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How do Jet Engines Start?

Starting a jet engine is a complicated process that takes some vital actions to complete. The main and most important part is to make sure that the engine has sufficient airflow, this is so that the engine can compress the air to successfully cause the chemical reaction with fuel to provide thrust.

Jet engines have several sizes, the auxiliary power unit is a smaller sized engine that generate very high thirst power and functions independently from the other engines. They are usually used in support of larger engines and take fuel from the same tank as the larger main engines. However, since the auxiliary power units are smaller in size, they usually start with a battery and not with fuel. These smaller jet engines take electrical power from either a battery or external power unit generating enough power to turn the engine blades to start the engine and provide thrust to move jet aircraft.

The jet fuel starter is generating energy through fuel but functions directly with the engine to help start it and jump start the process of starting the jet engine. Now that the jet starter provided the energy to start the engine, we can use the method of Cross-Bleed Start which uses the air from another already started engine to generate enough airflow to start itself. However, all of these ways to start a jet engine take precious resources and cause wear and tear on the plane, in this case to avoid this you can start an aircraft jet engine by Air Start Unit. This vehicle is separate from the aircraft itself is a unit that starts the engine and provides alternative options that the aircraft itself.

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