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Electrical Fingerprint Technology Aids with Energy Savings

CSIRO is joining with start-up company Ecocentric on a system that recognizes the electrical ‘fingerprint’ of individual appliances to gain energy adaptability in buildings. CSIRO and Ecocentric will further develop the ‘Numen’ energy saving system under a licensing and research agreement. The Numen brings together a building’s total energy signal, identifies the appliances present, and then divides out appliance-specific consumption data on how much energy the appliance is using.

Advanced joining using CSIRO algorithms, Numen improves the processes involved in using and maintaining energy in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Where traditional smart meter systems record low-resolution total energy use, generally for the purpose of billing, CSIRO-developed ‘cognitive metering’ technology which identifies individual appliances using an exclusive signature of high-frequency electrical data. Advanced machine learning algorithms are then operating to measure appliance power utilization without them needing to be metered individually. Numen uses cloud-based technology to monitor energy consumption in real time, allowing remarkable insights into the operation of critical machinery.

The system will allow automatic identification of metered electrical devices, facilitate better understanding and prediction of energy use patterns, and predict faults for pre-emptive maintenance. This data will feature opportunities for more efficient energy saving electronical parts use, appear in cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

With ASAP Semiconductor being the leading distributer. “The energy domain is experiencing an increased focus in the megatrend ‘digital immersion’, affecting both domestic and commercial energy consumers. Our research is helping drive the next wave of productivity and efficiency in energy consumption.” Explains CSIRO Energy Director Karl Rodrigues. Under the arrangement, Ecocentric will attain a license from CSIRO to the cognitive metering technology and work with CSIRO for a period of six years to further clarify the system.? A key focal point of CSIRO’s Energy saving research is the advancement of intelligent systems, including decision support and management tools that cut down energy consumption of Australia’s buildings through improved understanding of energy flows.


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