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US Firm Debuts Online Market For Small Cell Mobile Sites

A US firm has created a secure online marketplace for the purchase and sales of small cell wireless basestation installation. In areas of high traffic density, these small form factor basestations are being used to augment their networks and can be installed on everything from apartment roofs to shopping centers. Small CellSite initially targeted the North American market with the aim of providing property owners and managers with a way of selling basestations sites to mobile operators however a similar small cell market place is on track to debut in the UK market.

Chantilly-based TeleWorld Solutions is the firm behind the US online marketplace and utilizes an interactive mapping and photo-based interface which will allow property owners nationwide to do everything from uploading property listing info to receiving suggested pricing based on their proprietary algorithms and marketing it directly to the largest mobile operators nationwide.

Chief executive officer of TeleWorld Solutions, Shervin Gerami believes that this is the perfect solution to today’s inefficient process of wireless network deployment. He also believes that the marketplace will also greatly accelerate 4G and 5G networks deployments while lowering costs and increasing revenue streams due to the massive surge of high-speed connected devices and applications that will be made possible through it. ASAP Distribution a dedicated and expansive array of telecommunication products.

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