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Trump Slams Defense Contracts For Being “Out of Control “

President Elect Mr. Donald Trump is slamming on defense contractors for being ridiculously highly funded. Trump recently implemented that he would cancel the latest Boeings Air Force One. Shortly after the scare of the Air Force one he decided to attack the Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) for its cost being “Out of Control.”

Trump claims that “The F-35 Program and cost is out of control,” and suggests that,” Billions of dollars can be saved on military (and other) purchases after Jan 20” per one of his tweets launched on Dec. 12. Jeff Babione the executive vice president of Lockheed Martin touched back on the statement made by the president elect to try and impose the importance of the programs relative value. This statement from the vice president took place right before the delivering of Israel’s initial two F-35s to the Nevatim Air base, located in southeast of Be’er Sheva , Israel.

While Lockheed has invested millions of dollars to try and reduce the per unit cost of the airplane up to 60 % it is estimated between the years 2019-2020 to be priced at $85 million. Priced at 85 million it makes it the F-35 cheaper in price than any 4th generation aircraft fighter across the globe.  With the JSF being worth over 100 million it has been a great target for Trumps slamming of defense contractors. The Pentagon current estimate over a 60 year of services will cost to just about trillion US dollars.

Trump has made some strong statements during his time in the spot light which include the slamming of the contractors. He believes that they are just looking out for their pockets best interest appose to the best possible material that they can sell to the government. Trump comments and says, “You know, they make a deal like that and two or three years later, you see them working for these big companies that made the deal... they should have a lifetime restriction."


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