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If you have been searching for top quality aviation parts from Collins Avionics, allow the experts at ASAP Distribution to help you secure all you need with competitive pricing and rapid lead-times. In our manufacturer Collins Avionics part catalog, customers can find top requested part numbers readily available for purchase, including those such as WXP85C, VIR350, TDR-950, GLS350, CTL62. All items listed on our website are readily available for purchase at any time, and customers may initiate the process through our RFQ service and receive a personalized quote for their comparisons. If you need any assistance through the purchasing process or would like to begin procuring parts, our team members are readily available 24/7x365 and would be happy to help you as needed.

If you are in search of new, used, obsolete, or hard-to-find parts, Whether you need Radar Panel, Nav Receiver, Transponder, Receiver:, Control,, or other such components, everything has been sourced from a Collins Avionics and has undergone thorough quality assurance testing, inspection, and cross-referencing. If you are facing a time constraint or AOG requirement, speak to our representatives to learn more about our ability to provide same-day shipping or delivery for select items. Get started today and see how ASAP Distribution can help you fulfill all your operational needs with ease.

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
WXP85C NA radar panel Avl RFQ
VIR350 NA nav receiver Avl RFQ
TDR-950 NA transponder Avl RFQ
GLS350 NA receiver: Avl RFQ
CTL62 NA control, Avl RFQ
CTL22 NA control, Avl RFQ
AMR350 NA audio panel Avl RFQ
ADA650 NA adapter: Avl RFQ
787-6173-016 NA indicator, Avl RFQ
653-9014-001 NA kit Avl RFQ
647-1001-004 NA kit Avl RFQ
634-2804-061 NA plate + Avl RFQ
634-1897-002 NA kit Avl RFQ
634-1895-002 NA kit Avl RFQ
634-1153-001 NA kit Avl RFQ
634-0058-004 NA kit Avl RFQ
628-8108-001 NA kit Avl RFQ
628-7990-001 NA converter Avl RFQ
628-7762-001 NA kit Avl RFQ
628-7633-001 NA install kit Avl RFQ
628-7630-001 NA install kit Avl RFQ
628-6934-001 NA kit Avl RFQ
628-6851-001 NA install kit Avl RFQ
628-6402-001 NA install kit Avl RFQ
628-6089-001 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
628-5986-002 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
628-5904-001 NA gasket + Avl RFQ
623-9520-002 NA kit Avl RFQ
622-7448-001 NA display: Avl RFQ
622-7250-001 NA mpu 85 Avl RFQ
622-7244-001 NA dpu 85 Avl RFQ
622-6608-009 NA panel: Avl RFQ
622-6590-001 NA adapter: Avl RFQ
622-6408-002 NA panel: Avl RFQ
622-6263-002 NA transceiver Avl RFQ
622-6215-001 NA tray: Avl RFQ
622-6092-002 NA panel: Avl RFQ
622-5493-014 NA control, Avl RFQ
622-5493-001 NA indicator, Avl RFQ
622-5376-001 NA adapter: Avl RFQ
622-5375-004 NA sensor Avl RFQ
622-5112-002 NA r/nav Avl RFQ
622-4730-001 NA flight profile advisor Avl RFQ
622-3672-001 NA indicator, Avl RFQ
622-3670-001 NA transceiver Avl RFQ
622-3594-017 NA indicator, Avl RFQ
622-3587-001 NA adf receiver Avl RFQ
622-3586-001 NA antenna: Avl RFQ
622-3365-001 NA transceiver Avl RFQ
622-3202-001 NA computer: Avl RFQ
622-3004-001 NA transponder Avl RFQ
622-2885-001 NA control, Avl RFQ
622-2883-001 NA amplifier Avl RFQ
622-2745-003 NA holder: Avl RFQ
622-2079-001 NA transceiver Avl RFQ
622-1959-011 NA indicator, Avl RFQ
622-1945-001 NA readout Avl RFQ
622-1939-001 NA readout Avl RFQ
622-1879-002 NA transceiver Avl RFQ
622-1737-001 NA adapter: Avl RFQ
622-1736-112 NA control, Avl RFQ
622-1665-001 NA mount: Avl RFQ
622-1365-002 NA transceiver Avl RFQ
622-1234-002 NA indicator, Avl RFQ
622-1210-001 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
622-1204-004 NA indicator, Avl RFQ
622-0965-008 NA servo Avl RFQ
622-0877-001 NA receiver: Avl RFQ
621-9848-001 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
621-9359-003 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
621-0990-001 NA kit Avl RFQ
618-5615-001 NA kit connector Avl RFQ
618-1657-001 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
614U6 NA control head Avl RFQ
523-6590-004 NA plate + Avl RFQ
522-2572-002 NA antenna: Avl RFQ
522-1441-003 NA control head Avl RFQ
522-1438-034 NA transmitter: Avl RFQ
516G-1 NA converter Avl RFQ
42831-000240 NA coupler: Avl RFQ
372-2519-004 NA insert Avl RFQ
371-6181-000 NA ..connector Avl RFQ
371-0379-180 NA lock Avl RFQ
371-0379-130 NA contacts Avl RFQ
344D-2 NA instrument Avl RFQ
342-1844-000 NA screw !! Avl RFQ
332C-10 NA indicator, Avl RFQ
323A-26 NA detector: Avl RFQ
270-2425-040 NA meter Avl RFQ
0043-0028-1 NA hose,cplg assy l wt,bu Avl RFQ
0043-0020-60-1 NA coupling/hose assy Avl RFQ
0010-0034 NA cap assy. Avl RFQ
0009-0148-2 NA hsta Avl RFQ
0009-0082-3 NA actuator assembly, upl Avl RFQ
0009-0073-7 NA actuator assy horiz st Avl RFQ
0009-0073-5 NA actuator module contro Avl RFQ
0009-0073-4 NA actuator - brake Avl RFQ
0009-0073-3 NA actuator motor Avl RFQ
0002-0048-3 NA air start wye assembly Avl RFQ
0002-0009 NA adapter: Avl RFQ