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Lockheed Martin Exits out of FA-50 CRADA with US Air Force

The United States Air Force stamp of approval is known as the gold standard in assessment, the CRADA can in fact open up aircraft to direct commercial sales customers. In August of 2016 Lockheed and USAF were prepared to move the FA-50 into the cooperative research and development, also known as CRADA. It’s said Lockheed Martin decided to withdraw from the CRADA for the FA-50 because they could not close on the final terms and conditions.

Both the USAF and the company have the ability to cancel a CRADA between the two at any point in time. A joint venture between Korean Aerospace and Lockheed on the FA-50 is the light advanced combat version, also known as the Golden Eagle. Lockheed has the bid for the USAF’s trainer replacement, the T-50A. They share the same airframe and GE F404 engine.

It’s been maintained that he CRADAs have no effect on the service’s acquisition programmers, which includes the trainer replacement. Textron, has also just finished phase one of its CRADA. This will explain how the company must meet requirements. The first phase being the compliance assessment which tests the aircrafts safety. The assessment will include ground and flight tests. The assessment will also include component analysis. Currently Textron and The United States Air Force are starting negotiations on phase two. The phase will map out the majority of the CRADA process between the two.


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