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Browse the below part numbers including SSA-156-8, C440-2CC, SO-M3-4, SO-M4-10, CSOS-632-10 by manufacturer Captive Fastener. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor supply all parts of Captive Fastener at reasonable prices. Fill the quote form after selecting the required part number and our customer representative will come up with the detail information.

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Part No Description RFQ
SSA-156-8 ssa-156-8 RFQ
C440-2CC captive fast. c440-2cc RFQ
SO-M3-4 so-m3-4 standoff stl zinc rohs compl RFQ
SO-M4-10 so-m4-10 RFQ
CSOS-632-10 csos-632-10 RFQ
SO440-4 4-40x1/8 steel self-clinching standoff z/p RFQ
SOS-6440-22 sos-6440-22 RFQ
SS-032-3ZC ss-032-3zc RFQ
M6-1 m6-1 RFQ
TFHS-032-12 tfhs-032-12 RFQ
SO-632-16 captive cfso632-16 RFQ
WN632 wn-632 weld nut plain RFQ
BSO-3.5M3-12 bso-3.5m3-12 RFQ
F-632-2 captive cfl632-2 RFQ
FHS-M3-18 fhs-m3-18 RFQ
SO-632-18 penn eng. so-632-18 RFQ
SP-440-1 sp-440-1 RFQ
BSO-8632-32 pem bso-8632-32 RFQ
U-256-0 penn eng. u-256-0 RFQ
BSO-8632-18 bso-8632-18 RFQ
FH832-24 8-32x1-1/2 flush head self-clinching stud z/p RFQ
SOA632-8 6-32x1/4 aluminum self-clinching standoff RFQ
TSO-M25-1200-ZI tso-m25-1200-zi RFQ
FHA440-4 4-40x1/4 aluminum flush head self-clinching stud RFQ
KSSB-156-8 kssb-156-8 RFQ
WN-032-0CU wn-032-0cu RFQ
BSO-632-20ZC pem bso-632-20zc 5/8 lg blind st/off RFQ
WNS-0420-0 wns-0420-0 RFQ
C-1032-1 captive fast. c-1032-1 RFQ
BSOS-M4-14 bsos-m4-14 RFQ
PS10-440-40 ps10-440-40 RFQ
KFE-M3-8 kfe-m3-8 RFQ
PFK-440-62 penn eng. pfk-440-62 RFQ
FH-632-10CC fh-632-10cc RFQ
FH-M4-18 fh-m4-18 flush hd stud stl zinc RFQ
CSS-632-5 css-632-5 RFQ
CFBSOS-M4-9 captive cfbsos-m4-9 RFQ
FHS-121-4 penn eng. fhs-121-4 .121 x 1/4 self RFQ
BSOS-832-12 bsos-832-12 blind RFQ
S0-440-20 s0-440-20 RFQ
KFB3-M3-4 kfb3-m3-4 RFQ
FH-024-12 captive ch1024-12 RFQ
HFHS-0420-10 hfhs-0420-10 heavy flush hd stud stnlss RFQ
SO-6440-8 penn eng. so-6440-8 RFQ
CKFH-440-8 penn eng. ckfh-440-8 RFQ
WN-632-0-CU penn eng. wn-632-0-cu RFQ
CLS-M5-2 cls-m5-2 RFQ
SSS-4-18 sss-4-18 RFQ
FEOX632 6-32 s/s non-locking self clinching nut RFQ
SO-440-8ZC so-440-8zc stand off steel zinc yellow RFQ
S0SM3.5-10 penn eng. s0sm3.5-10 RFQ
FH632-10 6-32x5/8 flush head self-clinching stud z/p RFQ
TCH-832-8 tch-832-8 RFQ
LK-632-2EF penn eng. lk-632-2ef RFQ
SO632-24 6-32x3/4 steel self-clinching standoff z/p RFQ
LAS-632-2 las-632-2 RFQ
FH024-24 10-24x1-1/2 self-clinching flush head stud z/p RFQ
SOS-1032-14 sos-1032-14 RFQ
AS-M5-2 as-m5-2 RFQ
FH-032-6ZC fh-032-6zc flush hd stud steel zinc yel. RFQ
CLS-M2-0 cls-m2-0 RFQ
SO-440-.270 so-440-.270 RFQ
CS1032-1 captive cs1032-1 clinch nut s/s RFQ
FH256-4 2-56x1/4 flush head self-clinching stud z/p RFQ
FEO832 8-32 s/s locking self clinching nut black dry film lube RFQ
BSOS-M4-12 bsos-m4-12 RFQ
SOS6440-12 4-40 x 3/8 s/s self clinching standoff RFQ
AC-440-2 ac-440-2 RFQ
PFC2-M4-94 pfc2-m4-94 RFQ
PFK632-40 6-32 captive panel fastener RFQ
FEX-M3 pem fex-m3 RFQ
FH832-20 8-32x1-1/4 flush head self-clinching z/p RFQ
FH032-16 10-32x1 flush head self-clinching stud z/p RFQ
KFH032-6 10-32x3/8 broaching stud RFQ
CL-632-2 cl-632-2 RFQ
KFSE-143-16 kfse-143-16 RFQ
S-M6-0 penn eng. s-m6-0 clinch nut RFQ
BSO-632-16ZC bso-632-16zc blind st/off stl zinc yel. RFQ
KFH440-10 4-40x5/8 bronze broaching stud e/t RFQ
SOSG-6440-14 sosg-6440-14 RFQ
TFH-832-12 penn eng. tfh-832-12 RFQ
FH024-20 10-24x1-1/4 flush head self-clinching stud RFQ
SOS-032-16 sos-032-16 RFQ
FH-632-10ZC fh-632-10 zc flush hd stud stl zy RFQ
FEX-032 fex-032 RFQ
CLS-256-0 cls-256-0 pem nut stainless RFQ
BSO-032-10 bso-032-10 RFQ
SO832-4 8-32x1/8 steel self-clinching standoff z/p RFQ
FEOX-832 feox-832 RFQ
CLSS-024-1 clss-024-1 RFQ
58LN-062 pem58ln-062 RFQ
KFE-143-25-ET penn eng. kfe-143-25-et RFQ
BSO-632-32ZC bso-632-32zc blind st/off stl zinc yel. RFQ
KF2-832 penn eng. kf2-832 RFQ
KFE-143-16-ET penn eng. kfe-143-16-et RFQ
LK-440-1 lk-440-1 RFQ
S-440-0 s-440-0 clinch nut steel zinc RFQ
FHLS-M3-10 fhls-m3-10 RFQ
BSO-3.5M3-8 bso-3.5m3-8 blind stand off RFQ
AS-832-2 as-832-2 RFQ
BSO-632-16 bso-632-16 blind standoff stl zinc RFQ
BSO-632-18 bso-632-18 blind stand off steel zinc RFQ
S-M3-2ZC penn eng. s-m3-2zc RFQ
SOS-3.5M3-12 sos-3.5m3-12 thru hole standoff ss RFQ
CLA-M3-1 cla-m3-1 RFQ
FH440-4 4-40x1/4 flush head self-clinching stud z/p RFQ
S-1224-1 s-1224-1 RFQ
FH-632-12CI penn eng. fh-632-12ci RFQ
KFB3-632-12ET penn eng. kfb3-632-12et RFQ
WNS-M4 wns-m4 RFQ
FH-032-14 ch-032-14 RFQ
KFH032-12 10-32x3/4 bronze broaching stud e/t RFQ
FH-0420-20 penn eng. fh-0420-20 RFQ
BSO-6440-20 penn eng. bso-6440-20 RFQ
WN-832-OCU wn-832-ocu RFQ
CLS-M3-2 penn eng. cls-m3-2 RFQ
SOS-632-18 sos-632-18 RFQ
BSOS-3.5M3-22 bsos-3.5m3-22 RFQ
S-0420-2ZC s-0420-2zc clinch nut steel zinc yellow RFQ
SOS-8194-16 sos-8194-16 RFQ
CHS-420-6 captive fast. chs-420-6 RFQ
BSOS-M5-18 bsos-m5-18 RFQ
CKFE-632-4 captive fast. ckfe-632-4 RFQ
KFE-440-20ZC kfe-440-20 broaching st/off stl zy RFQ
SM3-2 m3 steel self-clinching nut RFQ
S-M2.5-2 s-m2.5-2 clinch nut steel zinc RFQ
BSOS-440-30 bsos-440-30 RFQ
SOS-M3-7 pem sos-m3-7 RFQ
WN-032 captive cfwn1032 RFQ
SSC-156-12 pem ssc-156-12 RFQ
SOA632-14 6-32x7/16 aluminum self-clinching standoff RFQ
CLS-M10-3 cls-m10-3 RFQ
CL-632-1 cl-632-1 RFQ
SO-M3-12 so-m3-12 RFQ
SO-M4-3 so-m4-3zi self-clinching standoff RFQ
BSO-6440-12 captive cfbso6440-12 RFQ
SO-032-8CI penn eng. so-032-8ci RFQ
LKS-440-2 lks-440-2 RFQ
KFE-M3-10 kfe-m3-10 RFQ
BSOA-8632-10 bsoa-8632-10 self clinching alum RFQ
SM4-2 4mm metric self clinching nut z/p RFQ
BSOS-632-24 bsos-632-24 blind stand off stainless RFQ
BSO-6440-18 bso-6440-18 blind standoff RFQ
KFSE-440-20 penn eng. kfse440-20 RFQ
SOS-M5-16 sos-m5-16 RFQ
SOA632-12 6-32x3/8 aluminum self-clinching standoff RFQ
SOS-8632-26 penn eng sos-8632-26 RFQ
KFSE-4.2-12 pem eng. kfse-4.2-12 RFQ
SOS-8169-18 sos-8169-16 RFQ
SO032-6 10-32x3/16 steel self-clinching standoff z/p RFQ
FEO032 10-32 s/s locking self clinching nut black dry film lube RFQ
SOS-8632-12 sos-8632-12 RFQ
SO832-10 penn eng. so 832-10 RFQ
KFSE-4.2-4 kfse-4.2-4 RFQ
SO-M4-8 so-m4-8 self-clinching standoff RFQ
SOS-M3-10 sos-m3-10 RFQ
SOS6440-4 penn eng. sos 6440-4 RFQ
SOS-3.5-M3-10 captive cfso3.5-m3-10 RFQ
KFH-M5-15 kfh-m5-15 RFQ
SOA440-10 4-40x5/16 aluminum self-clinching standoff RFQ
SO-6440-16 so-6440-16 RFQ
S0S-632-12 penn eng. s0s-632-12 RFQ
CFHA-632-4 cfha-632-4 RFQ
AS-632-2 as-632-2 RFQ
SM3-1 m3 steel self-clinching nut RFQ
KFE-143-24 kfe-143-24 broaching spacer stl et RFQ
S-632-0ZC penn eng. s-632-0 zc RFQ
SSS-4-12 sss-4-12 RFQ
Q1774 captive fast. q1774 weld tabs RFQ
BSOS-032-12 bsos-032-12 RFQ
SOS6440-20 4-40x5/8 s/s self clinching standoff RFQ
SO-6440-14 so-6440-14 RFQ
SQR-1-12-14-20 1 1/2 square plug balck RFQ
KFE-143-13-ET penn eng. kfe-143-13-et RFQ
FH-024-6 captive ch1024-6 RFQ
FH-632-12-ZC penn eng. fh-632-12-zc RFQ
SOS-632-14 sos-632-14 RFQ
SOS6440-14 4-40 x 7/16 s/s self clinching standoff RFQ
BSOS-832-14 bsos-832-14 RFQ
KFB3-440-2ET penn eng. kfb3-440-2et RFQ
KFSE-632-8 penn eng. kfse-632-8 RFQ
SO032-10 10-32x5/16 steel self clinching standoff RFQ
CFSP-1032-1 captive fast. cfsp-1032-1 RFQ
FHS-M8-18 penn eng. fhs-m8-18 RFQ
CKFH1032-8 10-32 x 1/2 broaching type stud RFQ
SO8632-6 penn eng. so 8632-6 RFQ
SOM5-14 som5-14 RFQ
SOS-8632-14 sos-8632-14 RFQ
FH632-4 6-32x1/4 flush head self-clinching stud z/p RFQ
SO-632-4 so-632-4 standoff steel zinc RFQ
FE-832 penn eng. fe-832 RFQ
FH832-5 8-32x5/16 flush head self-clinching stud z/p RFQ
BSOS-6440-16 bsos-6440-16 self clnch bld RFQ
CLSS032-1 10-32 s/s self clinching nut RFQ
FH024-16 10-24x1 flush head self-clinching stud z/p RFQ
SOSG-8632-14ET pem eng sosg-8632-14et RFQ
SO8169-10 #8x5/16 steel self-clinching spacer z/p RFQ
HS6-51618 5/16-18 weld nut RFQ
SO-632-22 so-632-22 RFQ