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Frontier Airlines Became the First US Carrier to Take Delivery of Airbus A320neo

Frontier Airlines had previously placed orders of 80 A320neo Family Airbus carrier planes, and the first of the aircrafts was finally delivered this October. Frontier Airlines is the first American airline to receive an A320neo carrier equipped with CFM engines. The quantity ordered speaks highly of the reliability Airbus provides for the airline. Not only are the carriers safe, but they allow the airline to provide flights at a lower rate than other competitors.

Lightweight composite Sharklets, wing-tip devices that reduce fuel consumption by 4%, and the option of either a range extension of 100 nautical miles or an increase payload of 992 pounds are just some of the features that keep the A320neo in high demand. Frontier Airlines is confident that these carriers will provide a strong foundation by paving the way for a bigger and more modern fleet. Their projections call for more than 15% in fuel saving on their first year, and 20% by the year 2020.

The first delivery of an Airbus aircraft to Frontier Airlines occurred in 2001. Since then, the airline has continued to expand their fleet to only include Airbus carriers. This provides efficiency and cuts costs in all areas for the airline, as this facilitates crew training and maintenance. Frontier Airlines is not the only ASAP Distribution supplies parts from top manufacturers in the aviation industry. These parts are tested and under warranty to make sure they are serviceable and meet customer expectations. All while providing competitive prices and great customer service. Every step of the way is recorded and supervised by one of ASAP Distribution’s representatives. To locate a part from the large inventory available contact, or you can quote us


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