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Crimp Terminals Electrical Connector Parts Catalog

Looking for Crimp Terminals parts? ASAP Distribution provides all parts of Crimp Terminals including MCSFDBU1, 5-160430-6, FVWSPC-5-5-LF, FDFNYD1-110-5-E, 2-520411-2 by Fci, Tyco Electronics, Jst, Rs Components, Altech manufacturer. Search our database to get the exact part you need.

Manufacturer's List for Crimp Terminals

Part Number's List for Crimp Terminals

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
MCSFDBU1 fci female mcs crimp terminal 1.8mm automotive connectors female 1.8 mm term RFQ
5-160430-6 tyco electronics terminals recpt 4.75 x 0.81 mm faston, female, 4.75x0.51 RFQ
FVWSPC-5-5-LF jst crimp term ins pin yellow 6.8 12-10 RFQ
FDFNYD1-110-5-E rs components red shroud receptacle,2.8wx0.5tmm RFQ
2-520411-2 tyco electronics red ultra-fast crimpterminal,4.8wx0.8tmm 2-520411-2 conn fast recept 18-22 awg 187 quote RFQ
HD-0-50-12-2863-0 altech ferrule; polypropylene (sleeve) ; tin plated copper (tube); 0.11 in.; 0.05 in. RFQ
FLVDDF2-250A jst solderless terminals RFQ
FVDDF1-25-187A-8-S-LF jst crimp terminal female red 187 for .8 tab RFQ
328730 tyco electronics terminals nylon 22-10 awg .720 conn splice closed 10-22 awg RFQ
452-631A rs components red crimp pin terminal,0.5-1.5sq.mm wire RFQ
211CL2S2160 fci terminals male 1.5mm term 1.3 - 2 sqmm tin male sicma3 crimp terminal 1.5mm RFQ
213843-4 tyco electronics connector socket 8-10awg gold crimp 213843-4 conn socket 8-10awg gold crimp quote RFQ
GTR1-5-8 jst ferrule 1.5-8 red RFQ
534-575 rs components blue m5 crimp ring terminal,1.5-2.5sq.mm RFQ
2-36161-3 tyco electronics conn ring 12 awg #10 pidg 2-36161-3 conn ring 12 awg #10 pidg quote RFQ
41829-1 tyco electronics fast-on receptacle,2-5.3sq.mm wire size conn rcpt f-crimp insulated RFQ
RB44 thomas betts crimp joint; crimp wire; 0310 in; 0780 in; ul listed csa certified crimp joint; crimp wire; 0.310 in.; 0.780 in.; ul listed; csa certified RFQ
321233 tyco electronics conn spade 14-16 awg #8 pidg 321233 terminal spade/fork #8 crimp blue quote RFQ
32836 tyco electronics ring terminal, pidg, red m5 32836 conn ring 16-22 awg #10 pidg quote RFQ
SZ-100 rs components female solder contact for d conn,5/7.5a RFQ
341001-3 tyco electronics terminal rec 6.35mm 13-11awg posi-lock RFQ
P25-0822 harwin plc probe flat contact 254mm pitch flat 2-part spring probe,2.54mm pitch RFQ
613-9867 rs components yellow m8 spade terminal,4-6sq.mm wire RFQ
54775-2 te connectivity amp conn mult stud 16-14awg #10,8,6 conn mult stud 16-14awg #10 8 RFQ
R-Y-BOX 3m conn wirenut 8-22awg red/yellow conn wirenut 8-22awg red/yello RFQ
SH3-SS5-28300 jst lead skt/free end 300mm crimp socket to free end lead,300mm RFQ
313084VM rs components yel m8 crimp ring terminal,2.5-6.5sq.mm RFQ
2-34071-1 te connectivity amp plasti-grip 16-14 awg blue copper unsealed closed barrel butt splice plasti-grip 16-14 awg blue copper unsealed closed barrel butt splice RFQ
42802-1 tyco electronics terminal tab 6.35mm 22-18awg faston conn tab faston .250 RFQ
613-9435 rs components blue m4 spade terminal,1.5-2.5sq.mm wire RFQ
B14-8F thomas betts terminal; fork; 18 to 14 awg; 0590 in(max); copper; tin; #8; fork terminal; fork; 18 to 14 awg; 0.590 in. (max.); copper; tin; #8; fork RFQ
4-521098-2 tyco electronics terminals ultra-fast plus 12-10 awg 4-521098-2 terminal male disconnect 635mm yellow quote RFQ
HTDSP9-10 rs components d connector crimp contact,plug 5a RFQ
1658670-1 tyco electronics d-subminiature connectors pin 28-22 phbz/au reel connector,contact,crimp,pin,straight,size 22,14.86mm length, 22-28awg RFQ
928934-2 tyco electronics crimp, faston, tab 6.3mm RFQ
165026 tyco electronics terminals sol. ring tongue crimp ring tong. m6/12.7mm 3.3-5.26sq.mm RFQ
165536-1 tyco electronics terminals 1p 15-13 awg brass insulated conn rcpt pos lock 15.5-13.5awg RFQ
170365-3 tyco electronics connector socket 22-26awg gold crimp 170365-3 conn socket 22-26awg gold crimp quote RFQ
710030-3 tyco electronics ring terminal RFQ
163303-8 tyco electronics contact crimp pin 17-13awg mate-n-lok RFQ
RC10-250F thomas betts terminal; 12 to 10 awg; brass; nylon; tin plated; 0.215 in. (max.); ul 94v-2 quick disconnect terminal 10-12awg f 26.41mm 7.36mm electro-tin bulk RFQ
613-9744 rs components red male receptacle,0.5-1.5sq.mm wire RFQ
TNF18-4MB thomas betts connector; bullet; 22-18 awg; red; 0.156 in.; 0.156 in.; 1.061 in.; male bullet RFQ
156666-1 tyco electronics blue pidg flag terminal,1-2.6sq.mm wire 156666-1 receptacle faston r/a awg16-14 quote RFQ
320568 tyco electronics yel m4 ring terminal,2.7-6.6sq.mm wire terminals trmnl,pidg r 12-10 8 RFQ
322345 te connectivity amp conn splice butt 16-14awg conn splice butt 16-14awg butt RFQ
ILZ-SL100SE-10 jae electronics il-z contact one end 100mm wire RFQ
52043-3 tyco electronics terminals terminal r pg 4 1/4 52043-3 conn ring 4 awg #1/4 pl-grip quote RFQ
365485VH rs components blue crimp female receptacle,0.187in/a RFQ
193991-4 tyco electronics power to the board high current xii pin contact crimp pin 8awg multimate RFQ
613-9249 rs components red m4 ring terminal,0.5-1.5sq.mm wire RFQ
149-681 rs components reel blue m6 ring terminal,1.5-2.5sq.mm RFQ
157-1216 rs components violet insul bootlace ferrule,0.25sq.mm RFQ
393638VH rs components yel crimp piggyback terminal2.5-6.5sq.mm RFQ
181953-1 tyco electronics terminal tab 6.35mm r/a faston RFQ
60123-2 tyco electronics crimp terminal,ring tongue,0.20-0.60mm2 60123-2 conn ring 20-26awg str tin crimp quote RFQ
170030-1 tyco electronics fastin-faston, male, 6.35 x 0.81 170030-1 contact tab 14-20awg 250 series quote RFQ
12959-1-AU bulgin bulgin buccaneer type a pin contact RFQ
668-8940 rs components ring terminal (insul) yellow stud 5.00 RFQ
MVU18-6FLK 3m terminals fork; locking fork; 22 to 18 awg; scissor; 0145 in (max); tin; vinyl; 6 RFQ
624-1279 rs components blue m3.5 spade terminal,1.5-2.5sq.mm RFQ
928781-2 tyco electronics terminal tab 2.79mm 15-13awg fastin-on automotive connector accessories ff-flachstecker 2.8 RFQ
10RC-6 thomas betts terminal; ring; electrolytic copper; 12-10 awg; #6; 1.06 in.; vinyl terminal; ring; electrolytic copper; 12-10 awg; #6; 1.06 in.; vinyl RFQ
341412-2 tyco electronics pt brass positive lock receptacle1.5sqmm RFQ
170032-5 tyco electronics terminal,crimp,recp,6.35mm,20-14awg automotive connector accessories crimp term 14-20awg RFQ
LCA4-56-L panduit electrical; power connectors; compression connectors - lugs lug terminal 2-4awg 44.45mm 13.97mm electro-tin RFQ
510-4949 rs components 3 way uninsulated RFQ
458-746A rs components or insul bootlace ferrule,0.5sq.mm wire RFQ
AZ5CE007 telemechanics inc blue double bootlace RFQ
42640-2 te connectivity amp faston 22-18 awg non-insulated straight receptacle terminal conn recept fast 18-22 awg .250 standard female 0.250"" (6.35mm) 0.032"" (0.81mm) 0.305"" (7.75mm) 0.750"" (19.05mm) crimp 18-22 awg non-insulated free hanging (in-line) - - cut tape (ct) RFQ
324486 tyco electronics end splice pidg blue 3.05-3.68mm conn splice wire cap .120-.150 RFQ
G2-38 thomas betts terminal; ring tongue; ring connector; high conductivity electrolytic copper terminal ring tongue; ring connector; high conductivity electrolytic copper RFQ
33462 tyco electronics conn ring 8 awg #5/16 solis 33462 conn ring 8 awg #5/16 solis quote RFQ
293041-1 tyco electronics recpt 6.35 x 0.81 mm 293041-1 conn unins tab 17-28awg 0250 quote RFQ
1-160760-2 tyco electronics terminal rec dual 30-26awg RFQ
313064VM rs components yel m6 crimp ring terminal,2.5-6.5sq.mm RFQ
170293-1 tyco electronics terminals 2 dia pin rec lp contact,female,2mm dia.0.5-2.27mm wire RFQ
16-02-0097 molex incorporated headers & wire housings 24-30 terminal bulk color: none; wire size (awg): 30-24; power connection type: socket contact RFQ
737739-1 tyco electronics connector,crimp terminal,wire pin,pin,yellow,3awg,30mm,11.2mm RFQ
267-4085 rs components yellow insulated hook blade,3mm RFQ
2396 altech crimp terminal; non-insulated wire ferrule; 2 awg; hu 350/18; 071 in crimp terminal; non-insulated wire ferrule; 2 awg; hu 35.0/18; 0.71 in. RFQ
E16-12-IVORY rs components cream insulated bootlace ferrule,16sq.mm RFQ
172774-1 tyco electronics contact, female, 20-14awg, mic automotive connectors contact 20-14awg RFQ
EN4012 rs components uninsulated bootlace ferrule,4sq.mm wire RFQ
RA18-10F thomas betts terminal; fork; 22 to 16 awg; 0136 in(max); copper; tin; nylon; #10; fork terminal; fork; 22 to 16 awg; 0.136 in. (max.); copper; tin; nylon; #10; fork RFQ
2-36161-2 te connectivity amp ring tongue terminal 10-12awg 27.5mm 9.52mm tin t/r conn ring 10-12 awg #10 pidg circular 10 stud 0.039"" (0.99mm) 0.375"" (9.53mm) 1.083"" (27.51mm) free hanging (in-line) crimp 10-12 awg insulated serrated termination yellow cut tape (ct) RFQ
66253-8 te connectivity amp contact pin crimp st cable mount strip contact pin 10awg crimp silver RFQ
52746 tyco electronics terminals copalum splice 6 splice parallel 14mm¦ copalum RFQ
149-697 rs components reel blue m4 ring terminal,1.5-2.5sq.mm RFQ
342182-1 tyco electronics yel m3/3.5/4ba ring terminal,2.7-6.6sqmm RFQ
192-991-0040 itt cannon machined socket contacts to crimp awg 20 RFQ
36960 tyco electronics terminals splice solis butt 4/ butt splice, solistrand, 100-125mm RFQ
160917-2 tyco electronics terminal rec 6.35mm 17-13awg fastin-on RFQ
RNYD5-6-E rs components yel m6 insul ring terminal,2.7-6.6sq.mm RFQ
1-160304-0 tyco electronics terminals 250 faston rec. crimp,faston,rcp,strt,f,13.5-17awg,loose RFQ
42281-2 tyco electronics terminals .25 ff rcpt 18-14 22000 42281-2 conn recept fast 14-18 awg tin quote RFQ
68801-2380 molex incorporated crimp-crimp lead awg28, 300mm RFQ
42802-1 te connectivity amp quick disconnect terminal m/m 9.91mm 8.89mm tin loose piece conn tab faston .250 angled - RFQ
RM14M30K souriau connection technology contact male awg16-14 contact male awg16-14 RFQ
RA18-8F thomas betts terminal; fork; 22 to 16 awg; 0136 in(max); copper; tin; nylon; #8; fork terminal; fork; 22 to 16 awg; 0.136 in. (max.); copper; tin; nylon; #8; fork RFQ

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