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Diamond Clinches US Certification for DA62

Austrian based aviation company Diamond Aircraft has recently acquired an FAA certification to fly its DA62 twin-piston in the United States, and this new approval comes just months after the DA62 was also cleared to fly in European markets. Diamond has been hard at work attempting to access additional foreign markets for nearly four years, and these latest developments will likely spur an upswing business development.

Diamond had anticipated gaining FAA clearance, and they have already developed and tested a DA62 variant made specifically for the US market. Although DA62s are nearly identical across different markets, the US DA62 will be able to carry slightly more than its European counterpart. The US variant DA62 will increase the number of seats from five to seven, and the MTOW (maximum take-off weight) will be increased from 2,000 kg to 2,300 kg respectively. The aircraft will be powered by two Austro Engines AE330s, which are each capable of reaching nearly 200 hp.  Each air craft will be fully manufactured at Diamond’s own facility in Wiener Neustadt Austria, but all North American sales will flow through one of Diamond’s sister companies in Canada.

Diamond actually manufactures eight different diesel fueled glider models, with the DA62 being the largest of the bunch. The company aims to pit the DA62 against longtime industry giants Cessna and Beechcraft, and they hope the air craft will appeal to both the corporate and commercial markets as an alternative to the status.


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