Eads Casa - Aviation Parts Catalog

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
35-22160-0801A01 NA pin, Avl RFQ
35-22133-0002 NA hinge !!! Avl RFQ
35-22126-3301 NA former Avl RFQ
35-22126-0203-51 NA skin Avl RFQ
35-22125-9001-50 NA bolt, Avl RFQ
35-22125-6001 NA bushing, Avl RFQ
35-22125-4601 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
35-22125-2701 NA stud >> Avl RFQ
35-22125-1101 NA bushing, Avl RFQ
35-22090-0003 NA cover>> Avl RFQ
35-22085-0001 NA step Avl RFQ
35-22070-3303A01 NA locking Avl RFQ
35-22070-0403A01 NA lever: Avl RFQ
35-22048-0001 NA rocker: Avl RFQ
35-22040-4401 NA bolt, Avl RFQ
35-22040-3701 NA rod: Avl RFQ
35-22004-0101 NA plug (!) Avl RFQ
35-22000-0103 NA pin, Avl RFQ
35-21376-0001 NA guide,assy Avl RFQ
35-21371-0001 NA drum cbl Avl RFQ
35-21365-2601 NA lever: Avl RFQ
35-21365-1601 NA suplement Avl RFQ
35-21365-1102 NA spring (!) Avl RFQ
35-21365-0701 NA cover>> Avl RFQ
35-21365-0101 NA plate + Avl RFQ
35-21358-0007 NA hinge: half Avl RFQ
35-21351-1203 NA support, Avl RFQ
35-21350-1601A03 NA hingehalf Avl RFQ
35-21304-0003A01 NA support, Avl RFQ
35-21190-1701 NA spacer Avl RFQ
35-21190-0901 NA bushing, Avl RFQ
35-21190-0303 NA ~shim Avl RFQ
35-21187-0402A02 NA lug: Avl RFQ
35-21184-0009 NA joint Avl RFQ
35-21150-0005 NA doorassynlg Avl RFQ
35-21109-0701 NA plumbob Avl RFQ
35-21070-0303 NA lower former Avl RFQ
35-21055-1501 NA shape,l Avl RFQ
35-21055-1405 NA cover>> Avl RFQ
35-21055-1305 NA cover>> Avl RFQ
35-21012-3901 NA cover>> Avl RFQ
35-21010-8301 NA bushing, Avl RFQ
35-21010-4401 NA wedge Avl RFQ
35-21003-0205 NA plate + Avl RFQ
35-21003-0105 NA plate + Avl RFQ
35-20004-0301A01 NA rail: Avl RFQ
35-192 NA lght instrum Avl RFQ
35-15501-0005B03 NA flap out win Avl RFQ
35-15050-0301 NA plug (!) Avl RFQ
35-15050-0203 NA plug (!) Avl RFQ
35-15042-0201A01 NA rib. Avl RFQ
35-14149-0003-01 NA hinge !!! Avl RFQ
35-14117-0201 NA support, Avl RFQ
35-14117-0002 NA staticbalanc Avl RFQ
35-14085-0003-01 NA support, Avl RFQ
35-14003-0702 NA plate + Avl RFQ
35-14003-0701 NA plate + Avl RFQ
35-13654-0006-MTA NA flap deflect Avl RFQ
35-13617-0006A10 NA rib. Avl RFQ
35-13397-0002 NA mount,lower Avl RFQ
35-13328-0401 NA joint Avl RFQ
35-13301-1102A02 NA support, Avl RFQ
35-13100-0201 NA strap (!) Avl RFQ
35-13015-0003E05 NA slide-flap Avl RFQ
35-118-001 NA screw !! Avl RFQ
35-11710-4201 NA plate + Avl RFQ
35-11660-0001-01 NA hinge !!! Avl RFQ
35-11659-0001A01 NA hinge !!! Avl RFQ
35-11465-0301 NA angle: Avl RFQ
35-11465-0102 NA rib. Avl RFQ
35-11420-0106 NA skin Avl RFQ
35-11415-1404 NA reinforcemnt Avl RFQ
35-11410-0106 NA profile !!!! Avl RFQ
35-11400-0202 NA fitting: Avl RFQ
35-11394-0101 NA cover>> Avl RFQ
35-11392-0004-52 NA access door Avl RFQ
35-11390-0101 NA cover>> Avl RFQ
35-11023-0001A01-MTA NA fairing Avl RFQ
35-11021-0005D01 NA wing-tip Avl RFQ
35-11020-2003-00 NA ~shim Avl RFQ
35-11015-0006-MTA NA fairing Avl RFQ
35-11000-0201 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
35-10024-0005 NA support, Avl RFQ
35-10012-0001 NA fairing Avl RFQ
35-10000-2401 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
35-10000-1901 NA bushing, Avl RFQ
35-10000-1103 NA washer @ Avl RFQ
35-10000-0201 NA bolt, Avl RFQ
343577 NA gasket + Avl RFQ
34077590-001 NA mounting Avl RFQ
34035260 NA pnl service Avl RFQ
3403426000CI NA drawer Avl RFQ
34024240 NA panel assy Avl RFQ
34024210 NA panel assy Avl RFQ
34024120 NA dado asy Avl RFQ
337-541-9252 NA filter, Avl RFQ
334353 NA seat cylindr Avl RFQ
332567 NA spacer Avl RFQ
332564 NA housing, Avl RFQ
001101-002-10-1000 NA rail: Avl RFQ