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Airbus to Provide Satellite Communication Systems for UGAP

Airbus defense and space is part of the airbus group. They are mainly responsible for the defense and aerospace products and services. This division is fairly new, it was formed in January 2014. It is considered the world’s second largest space company. It is also considered one of the top ten defense companies in the world.  This company is divided into 3 different divisions. One of the divisions is for the military aircraft, one is for the space systems and finally the last one id for the communication intelligence security. They recently secured a deal to provide satellite communication systems for the French national procurement agency UGAP. This is based on a 4-year deal. And airbus promised to provide equipment’s and services that are usually available in Ku and Ka frequency bands.

They announced their excitement to finally include and cooperate their expertise to the French administration. providing satellite communication systems for UGAP is a good idea and it will be a very good idea for them to keep their business going in an efficient way. This new sitcom is going to allow the transmission of voice and data communication in remote locations. Even including the ones with no network coverage. The French business head Eric souleres recently mentioned “as pioneers in satellite communication services for government. We are pleased to make our expertise available to the French administration” this is important as functioning under this specific administration of the Ministry of finance and education. The UGAP “currently serves the public state administrations and institutions, as well as local authorities, social sector and public health facilities.


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