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4K High Speed Camera by Vision Research

Vision research has released a 4k high speed camera with a 35 millimeter, 9.4-megapixel sensor capable of recording at 1,000 frames per second. The camera will be useful in aerospace research especially when recording extremely fast moving objects like propellers and chopper blades. 4k resolution and high speed shutter ability has been long sought after but technology has been the limiting factor. This camera takes no loss in speed or sensitivity, instead it boots both in an epic creation by Vision Research. Add the capability of operating in extreme temperatures and you have the perfect tool for recording high energy equipment failure.

High speed video is a very entertaining and insightful way to learn how materials behave. Even watching a water balloon hit the ground at high speed is exhilarating and educational. The impact ripples and shearing forces on the thin layer of rubber are something the human eye would never visualize because of the speed in which they happen. Now apply the same technology to aerospace parts and you have a research tool that can bring the next generation of enhanced components. With slow motion and 4k video it is possible to determine exactly where a turbine engine fails in a windstorm. The Flex4k-GS camera has a whopping 128GB or RAM and will store footage in a 2-terabyte disk.

Even with two terabytes the camera will only store a few hours’ worth of footage. With time dilation, this camera will not be useful in recording flights or non-critical footage. It will most likely be used for critical experiments that last less than a minute. The research and information provided however will be massive. Only with high speed footage can you find that a single bolt shearing was the cause of your half million dollar engine exploding. 


February 11, 2021
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