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First Biofuel Takes Flight by ATR Aircraft By Swedish Aircraft ATR-600

The Swedish airline BRA how powered its first biofuel-powered flight. The ATR 72-600 aircraft recently took off from Stockholm Bromma Airport and traveled to Umea. The flight was using a fuel blend concocted of cooking oil. The ATR 72-600 is a lightweight aircraft the provides higher speeds and was built for quick serving routes. The current issue right now with large scale production of biofuels is the environment. This can be affected negatively by large scale production at affordable costs.

BRA has already started replacing it’s non biofueled carriers such as its Saab 2000 aircraft with the more fuel efficient ATR 72-600 planes. Currently you can catch a flight with the ATR 72-600 in 12 regions across Sweden, with that number expected to grow. It’s been said the aircraft has almost zero emissions, and will slow the pace in which aviation aircrafts become more sustainable.

Obviously the ATR 72-600 is the will provide the highest standards for care of the environment when powered by biofuel. The goal is to start producing biofuels on a larger scale at lower costs all the while keeping up with the environmentally friendly nature. With an estimate of 2% of the total annual forest growth to make completely free fossil free domestic air travel. The goal of developers now is to create a biofuel made up of a different type of wood in Sweden, which covers roughly 50%. The goal here is for Swedish airlines like BRA to cut their Co2 emissions by the year 2025 with the massive expansion of its forests.


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