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Crimp Terminals Electrical Connector Parts Catalog

Manufacturer's List for Crimp Terminals

Part Number's List for Crimp Terminals

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
60070461 fci female dcs1 9,5mm box terminal automotive connectors 9.5mm female term 4-6 sqmm tin RFQ
MCSMDBU2 fci terminals male 1.8mm terminal male mcs crimp terminal 1.8mm RFQ
S101A004-7 fischer connectors fischer clamp plug-rg58 coax cable,50ohm RFQ
FCN723JAUA fujitsu contacts RFQ
19069-0042 molex incorporated terminals ring tongue stud 1/4 18-22 awg terminals ring tongue stud 1/4 18-22 awg RFQ
39-00-0341 molex incorporated terminal socket 157mm awg22-28 crimp 1.57mm,fem, 22-28 awg,gold, bag RFQ
14-243 erni electronics crimp pin contact awg 26-20 RFQ
44476-3112 molex incorporated conn term female 16awg tin crimp conn term female 16awg tin crimp RFQ
14-246 erni electronics reeled crimp pin contact awg 26-20 RFQ
MCSFDBU2 fci terminals mcs female ctc female mcs crimp terminal 1.8mm RFQ
M80-9130099 harwin plc headers & wire housings fml crmp contct assm 28awg 150mm sngl end crimp-free end lead, 28awg,150mm RFQ
CVDAGF2-5 jst crimp term fem bullet blue 3.96mm 16-14 RFQ
FLVDDF2-250A-PA jst crimp terminal flag 16-14awg 7.4mm RFQ
FTR0-75-8 jst ferrule .75-8 white RFQ
FVWS2-M4 jst crimp terminal ring blue 16-14awg 4mm RFQ
FVWS5-5-5-LF jst crimp terminal ring 12-10awg 5mm RFQ
SIN-01T-1-2 jst single circuit board in crimp style terminal RFQ
149-417 rs components reel blue female receptacle,4.8wx0.8tmm RFQ
149-552 rs components reel blue m8 ring terminal,1.5-2.5sq.mm RFQ
149-675 rs components reel blue m5 ring terminal,1.5-2.5sq.mm RFQ
315064VM rs components blue m6 crimp ring terminal,1.5-2.5sq.mm RFQ
331218NBT rs components uninsul flat pin terminal,0.5-1.5sq.mm RFQ
361288VH rs components red crimp 2.8/0.8mm female receptacle RFQ
371004VH rs components red male crimp bullet terminal,4mm RFQ
385488VH rs components blu crimp shrouded receptacle, 4.8/0.8mm RFQ
393638VH rs components yel crimp piggyback terminal2.5-6.5sq.mm RFQ
395638VH rs components blu crimp piggyback terminal1.5-2.5sq.mm RFQ
510-4854 rs components quick splice yellow RFQ
510-5043 rs components 1 bullet to 2 receptacles RFQ
513-2607 rs components red bootlace ferrule,1.0mm sq cable RFQ
534-288A rs components red crimp butt terminal,0.5-1.5sq.mm RFQ
534-339A rs components red crimp 6.3/0.8mm female receptacle RFQ
534-884 rs components 6.3mm male to male adaptor,1/4in blade RFQ
613-9211 rs components blu m3.5 ring crimp terminal1.5-2.5sq.mm RFQ
613-9520 rs components blue m3 spade terminal,1.5-2.5sq.mm wire RFQ
613-9659 rs components yellow m5 ring terminal,4-6sq.mm wire RFQ
613-9738 rs components blue parallel splice,1.5-2.5sq.mm wire RFQ
613-9845 rs components red female receptacle,4.8wx0.5mmt RFQ
668-9056 rs components parallel splice (insulated) yellow RFQ
668-9101 rs components push-on term (insul) fmle blue 4.8x0.50 RFQ
668-9129 rs components push-on term (insul) male blue 6.4x0.80 RFQ
86303060NLF rs components power insert - to solder RFQ
878302-PP rs components 6.35mm,double tab,insulated,12w,105░c RFQ
DOF6-3-6LT rs components 6.3mm receptacle,4.0-6.0 sq.mm RFQ
DOM6-3-2-5LT rs components 6.3mm blade,0.5-2.0 sq.mm RFQ
EN4012 rs components uninsulated bootlace ferrule,4sq.mm wire RFQ
RNYD1-8-E rs components red m8 insul ring terminal,0.5-1.5sq.mm RFQ
SNYDL1-3-7-E rs components red m3.5 insul spadeterminal0.5-1.5sqmm RFQ
SNYDM1-4-E rs components red m4insul spade terminal,0.5-1.5sq.mm RFQ
SX-100 rs components female crimp contact for d conn,5/7.5a RFQ
TE1008-RED rs components red 2 entry bootlace ferrule,1sq.mm wire RFQ
TE1508-BLACK rs components black 2 entry bootlace ferrule,1.5sq.mm RFQ
2-31880-1 te connectivity amp pidg 22-16 awg straight closed barrel ring tongue terminal conn ring 16-22 awg #4 red pidg circular 4 stud 0.031"" (0.79mm) 0.218"" (5.54mm) 0.672"" (17.07mm) free hanging (in-line) crimp 16-22 awg insulated serrated termination red cut tape (ct) RFQ
322454 te connectivity amp conn ring 10-12 awg #8 solis conn ring 10-12 awg #8 solis c RFQ
322870 te connectivity amp conn ring 2 awg #5/16 solis ci 322870 terminal ring tongue 5/16in crimp quote RFQ
640911-1 te connectivity amp t-c faston ns recept pidg faston 22-18205 conn recept faston 18-22awg .205 standard female 0.205"" (5.21mm) 0.032"" (0.81mm) 0.250"" (6.35mm) 0.800"" (20.32mm) crimp 18-22 awg non-mating end insulated free hanging (in-line) - red bulk RFQ
66098-7 te connectivity amp conn pin 16-18awg tin crimp stamped pin crimp 16-18 awg brass tin-lead 50¦in (1.27¦m) cut tape (ct) 18-16 awg bright tin-lead brass discrete wire crimp pin multimate connector RFQ
8-34161-1 te connectivity amp terminal pg ring 16-14 10 terminal pg ring 16-14 10 circular 10 stud 0.031"" (0.79mm) 0.343"" (8.71mm) 0.871"" (22.12mm) free hanging (in-line) crimp 14-16 awg insulated serrated termination blue bulk RFQ
14-234 erni electronics crimp socket contact awg 26-20 RFQ
76347-303LF fci connector socket 22-30awg gold crimp conn socket 22-30awg gold crimp RFQ
PIN-S037-99 e tec interconnect through hole board socket 0.46mm diam. RFQ
DZ5CA007 telemechanics inc cable bootlace RFQ
KN10-10R-D thomas betts nylon insulated ring tongue terminal (12-10 awg) 10 bolt nylon insulated ring tongue terminal (12-10 awg) 10 bolt RFQ
TV14-8LF thomas betts fork terminal 14-16awg 22.5mm 7.18mm electro-tin bulk fork crimp terminal; crimp connector; 16 to 14 awg; 600 v; copper; vinyl; fork RFQ
14-237 erni electronics reeled crimp socket contact awg 26-20 RFQ
130102 tyco electronics terminals nal plas-grp rng-tng 5mmg 5mm blu m5/2ba ring terminal,1-2.6sq.mm wire RFQ
130550 tyco electronics crimp terminal solistrand conn ring tong 8awg m6 solis RFQ
S101A004 fischer connectors fischer clamp plug-rg174 coax cable50ohm RFQ
140814-2 tyco electronics crimp,faston,tab,45░,m,6.35x0.81mm RFQ
160645-1 tyco electronics terminal tab 6.35mm 22-18awg fastin-on RFQ
160773-3 tyco electronics terminals positive lock recpt 160773-3 conn rcpt lock 20-155awg 250 quote RFQ
160773-6 tyco electronics positive lock,receptacle,20-15awg,6.35mm headers & wire housings positive lk rec mki RFQ
180351-2 tyco electronics terminals .250 fastin-on rec 9000 180351-2 conn rcpt 12-10awg str 250 tin quote RFQ
2-520261-2 tyco electronics ultra-fast,contact,rcp,0.30-0.90mm¦ 2-520261-2 conn recept fast 18-22 awg 187 quote RFQ
2-520334-2 tyco electronics terminals 187 ultra fast flag reel 2-520334-2 conn recept fast 18-22 awg 187 quote RFQ
322345 tyco electronics terminals solis butt ht 16-14 butt terminal,1-2.6sq.mm 650 deg c RFQ
342182-1 tyco electronics yel m3/3.5/4ba ring terminal,2.7-6.6sqmm RFQ
62138-1 tyco electronics terminals faston recpt 24-20 40000 conn recept fast 20-24awg .187 RFQ
790347 tyco electronics blue pidg blade terminal,1-2.6sq.mm wire RFQ
926897-3 tyco electronics contact,crimp,pin splt,matenlok,24-18awg RFQ
927885-1 tyco electronics contact male crimp ci-2 RFQ
54001800 fci female apex terminal 2.8mm (18/20 awg) automotive connectors female 2.8mm term 18-20 awg tin RFQ
963726-1 tyco electronics crimp contact female 23-20 awg RFQ
DS-MIXT-05-RSU tyco electronics service and repair duraseal kit 2 of 190 RFQ
P19-2221 harwin plc probe convex 190mm pitch pointed 2-part spring probe,2mm pitch RFQ
P25-5223 harwin plc star 2-part spring probe,2.54mm pitch probe star contact 254mm pitch RFQ
M34S75C4F2 jae electronics crimp contact skt mx34 05 - 075mm2 automotive connectors sckt contacts RFQ
030-2491-001 itt cannon crimp socket 20-22awg conn contact flat 20-22awg gold RFQ
30-076 ideal precision meter co connector; wire-nut; 14 to 12 awg; 600 v (max); red 30-076 closed end splice 9/32in twist-on red quote RFQ
19164-0048 molex incorporated color: blue; wire size (awg): 16-14; power connection type: male disconnect solderless terminal; stud/tab size: 0.25 in. 19164-0048 conn 250male sealed 14-16awg quote RFQ
1-25-6 jst non-insulated type r-type ring tongue terminal RFQ
SH3-SH3-28150 jst lead skt/skt 150mm crimp socket to socket lead,150mm RFQ
P19-4021 harwin plc probe serrated 190mm pitch crosscut 2-part spring probe,2mm pitch RFQ
030-2409-003 itt cannon conn contact male 20-22awg gold contact pin crimp st cable mount t/r RFQ
167-9821 itt cannon machined socket contacts to crimp awg 24 RFQ
192990-1250 itt cannon 192990-1250 tri con skt 14 tin st/lo quote 100 tinned skt crimp contacts 14-16 awg RFQ
H316301 harwin plc through hole board socket 1mm diameter RFQ
39-00-0061 molex incorporated terminal 18-24awg mini-fit conn term male 18-24awg tin power pin crimp 18-24 awg tin - cut tape (ct) RFQ
9691827310 harting performance level 3 awg 24-20 turned female d-sub crimp contact d-subminiature connectors d sub m fe sig cr cntct pl3 awg 20-24 RFQ
M80-9220099 harwin plc headers & wire housings fml crmp contct assm 22awg 300mm dbl end crimp-crimp lead,22awg,300mm RFQ

Relevant Electrical Connector Components for Crimp Terminals