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Germany to Acquire Used A321 for VIP Missions

Lufthansa is the largest German airline and the largest airline in Europe. All in regards to the passengers size and flee size. It has over 197 international destination across Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe. They have been around for a long time. they have been around since 1950s. they always try to be the best and to offer great service to their customers. They recently signed a deal with Germany to regarding the acquisitions and conversion of the Airbus A321 for its air force.

This agreement which was signed January 5th ay 96 million also included apparel parts and training. This new conversion work is going to take place at the LHT’s Hamburg facility and is planning to be performed to civilian certification standards. This is going to seek military airworthiness approval most likely for any further modifications for example a defensive aids suite. This is considered a VIP aircraft service that many people are wanting to experience this experience and be a part of this great deal. This Airbus A321 addition has a short to medium range, narrow body, commercial passenger twin engine jet and of course Airbus manufactures it.

The aircraft engine option for it is great and is worthy.  It is the largest member and offers best seat mile costs. Its seating capacity is compared to that of jetliners which is a great comparison and in a way, is shocking. This newly converted airliner is scheduled to enter service in 2018, which again will be based on the VIP aircraft at Cologne-Wahn air base. Its ability to be able to transport 70 passengers is great and exciting. A321 also offers the lowest fuel burn, emotions and noise footprint and offers great economics especially in high density seating.


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