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Samsung, Xilinx, Autotalks and Intersil Announce New Designs and Release of New Devices to Consumers

Samsung Electronics broadcasted that the Exynos 7 Dual 7270 is now in the stage of mass production. This mobile application processor is intended for wearable devices with 14-nm FinFET process capabilities. The AP features complete WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and LTE modem integration that includes FM radio and GNSS. The Exynos 7270 combines 4 in 1 technology that includes AP, DRAM, NAND memory chips, and PMIC packed into one single device. While this new Exynos is still undergoing production, NFC and some sensors are available to device manufacturers and other customers, as well as an Exynos 7270 reference platform. Xilinx, Inc has recently revealed that the production of its 16nm UltraScale+ portfolio is ahead of schedule.

The portfolio includes Kintex, Virtex UltraScale+ FPGAs and Zynq UltraScale + MPSoCs. Less than a year after mass production was approved for the device, it will be available during this last quarter of 2016. Autotalks has just launched CRATON2 V2X Solution that includes embedded Hardware Security Module and V2X cybersecurity firewall. The device also includes an IEEE 802.11p modem which can be used in high-mobility vehicles and support WiFi and 11p.

Intersil Corporation’s ISL76534 is a 14-channel programmable gamma buffer that delivers gamma calibration for automotive TFT-LCD displays. It delivers consistent brightness and color matching on LCD panels in vehicles, it prevents power supply noise from successfully reaching gamma buffer outputs and takes away the need for heatsinks. ASAP Distribution procures airplane parts and computer hardware for manufacturers, repair stations, and others in the aviation industry. At, customers can find a comprehensive database. By emailing a representative at, customers can get competitive prices for any board level components, NSNS component, electric connectors, or computer hardware.


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