB3D562J resistor km993 RFQ
K-SH1305811004 chip resistor 1.5m ohm 1/16w RFQ
RK73GB2A151J metal glaze resistor. r73 krc365 RFQ
K-RS14KB3A270J resistor 27ohm 27 1w RFQ
K-RS14GB3D100JMA ka-1100 resistor RFQ
K-RS14AB3A2R2 ts-950 metal resistor RFQ
RK73EB2E332J metal galze resistor kosv500 RFQ
MN662773KH2 tqfp100 RFQ
TDA7420 qfp-64 RFQ
R90-1013-05 multiple resistor krc957r RFQ
R90-0940-05 ce9 multiple resistor RFQ
RK73GB2A680J chip resistor 68 ohm RFQ
K-SH1106700336 resistor (overseas) a47 RFQ
K-RS14AB3A681J ka-9x metal resistor RFQ
RK73HB1J124J resistor 120k 1/16 w th-d7a RFQ
K-RS14DB2H150J resistor 15 ohm 1/2w RFQ
K-RS14KB3F220J metal oxide film resistor ds RFQ
K-RS14B3A5R6J a-b3 resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3A5R6J metal oxide film resistor dp RFQ
RK73GB2A362J metal glaze resistor kdc2019v RFQ
PTH9M04BH222T positive resistor kac1023 RFQ
R92-5405-08 fixed resistor kac5204 RFQ
K-RW98A3D101K kvc-10 resistor RFQ
L77-1199-05 crystal resistor krv9030 RFQ
K-RS14AB3A222J ka-33 metal resistor RFQ
RK73EB2E181J resistor kac7252 kdc5019 RFQ
R92-2010-05 kac1021 fixed resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB3D5R6J (d) resistor vr6060 RFQ
K-SH1305810408 fuse resistor x311 RFQ
K-RS14DB2H3R9J ts-950sdx resistor RFQ
K-RN73GH1J683D metal film resistor 68k tk-3 RFQ
RK73GH1J134D metal glaze resistor hdv910 RFQ
K-RS14AB3A2R7J basic m2a resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3D220JTE ka-1100sd metal resistor RFQ
K-RS14KB3A103J metal oxide film resistor ka RFQ
RK73EB2E750J metal glaze resistor ddx7019 RFQ
K-RS14GB3D471J metal film resistor 470 ohm RFQ
K-RS14AB3A5R6J resistor 5.6 ohm 1w RFQ
R92-2565-05 resistor kdcx817 RFQ
R92-1286-05 ts-950s resistor RFQ
K-RS14DB3A2R7J basic m2a metal resistor RFQ
R31-0204-05 variable resistor kgc7043 RFQ