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Sodimm Computer Memory Parts Sourcing

Browse the Power Accessories parts such as 38L2982, HYS64T32000HDL37B, 661-3324, 50696535, 005000-001 etc. below. We provide parts from the top manufacturers such as Ibm, Infineon Technologies, Apple, Hp, Compaq. ASAP Distribution, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, sources high quality, reliable parts.

Manufacturer's List for Sodimm

Part Number's List for Sodimm

Part No Manufacturer RFQ
38L2982 ibm RFQ
HYS64T32000HDL37B infineon technologies RFQ
661-3324 apple RFQ
50696535 hp RFQ
005000-001 compaq RFQ
661-4707 apple RFQ
M470T2953BY0-CCC dell RFQ
HYS64T64020HDL-3.7-A infineon technologies RFQ
A1167687-AA addon computer RFQ
69000726-H01-CSC pny technologies RFQ
409963001 hp RFQ
MT9VDDT3272HY335G2/M micron technology RFQ
42H2768 ibm RFQ
PC24200512L dell RFQ
409966-001 hp RFQ
MA347G/A-AX axiom memory solutions RFQ
661-4444 apple RFQ
HYMP512S64CP8Y5 hynix memory RFQ
1333D3D4R9S/4G kingston memory RFQ
A1837308-AAK addon computer RFQ
69001300 micron technology RFQ
MT8VDDT6464HDG335C1 dell RFQ
73P3846 ibm RFQ
HYMP564S64CP6 hynix memory RFQ
KMM332V213AT-L7 mitsubishi electric RFQ
CT51264BC1067-A1 crucial memory RFQ
VB90RI1 elite memory RFQ
CIS00-20955-006MG simpletech RFQ
92G7296 ibm RFQ
KTD-INSP8100/512 kingston memory RFQ
374663-933 hp RFQ
NW2043U toshiba memory RFQ
163612-001-1X128 compaq RFQ
5189-2821 hp RFQ
HYS64T128021HDL-3S-B qimonda RFQ
OP-410-72504-PE edge memory RFQ
H4287 dell RFQ
AX27593235/1 axiom memory solutions RFQ
MT8LSDT3264HG-133C3 dell RFQ
875963865 compaq RFQ
A0655397-AA-50PK addon computer RFQ
MT16VDDF6464HG335G2 compaq RFQ
KTC-P2800/128 kingston memory RFQ
5V088-006 hp RFQ
40P6396 ibm RFQ
MEM1841-128U256D cisco memory RFQ
40Y7735 ibm RFQ
HYMD232M646C6H dell RFQ
457437-001 hp RFQ
1SMERZZTA23-AA addon computer RFQ
M464S6453CKSL7A dell RFQ
M471B5773EB0-CK0 samsung RFQ
41R0594 ibm RFQ
HYS64D128021EBDL-6-C infineon technologies RFQ
661-5241 apple RFQ
KTT-SO100/32 kingston memory RFQ
M470T3354CZ3-CCC dell RFQ
361523002 hp RFQ
374725001 compaq RFQ
PE833A hp RFQ
M470T6554EZ3CE6 compaq RFQ
661-5034 apple RFQ
HB52RF649DC-75B elpida RFQ
WT394 dell RFQ
HYM71V8M655AT6-S hynix memory RFQ
69000735-K00-CSC pny technologies RFQ
50697160 hp RFQ
Y4522 dell RFQ
374663-935 hp RFQ
661-4233 apple RFQ
69000781-C00-CSC pny technologies RFQ
M14E32S416PQSG8 memoryten RFQ
HMT125S6BFR8C-H9N0 hynix memory RFQ
661-4838 apple RFQ
KTM760ELD16 kingston memory RFQ
50698437 hp RFQ
CT102464BF1339 micron technology RFQ
50698440 hp RFQ
MT16JTF51264HZ-1G6M1 micron technology RFQ
40P6397 kingston memory RFQ
72.25330.00N acer RFQ
50694515 hp RFQ
239190-001 compaq RFQ
3R-A1873-AA digital equipment corporation RFQ
253917001 hp RFQ
GV576AA-PE edge memory RFQ
445934-001 hp RFQ
SM572328578DW3RSEO samsung RFQ
CT2KIT102472BF1339 micron technology RFQ
M470T6554CZ3-CD5 ibm RFQ
418852-001 compaq RFQ
294266B21 compaq RFQ
32L16F44-60 memoryten RFQ
PC100222620 dell RFQ
M464S1724CT2L75 samsung RFQ
501488-001 compaq RFQ
KTMTP9828512 kingston memory RFQ
MEM2801-128D-AO addon computer RFQ