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How To Choose The Right Electronic Components Distributors

A distributor is an immensely valuable resource to a manufacturer because of several key factors. First and foremost a distributor brings a detailed relevant knowledge of the market to the table. The ability to key in on the active market is something that manufacturers lack since their core competency is in making the products and not how to sell it. The second half of what a distributor brings to the table is the contacts and relationships that they have formed over the years.

It is absolutely critical that the distributor you select has a current and updated knowledge of the market in order to tune into what the demand is. Having a pulse on the market will allow a manufacturer to focus on what they should which is putting out the best product possible out on the market and the distributor to do what they do best which is getting people to buy that product. For this to happen the distributor must have a firm grasp and understanding of the product, a strong marketing and sales program designed to create opportunities and develop businesses both locally and internationally.

Finally your distributor should be active in collecting and providing feedback from the market in order to drive the development of your product and subsequently their business. Randy Johnson, Vice President of worldwide sales at N2Power strongly believes these are the keys to a successful marriage between distributor and manufacturers. Noritake Itron recently decided to appoint Anglia as the UK and Ireland distributor and attributed their decision to the development of their pumaNova System on Module and the desire to focus on “key strategic customers”.

Anglia’s technical director David Pearson said he saw great potential in Noritake pumaNova SOM and PCAP technology and saw the technology as an avenue for their customers to be introduced to a more broad range of existing products. Introducing a product portfolio is absolutely crucial to the success of both the distributor and the manufacturer. It is this perfect matrimony of support that will take both partners to new heights previously unseen. Luse Electronics' managing director, David Zelkha notes the distribution agreement his company signed with N2Power earlier in the year as a way to “achieve greater customer penetration” as well as developed a more comprehensive understanding of his customer’s business and this has led directly to it being a highly successful and productive relationship.

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