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SIA Takes Delivery of First Airbus A350-90

Airbus has delivered its first A250-900 to National Carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA)from their Delivery Centre in Toulouse on Wednesday. Among the highlighted features of the new A350-900 are the improvements to the traveling experience regarding larger windows and raised ceilings and reduced jet lag due lighting upgrades along with an extra wide body for more creature comforts.

With close to 70 units ordered from Airbus the A350s will be feature 253 seats with 187 seats in their Economy Class, 24 in their Premium Economy Class and finally 42 in their Business Class, National carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA) has ordered more of the A350s than any other airlines. The plan for the aircraft will be for crew training purposes within Asia initially and will then expand to long-haul services to Amsterdam starting May 9th. A follow-up launch to and from Singapore to Dusseldorft as well as other locations are currently in the works and tentatively set for July.

The A350-900ULR which is the ultra-long range variant of the A350 will launch in 2018 and be added to SIA’s fleet to feature the world’s longest non-stop flights to and from Singapore to New York and Los Angeles with a third destination in the United States yet to be disclosed.  CEO of Singapore Airlines Goh Choon Phong calls the new A350-900 a game changer and believes that the capabilities for SIA to schedule more flights to long-haul destinations on a non-stop basis will rocket the company into the stratosphere. These developments are all part of National carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA)’s plans to modernize their fleet and revamp their business model allowing for greater efficiency and profit maximization.


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