Blog LTN Offers New Mercury Free Slip Ring

LTN Offers New Mercury-Free Slip Ring

LTN is a Luton international it refers to London, England, United Kingdom airport code. They are well known and reliable for their customers. They have recently introduced a new slip ring for packaging machines. Many people are excited for this announcement. This new slip ring is especially made to not contain any mercury. This is great because since Mercury id extremely toxic for the body. And since it can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion, or skin absorption. It is best If it is avoided and that is why the new announcement has many people excited happier about it. because now it is much safer. Other than the fact it is safer this new slip ring enables a high electricity and data transmission rate, combined with compact dimensions.

LTN were aware of the fact that mercury is toxic and bad for people. for example, they knew that for example id a machine leak develops a leak at the seal it will have a potential harm and danger for people and also the environment. The design of this ring is very convenient. It is made of steel. It was made with very smart engineers that managed to make this new piece to make do without mercury while still meeting the high requirements of the piece. Their plan is for the SC040 to replace current mercury rotary transmissions, their goal is to do this without any complications.

They have high hopes for this but they are also aware that not everything goes perfectly therefore they are expecting to solve any problems that goes along their way. They know by doing this they are really protecting the people and protecting the environment in many ways. there’re their motivation for this is great and appreciated by many people that are using it.


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